This week I…

+ am in Houston as you read this! I decided to take a throwback trip to the summers of my childhood, when I would go and stay with my grandmother and we’d galavant around in the Texas heat. Back then I’d go and stay for weeks at a time; this trip, it’s only for a few days, so we have to fit in as much wining, dining, movie watching, and window shopping as possible.

+ got measurements taken for my wedding dress to be made. I had sort of been dreading this day a little, mostly because you stand around in your undies and heels while 20 different numbers are written down. In the end though, I was in and out of there in half an hour, and I’m super excited to see my dress at my first fitting in a few short weeks.

+ guest posted on Clara’s blog Channeling Contessa. I’m sharing what my summer in SF looks like! Stop by and say hello.

+ hope you guys liked yesterday’s interview with dream closet maven Melanie and the accompanying giveaway! I was pretty excited about it myself. Someday, I swear I will have a space that warrants me hiring her!

+ am kind of digging the craziness that is this necklace. It’s certainly a statement piece, but I think it would look really good with a plain, solid tee, or with a scoop neck dress. Also, the price isn’t bad either!

+ re-pinned this photo from Elizabeth. This place totally just made it onto the 2013 honeymoon ‘maybe’ list. I’m curious — if you’ve already been on a honeymoon, where did you go? And if you’re not quite there yet, where would be your dream honeymoon destination?

LINK OF THE WEEK: This quote that Paloma found. I can’t stop thinking about it! I have to admit I’ve had a bit of the summertime blues lately, for many reasons I can’t get into here, but a lot of it has to do with learning lots more about myself. One thing I’ve learned is that I need to always be completely honest with myself, and sometimes, when you’re so caught up in worrying about what other people think about this or that, it can be hard to do. Do you find that too? Anyway, though this quote can be interpreted or directed in many different ways, for me, it’s a good reminder to stay true to who I am and what I’m feeling!

And with that, have a wonderful weekend. See you all next week!

{Image Credit: Alice Gao for Design*Sponge}


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  1. 8.23.12
    rita said:

    enjoy your time in houston with your grandmother! so awesome that you get to spend time with her.

    we went to australia (sydney and hamilton island) for our honeymoon and it was amazing! we looked at lots of true beach trips- the seychelles, bora bora, hawaii, etc. but decided that we needed a mix of city and island (we took 2 weeks)… it was perfect and i’d be happy to recommend some places to you if you are interested!

  2. 8.23.12
    Shannon said:

    Lucky for you we’re having a cold front down here this week! Also, it’s restaurant week in Houston, which is definitely worth checking out for the wining and dining part of your trip.

  3. 8.23.12
    Jessica said:

    I love so many things about this post! I always spent weeks during the summer at one of my grandmother’s houses and I would love to recreate that childhood experience again, I hope you have a wonderful time in Houston. So exciting that your wedding dress is so close to being a reality! eep! And that quote definitely hits close to home – I have a constant worry that my life doesn’t look “pretty” enough, even if it is exactly the life that is right for me…
    Thank you for being one of my favorite daily reads!

  4. 8.23.12

    Re: honeymoons – we went to the Maldives and it was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, relaxing destination. It also made sense since our wedding was in India. Other destinations I would’ve loved are French Polynesia, a luxury cruise in Greece (Seabourn has some amazing destinations), or an African safari! Let me know if you want any help in the planning…or the packing!

  5. 8.23.12
    Alyssa said:

    So excited for you about your wedding dress–I can only imagine how happy you are. I hope you enjoy your trip!

    The Glossy Life

  6. 8.24.12
    sarah said:

    Have an amazing weekend with your family, and I can’t wait to see that wedding dress!

  7. 8.24.12

    Hey you! Have a wonderful time in Houston! Don’t sweat the small stuff, ok? I know I know, not possible. xoxo

  8. 8.24.12

    That picture from Elizabeth of the Seychelles is amazing! We went to Australia and New Zealand and it was absolutely breathtaking…one of my favorites for sure!! Have so much fun in Houston!! And that necklace from Anthro is beautiful!

  9. 8.24.12

    Our honeymoon…ack, kind of painful for me to look back on. We should have saved our money. But, I guess it was the start of a whole new learning process! Have a wonderful weekend =)

  10. 8.24.12

    This was a great post- I’m going back home for Labor Day weekend to spend some time with family and friends…and to hang out in my old stomping grounds from childhood. As for the honeymoon, my husband and I went to Fiji for a week and then we spend 4 days in Sydney, Australia before returning home. We wanted a relaxing trip after the wedding but we also wanted some adventure and city exploring as well. Fiji was unbelievably beautiful and we loved our time in Sydney. It was the perfect combination for us.

  11. 8.26.12
    Rachel said:

    I actually love Texas! I haven’t been there in at least 8 years, but it’s beautiful. I’ve stayed in the Houston area and I just love the weather and the Southern atmosphere. Very different from New York City, hah.

  12. 8.26.12

    Great links as always! Hope you had a fantastic weekend in Houston!

  13. 8.27.12

    I’m glad the dress fitting went well. You’re so right – it’s a sort of horrible/exciting/nerve-wracking event isn’t it? I ate a cupcake immediately afterwards to recoup.

    That photo you posted looks drooling-ly lovely. I’m sure wherever you go will be amazing. One thing I’m glad we did was we delayed our honeymoon until well after the wedding. It allowed us to spend extra time with our friends (who all came from abroad for our wedding in Italy) and it gave us something to really look forward to.

    Hope you’re having a great time in Texas. Warm + sun = happy.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy http://randomlyhappytoday.blogspot.co.uk

  14. 8.27.12

    After trying on my wedding dress I immediately ate a cupcake to recoup form the mix of excitement and nervous-ness.

    I think wherever you go for your honeymoon will be great. We went on our honeymoon (to Mexico) a few months after our wedding. It gave us something to look forward to and let us spend the time right after our wedding with family and friends (who’d flown to Italy for our wedding).

    Hope you’re having a nice time in Texas/ SUn + warm = lovely.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy