Something Borrowed

I’ve mentioned my grandmother’s collection of costume jewelry a few times (definitely in this post, and in several guest posts too), and no matter how many times I look through her boxes and drawers filled with pretty baubles, I never get sick of it. On this last trip to her house, we sorted through the collection again with a very specific mission: finding potential pieces for me to wear when I get married in a couple months. So much of my everyday jewelry pieces are heirloom items she’s given to me over the years — why wouldn’t I do the same thing on my wedding day? We dove into the jewelry and came away with some wedding contenders for sure, but also, several ridiculously amazing pieces that I’ll be wearing whenever I can, nuptials or not. You can see them all after the jump, but…

One interesting thing about my grandmother and I — neither of us have pierced ears. Which works out in my favor, because she has tons and tons of clip on earrings. I’m undecided whether I’ll wear earrings on the Big Day, but in the two pairs she gave me, I have two very strong contenders.

She and I were definitely leaning towards these dangly rhinestone tassel earrings (I can’t even believe all those fabulous elements are in one piece of jewelry). These are so sparkly and fun! With all of these items, we decided I’d take everything to my first fitting in a couple weeks and try things on with the dress to see what goes best. I am PRAYING that this bib necklace looks good. Talk about a special piece — you guys, this gold and glass bead bib necklace belonged to my grandmother’s great grandmother, and dates from the late 19th century. BANANAS. Talk about heirloom!

My grandmother has a huge collection of pins and brooches, and I was hunting for one that could potentially work in my wedding day hair. I love both of these — the delicate leaf, with its seed pearls and tiny crystals, as well as this vintage Miriam Haskell pin, with yellow rhinestones and flowers that look like they’re blowing in the wind. So so pretty.

Virtually all of my necklaces are long, with most of them made from chain or beads. So I couldn’t resist packing these two beauties away in my suitcase. The top one has little gold and jade beads; the second is a simple gold chain that has crystal beads every few inches. So perfect for everyday!

But these are probably my fave pieces that I took home for everyday. A chain link tassel bracelet (it’s really true — everything that’s old is new again, don’t you think?), and this chain tassel necklace. I love wearing this necklace. When you walk the tassels bounce around just enough and it livens up whatever you’re wearing. When I flew home, I wore it with a simple navy tee, and still felt put together. Obsessed.

You can say it. You hate me for having such a ridiculously cool grandmother who has a collection like this (and this is the tip of the iceberg). I hate myself for it. But with a little jewelry therapy (read: wearing all of these as much as possible), I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it.


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  1. 8.30.12

    She had some beautiful pieces! I love the leaf brooch and the tassle bracelet… Can’t wait to see what you choose for your big day!

  2. 8.30.12
    Alyssa said:

    Wow–these pieces are unbelievably gorgeous! How lucky you are to have inherited so many lovely things!

    The Glossy Life

  3. 8.30.12

    How incredibly special! Your grandma is amazing. I love every single piece. You are going to be such a gorgeous bride!!! Its coming up so quickly!

  4. 8.30.12

    They just don’t make jewelry like this anymore! The sentimental aspect makes it even more special. Can’t wait to see what you end up wearing!

  5. 8.30.12

    AMAZING… I’m so jealous! You are going to be a beautiful bride.

  6. 8.30.12
    Amanda said:

    What an amazing collection! It makes me sad that there’s no way I’ll have anything that beautiful to leave to my future granddaughters… like Lauren said, they don’t make jewelry like they used to. I rarely see anything this beautiful in antique shops either.

  7. 8.30.12

    Love this post! You know I am a big fan of all things vintage. Especially jewelry! The Gray Diamond Print (thanks again for using it in your shoot btw) was actually inspired by one of my grandmother’s vintage pieces! Cannot wait to see wedding photos, they are all beautiful pieces…

  8. 8.30.12
    Albertina said:

    How absolutely beautiful and special Victoria! You are the luckiest girl in the world. Grandma’s jewelry has a special place in my heart as my grandma had given me a few very special pieces and all were stolen….nothing very expensive but with so much sentimental value. These are all beautiful. And that leaf for your hair! to die and those gorgeous earrings….You are going to be one perfect and beautiful bride

  9. 8.30.12
    Kate said:

    Those are AMAZING! I especially can’t get over that bib necklace- how cool to have something that has been in your family for so long!

  10. 8.30.12

    These pieces are just beyond. I would wear the tassels all day, every day. You grabbed some pieces that could be amazing for your big day!

  11. 8.30.12
    TheNOW said:

    WHAAT!??! Oh I wish I had my grandmother’s jewelry…or your grandmother’s jewelry. haha! Gorgeous!!! xoxo

    P.S. Make sure to check out the giveaway that The Now and Swirl are hosting. It’s for a $50 J. Crew gift card.

  12. 8.30.12

    Oh my…how lucky are you! We have a little jewelry box in my basement with some of my mom’s mom’s jewelry, but nothing compared to these beauties!!!

  13. 8.30.12
    Jess said:

    Gorgeous pieces! My grandmother used to work at a jewelry store in SF when she first moved there, and she’s subsequently given me a ton of jewelry – almost all my “real” jewelry is from her! haha

  14. 8.30.12
    Jessica said:

    wow wow wow – what a fabulous piece of family history your grandmother has, and so lucky for you that you get to carry on the tradition! Sometime new, something OLD, something BORROWED, something blue – just knocked two of those off the list!

  15. 8.30.12

    Amazing pieces! I wore one of my great grandmother’s brooches in my hair on my wedding day- stitched onto a comb, and we had our florist wrap one of her rosarys around my bouquet as my something blue, too! Would totally work with one of the more dangly necklaces you have!

  16. 8.30.12
    Bekah said:

    That bib necklace is to die for. I truly hope it looks amazing with your dress! I love how you are choosing vintage pieces to wear. Vintage jewelry has so much more character and individuality than more modern pieces, in my opinion. They set you apart from the crowd. Happy wearing!

  17. 8.30.12

    Your grandmother sounds awesome, she has some truly amazing pieces! I love the tassel ones — good choices!

  18. 8.30.12
    Luli said:

    This is really sweet. I’m so happy for you.

  19. 8.31.12

    Oh my, these are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You are one lucky lady love love love them all. I used a bag of Grans on my wedding day and it made it extra special.

    Lotts x

  20. 9.1.12

    Speechless. I’m looking at these pictures with my mouth gaping open. Wow-zer. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Sparkly. I can’t even think of more adjectives to add. Truly a goldmine of treasured memories and history.