Clos-ette Obsession (+ giveaway!)

We’ve all seen the above closet before. We’ve obsessed over it. Pinned it. Longed for it. But I bet we never gave much thought to the mastermind behind this closet. Or, for that matter, any of the other closets that have served as serious daydream and eye candy. Right? Today, I’m beyond honored to introduce you all to Melanie Fascitelli, the Founder and Creative Director of Clos-ette, a custom couture closet builder, and Clos-ette Too, an organizational line which offers hangers, scented folding boards, and other storage goodies (more on this later — trust me, you’ll want to keep reading!). You can just call her the Dream Closet builder.

I was lucky enough to chat with Melanie and learn more about how she got into the business of creating drool-worthy closets, her best tips to give your closet an easy glam makeover (even if you have limited space!), the influence of Pinterest in closet design, and how to store your summer duds as we head into fall. Read on for more, and to learn how you can enter for a chance to win well over $100 in closet accessory goodies from Clos-ette Too.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I can absolutely vouch for slim hangers. I recently converted ALL my hangers to slim ones, and it’s amazing how much more space you get! Clos-ette Too sells pretty ones here. You can also purchase them from retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store.

You read that right, chickadees. Thanks to Clos-ette, one lucky reader will be taking home their very own Clos-ette Too Signature Jewelry Travel Case, dubbed ‘the Birkin of jewelry cases,” along with two sets of scented folding boards for sweaters (that’s ten boards total!). My current travel solution when I travel with lots of jewelry is to put it all in a plastic bag, sooo, I envy whoever wins this. I also store my sweaters with dryer sheets, and have a small hunch that a lavender or cedar scented board — which will also help the sweater hold its shape — is probably a little preferable.

Here are the deets for this giveaway:

1. To enter, just leave one comment below. Maybe tell me how you want to glam up your closet, or share a link to your dream closet situation…whatever you feel like today!

2. The giveaway will close next Friday, August 31, 2012 and I’ll choose a winner via

3. Goodies for (almost!) everyone! This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian residents.

The full rules and regulations for the giveaway are below. Good luck!



Giveaway/sweepstakes rules: No purchase or payment necessary. Limit one entry per person.Open only to legal residents of the USA and/or Canada. Sweepstakes prize is valued at $134, less taxes. Chances of winning do not increase by purchasing this product, or by entering multiple comments below. By entering this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their home state or country. Entrants who do not meet these criteria will be disqualified. Winner is liable for any taxes associated with the prize. While the winner is eligible to select the jewelry bag color of their choice, prize may be subject to availability. The promotion period for this giveaway will close on August 31, 2012 at 11:59pm PDT and a winner will be chosen via sometime between September 1 and September 3, 2012. The winner may be contacted privately and vmac+cheese may choose not to publish the winning entry on this site. A list of winner(s) will be available within 2 business days of the close of the sweepstakes, by request, and available for 6 months thereafter. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes sponsored by Clos-ette.


  1. 8.23.12
    Amy F said:

    My closet is in serious need of a makeover! Step one is donating lots of clothes, and step two is getting slim hangers.

  2. 8.23.12
    Carrie S. said:

    I dream of a walk in closet someday! Houzz has some great inspiration as well:

  3. 8.23.12
    Bevin said:

    I have a walk-in closet but it’s always on the verge of being a train wreck. My beau doesn’t even try to use the closet in our bedroom, but kindly uses the guest bedroom closet!

  4. 8.23.12

    I just purchased an older house and trying to figure out neat ways to store my clothes. Clos-ette too had great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  5. 8.23.12
    cleshopaholic said:

    I share my closet with my husband, so I really need all the help I can get organizing the space and making the most of it!

  6. 8.23.12
    Lauren said:

    I woul love to try a glamorous wall paper in my extra tiny walk in closet.

  7. 8.23.12
    Andrea said:

    Such beautiful photos in this post.

    My closet is so packed that it’s unsightly! I’d love to brighten it up a bit!

  8. 8.23.12
    JK said:

    I would love to have more shoe and scarf storage in my closet!

  9. 8.23.12
    Cathy said:

    I am dreaming!

  10. 8.23.12

    Those hangers are amazing, I recently made the conversion and would never go back! I think a rug would be perfect in my closet (that and some more space!)

  11. 8.23.12
    Catherine said:

    Thank you for this piece on Clos-ette. I just learned about it recently, and I’m so inspired! Time to tackle my own closet!

  12. 8.23.12
    Elyse G. said:

    I just wish I had a coat closet! My tiny studio apartment doesn’t have one!

  13. 8.23.12
    Brenda Nath said:

    I purchased beautiful wooden hangers three years ago – wish I had gone with the slim profile – the wooden hangers take up so much room! Great tips in the interview!

  14. 8.23.12
    Viveca said:

    I have the smallest closet in the history of the world, so I need all of the organizational aides possible! I have high ceilings, so I try to take advantage of vertical space with stacked boxes on my shelf and hooks going up the wall. There’s about three square feet of floor space so I put most of my shoes on racks in the closet, and then display my fun ones on a bookcase in my living room. That way, I get to look at my favorite shoes all the time, and save space where I really need it. You really have to get creative in NYC!

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  15. 8.23.12
    Gwynne said:

    Those hangers look wonderful — I’m constantly finding garments that have slipped off their hangers onto the floor of my closet, so I’m thinking I should invest in new ones!

  16. 8.23.12
    Jess said:

    Oh wow! My head is now filled with visions on how I can improve my closet (I feel like I’m always reorganizing it!). Loved this post!

  17. 8.23.12
    Bess said:

    I’ve been wanting to add a little glamour to my (tiny) closet for awhile. I’m thinking black-and-white wallpaper and a furry rug of some sort. It seems like the one space where you can be overtly girly.

  18. 8.23.12
    Kathryn said:

    I love the idea of those cedar scented folding boards! I definitely need some in my life!

  19. 8.23.12
    Alicia said:

    I’m so inspired to get rid of clothes I never wear and go buy slim hangers for my whole family.

  20. 8.23.12
    Erin said:

    So excited about this give-away!! I am currently choosing wallpaper to glam up my closet!

  21. 8.23.12
    Anna said:

    I am moving into a new apartment this weekend and building a space saving closet – this jewelry case would be the perfect way to keep jewelry safe and compact!

  22. 8.23.12
    kira said:

    I have been working really hard this summer to begin the closet clean out now I am ready for phase 2- the organization! Great giveaway, thanks!

  23. 8.23.12
    Alison said:

    My first dream is to switch all of my hangars to the low profile ones – I dream of them all being the same! Love the tips for storing clothes away for the season. Thanks!

  24. 8.23.12
    Jackie said:

    I moved home after college over a year ago- but I have STILL not gone through my closet in its entirety and purged most of my ill fitting clothes from high school. (You can imagine how stressful it is getting ready for work!) I needed some inspiration, and I think I found it! First thing’s first: I think my sweaters will appreciate smelling like lavender instead of moth balls…

  25. 8.23.12
    Elizabeth said:

    That jewelry case would be so perfect for travel! (and I’m always in need of great closet organizing solutions, haha–it’s an ongoing battle)

  26. 8.23.12
    Sarah said:

    I definitely need to invest in some slim hangers, and figure out a better way to store my sweaters and scarves!

  27. 8.23.12
    Victoria said:

    They jewelry case is to die for! I’m obsessed with organizing and reorganizing my closet…and organizing again!

  28. 8.23.12
    Deborah said:

    Love the tips in this post and I would be so thrilled to win the giveaway! The lavender folding boards sound amazing :)

  29. 8.23.12
    pamela said:

    i’d love a cedar closet! and that jewelry case looks perfect

  30. 8.23.12
    Rebecca said:

    I tape up outfit inspirations from catalogs and magazines to the inside of my closet door, so they are right there when I “have nothing to wear”. I also tape tie and shirt combo ideas I find and tape them up in my husband’s too!

  31. 8.23.12
    Eva said:

    awesome awesome giveaway! it is my dream to have an organized closet!

  32. 8.23.12

    I dream of closets like those… Great tips and I’m loving that jewelry organizer!

  33. 8.23.12
    Christine L said:

    I moved into a beautiful historic apartment with (unfortunately) historic size closets — would love to beautify and organize my closet so I can maximize the space.

  34. 8.23.12
    Kendall said:

    What a great giveaway! It’s a challenge to fit all my clothes into our teeny-tiny New York City apartment, but I can certainly use some of her tips!


  35. 8.23.12

    My current closet situation (rental apartment, two closets TOTAL) is seriously sad. Military husbands have a lot of baggage, so only 1/4 of the total closet space is for me. Some things to make my portion special would be wooonderful.

  36. 8.23.12
    Vanessa said:

    I think the conversion to the slim hangers is something I need to work on. I have seen the transformation in my friends closets and think it would be goof for mine too.

  37. 8.23.12
    sonia said:

    I am currently in the middle of a closet redesign and I’d love to add the scented folding boards to my new space!

  38. 8.23.12
    Emily said:

    My dream is to have a walk in closet, with some type of fabulous light fixture. I think that would instantly make any space glamorous.

  39. 8.23.12

    If my husband would give me the entire walk-in-closet and take the hall closet for himself, it would be a great first step :) Second step would be to paint it a gorgeous soft color, add a plush Louis XIV style chair, and invest in all Clos-ette hangers!

  40. 8.23.12
    Aimes said:

    My closet is a stuffed mess, but I’d want to get some sort of shoe shelving and bag organizers since all mine are crammed in duffel bags on the floor. Seriously, STUFFED.

  41. 8.23.12

    gah! i need her to pay me a visit!

  42. 8.23.12
    Annie said:

    I’ve loved Melanie’s work for the longest time, and have been dying to try out the products designed by her! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. 8.23.12
    Steph said:

    Wow. I just drooled on my laptop. Want!

  44. 8.23.12

    I love Melanie’s ideas and beautiful closet designs. I would love to win this.

  45. 8.23.12
    Jessica said:

    swoon… those closets are beyond dreamy… and to imagine having a 300-500 square foot closet when I currently live in 900 sq ft (TOTAL) is down right extravagant! Count me in for the giveaway! I am already obsessed with the slim profile hangers I own, but I would love to jazz up my closet with some lacquer boxes!

  46. 8.23.12
    Nnenna said:

    My dream is to have another room in my closet so that each item can have its own hanger. Closet space in NYC really is a challenge, but I’m hoping this will happen someday. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Victoria!

  47. 8.23.12
    Carrie Hodges said:

    I have never thought about anything but function for the lighting in my closet. Maybe a little chandelier would make my closet feel more delux instead of mediocre.

  48. 8.23.12
    Anne said:

    I am a closet dreamer, to say the least. I hope one day, I will be able to design my own closet, perhaps Clos-ette will help!

  49. 8.23.12
    Lacey said:

    I need to switch out all of my hangers for matching slim hangers! It will give me more room and a much cleaner closet.

  50. 8.23.12
    Kelly said:

    Her dream closet is perfect…that’s what I would want, too! I love an organized closet; it’s one of life’s little pleasures.

  51. 8.23.12
    Emily said:

    What a great post! I have been seeing a lot more closet inspiration on Pinterest lately, and even had to start a board. Organization is the biggest thing- even if you don’t have a huge amount of space, an organized closet just looks soo much better!

  52. 8.23.12
    Kristen B said:

    Since getting married, sharing a walk in closet has taken on new meaning! I know we need to switch to slim hangers, we just need to buy them and start working on it!

  53. 8.23.12
    Julie said:

    I have a small closet which I share with my husband, so organization is key for me. I’ll have to check out the slim hangars!

  54. 8.23.12
    ANH Style said:

    The closets she designs are gorgeous- I have come across her work before! My shoe situation is always in need of some help- they always end up piled on top of one another.

  55. 8.23.12
    Meaghan said:

    I’ve been on a serious closet slash room makeover recently so this post comes at the perfect time! Living in NY, most of my “closet” is actually standing clothing racks packed with all my clothes. I’ve been trying to make it less of an eye sore by organizing by color and have been looking for new hangers since your last post! That jewelry carrier is divine- I’ve been in the market for one. I use plastic baggies too!

  56. 8.23.12
    Megan M said:

    I love this site when I need inspiration for organizing my life (and closets!):

    Wish I could always keep my shoes this neat looking!

  57. 8.23.12

    Thrilling! Who wouldn’t want a more glam closet? I’m looking at a home that would give me a dressing room and I am so giddy just thinking about it. Would LOVE to win this giveaway.

  58. 8.23.12
    Alina said:

    I’m moving next week and these items would be super handy to help re-organize my new closet space. Thanks for the tips.

  59. 8.23.12
    Molly said:

    I think the most important thing for me is to get new hangers – I have a mixture right now – eek! and organize by color and type of clothing. Also to hang something to put my jewelry on!!

  60. 8.23.12
    Natalie said:

    I 100% agree about the slim hangers! When Seth and I moved in together, I switched all our hangers to thin velvety ones and it made a huge difference! I certainly don’t have my dream closet, but it helps with the space we do have. :)

  61. 8.23.12
    Lindsay said:

    Couldn’t agree more about hangers! I am on board. But I definitely could use an upgrade to my jewelry bag – that is stunning!

  62. 8.23.12
    Caitie said:

    I would Love to expand my closet and have specific spaces for everything. And I desperately need to get on board with the slim hangers! :)

  63. 8.23.12
    Lulu said:

    I’m currently trying to beautify my small walk-in closet. Anything would help!

  64. 8.23.12
    Danielle said:

    I think a requirement of my next house is a bedroom that can be converted in to a closet. Would it be so wrong to prioritize that above the kitchen/bathrooms??

  65. 8.23.12
    julia said:

    i am in serious need of jewelry storage!

  66. 8.23.12
    sydney85 said:

    I love being organised. I need to use the slim hangers to get more out of my closet.

  67. 8.23.12

    we just moved into a new house and the closet is still a wreck! It sounds like these items would glam up my disaster zone. Fingers crossed!

  68. 8.23.12
    CPK said:

    i just moved into my apartment and this would be a perfect way to add a bit of GLAM!

  69. 8.23.12
    tracy said:

    I’m hoping to move next year into another house with a spare bedroom that I can turn into a huge closet/dressing room complete with a chandelier.

  70. 8.23.12
    Luci said:

    My closet needs space. I use slimline hangers, but it just isn’t that big. We recently bought an inexpensive covered closet for our room, but I gave most of the space to my boyfriend since his closet is about 1/3 the size of mine. In our next home – more closet space!

  71. 8.23.12
    Susannah said:

    I have two nice sized closets and they are still too full of stuff. I need major help going through and getting rid of things! But my dream is to have a walk-in closet. Maybe the next apartment?

  72. 8.23.12
    Jessica A said:

    My whole apartment is the size of a closet – I love love love these walk-ins. I also made the switch to slim hangers and love them!

  73. 8.24.12
    Courtney said:

    My dream closet at this Point would just mean having more space and a rail that doesn’t come crashing down due to too many clothes!! :) then, we can talk rugs and pretty drop fixtures :)

  74. 8.24.12
    Katie said:

    Wow! Melanie’s creativity is stunning! My goal for my closet is definitely to figure out how I should be storing my sweaters in the fall/winter to eliminate wrinkles. When I hang them, they get stretched by the hanger corners and when I fold them they get wrinkles! *sigh* any suggestions?

  75. 8.24.12
    Christina said:

    What a great giveaway. I love how well thought out the jewelry travel case is and I would love to stack my sweaters with the scented folding boards. I just moved and my new closet is much smaller than my previous closet, so my focus right now is all about organization. I am in the process of upgrading to slim profile hangers. The next thing on my list is breathable storage boxes for my sweaters.

  76. 8.24.12

    Slim hangers are amazing! I converted too and I’m still low on space! I’m planning for a little dressing area in my bedroom and Clos-ette accessories would be more than welcome!

  77. 8.24.12
    Amanda said:

    First, I need to get rid of the nasty tile and 70s wallpaper that’s in the master closet of the fixer-upper we just purchased! Beyond that, I have no idea what we’re going to do with the closet.

  78. 8.24.12
    Shea said:

    Great giveaway–my closet could use some help! Ideally, I would make my closet bigger. But since that’s not really possible, I just need ideas for utilizing the space I have.

  79. 8.24.12
    Victoria C said:

    I just bought a house and have closet organization on my mind! I would love to win and I’m also going to check out Clos-ette for help!

  80. 8.24.12

    I already use all wooden hangers (seriously, the best thing ever) but I’ve always really wanted to paint my closet a super, dark moody blue or black. Of course, I’d need a bigger closet so I could add some light to see!

  81. 8.24.12
    Heidi said:

    I would love love to have a closet with doors that don’t slide! Simple but I always wish I could see everything at once! Am loving the scented boards.

  82. 8.24.12
    Manette Gutterman said:

    Its bad enough i have wire closets but even worse that its been broken and falling down for years now. I would give ANYTHING to have my own girly space in a house full of boys!!

  83. 8.24.12
    Michelle Harris said:

    I love designer clothes but unfortunately I live in a 70 year old small house and don’t have a designer closet! Seeing Melanie interviewed on CNBC made me realize there are ways to improve closet storage, and simple rules that I have been violating all these years (don’t hang sweaters!!). I’d love to get some sweater boards and jewelry storage… !

  84. 8.24.12
    alyson said:

    these closets are definitely aspirational! Love the ones that place items more on display rather than having so many closed cabinets; i’d forget what I own! I also switched to better hangers last year and wow, what a difference. For my closet: a rug sounds like an awesome idea and I’m about to hire someone to create shoe space. I’m lucky to have a built in closet yet they left an entire wall empty that should be for shoe storage. project! :)

  85. 8.25.12
    Ashley said:

    Definitely improving my closet through a nice mix of contemporary and vintage posters. The blend of colors makes for a really great backdrop.

  86. 8.25.12
    Claudia said:

    My ideal walk-in closet would include an entire wall of glass cases & drawers for my vintage costume jewelry collection.

  87. 8.25.12
    blessedta said:

    My dream closet would be similar to the one in the pictures above.

  88. 8.25.12

    What a fabulous closet?! I love the mixture between modern and vintage!

    Brighton Keller

  89. 8.25.12
    Stephanie Olmsted said:

    I would love to give my closet a make over. Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  90. 8.26.12
    Rebecca said:

    Great feature! Helpful tips on organizing a closet is always great but ones about keeping it design friendly are even better.

  91. 8.26.12
    Chelsy said:

    That jewelry case is fabulous! And my sweaters are a mess so if anyone could use this giveaway, it’s this girl. I would love to glam up my closet with some drawers for storage or some pictures, etc. to make it feel more like a room.. I really like the idea of having a dresser in the closet like this:

  92. 8.26.12
    Emily said:

    These closets completely aspirational – wow! The jewelry case is absolutely amazing, though! I’ve always been stumped by how best to travel with my jewelry and this case is the answer!

    This image on Pinterest ( is my dream. I love the patterned wallpaper lining the back of the shelves!

  93. 8.27.12
    Sara said:

    Dreaming of having a closet like those one day!
    Love the jewelry case!

  94. 8.27.12
    Ellyn Canfield Nealon said:

    LOVE! So many of us have the tiniest NYC closest…if we have closets at all! I am always looking for inspiration (and tools!) to maximize my space.

  95. 8.27.12

    What a great giveaway! My dream closet would have more room for all of my shoes…

  96. 8.27.12
    ShoppyShops said:

    I can vouch for Clos-ette Too…splurged on a closet re-do last fall and I’m a big, big fan…makes such a difference! Am now about to move…and am dreaming about a closet makeover…paint, a glam light fixture, maybe a special rug, a combo of drawers and hanging rods, and space for handbags and shoes. Would so appreciate the winnings! Fingers crossed.

  97. 8.27.12
    Erin said:

    This is the year for jeans – I am in desperate need for a denim update and will be searching high and low for the perfect pair of crisp denim!

  98. 8.28.12
    Brittany said:

    What a great giveaway! I would just love a bigger closet in general..



  99. 8.28.12

    I have major closet envy after this post! My husband did a pretty good job of converting our really bad closet into a pretty manageable, almost able to walk into it closet but I’d love to organize it a bit more to maximize the space!

  100. 8.30.12
    CC said:

    need this for my teeny NYC closet!

  101. 8.30.12
    cerrissa said:

    Organizing closets is my dream job! For fun as a child I would organize closets and drawers (nerd alert!). I’ve been on the hunt for a piece similar to that jewelry organizer! NEED!!!

  102. 8.30.12
    Roxanne said:

    Would love the opportunity to be chosen since my closet in my bed room is ALL my husband’s clothes and shoes…mine is the 3 foot hallway closet :( Dreaming of a closet…

  103. 8.31.12

    I would love to have Blair Waldorf’s closet as pictured here:

    Living in Manhattan, my dream is a walk-in closet.

  104. 8.31.12
    Ashley said:

    I’m in the middle of organizing my walk in closet and it’s overwhelming to say the least. Such a great giveaway!

  105. 8.31.12
    Janelle said:

    I just moved to Manhattan so any kind of organization would be great right now! I absolutely love that jewelry case and can just imagine how much simpler life would be with it.

  106. 8.31.12
    Christal said:

    I need some built in shelves added to my closet and clean out clothes that I don’t wear anymore!

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