The Man Behind Sequins & Stripes

First things first — I’m so happy you guys are as excited for this series as I am! Today I’m thrilled to introduce the second Man Behind the Blog, Mr. Dave Adams, the other half of Liz from Sequins & Stripes. Read on to learn about Dave’s foolproof way to increase site traffic, and the blogging milestone he’s most proud that Liz achieved (it was an ‘Aww’ moment for me when I read it, and I think it will be for you too!).


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  1. 8.22.12

    He is a man of many words that boy. Thank you so much for featuring Dave! So fun to see him here. xoxo!

  2. 8.22.12

    This feature is so fabulous!!! Love DaveBear

  3. 8.22.12
    Jane said:

    OMG that was too cute. I think that he might actually know more about blogging than my husband does though!

  4. 8.22.12
    Nicole said:

    This is such a sweet idea. I love hearing from the boys! Maybe you should get him on the golf blog, Liz! There’s lots of fashion to be discussed there ;)

  5. 8.22.12
    Clara said:

    adorable. just adorable. absolutely in love with this series!

  6. 8.22.12
    Victoria said:

    Love this series so much, and love hearing the men’s perspective!

  7. 8.22.12
    Christin said:

    So sweet!!! And I love the joke about the other girlfriend, my boyfriend likes to do that also.

  8. 8.22.12

    How precious!! At least he knows what Instagram is…haha

  9. 8.22.12

    Gosh, this series is so adorable. Where’s my supportive blogger bf? :)

  10. 8.22.12
    caitlin said:

    This is really touching. Love it!

  11. 8.22.12
    Jess said:

    Aww so cute! Seriously loving this series! (I said it last time but I’ll say it again!) :)

  12. 8.22.12

    This will be such a great reference tool for my BF whenever he decides to show up… :)

  13. 8.22.12

    so so sweet, your right that was such an aww moment!

  14. 8.22.12
    rita said:

    i love this! these guys are way more patient than mine re: waiting to eat!

  15. 8.22.12

    You always have fantastic series but this one is quickly becoming my fave! I can only imagine what my guy would say about me! Or maybe I don’t want to know.

  16. 8.22.12
    brianna said:

    This is such a cool feature. I’m glad the men behind the women are getting some recognition for supporting their wives and girlfriends.

  17. 8.22.12
    Taylor said:

    This is SO awesome!! I would die to hear what my husband would respond to your questions! If you need a candidate I’ve got one for ya!!!

    And the best is that he wants to be included more, I can’t get mine to get anywhere near a camera!

  18. 8.22.12
    viv said:

    I really love this series! So fun to read about the men behind these fabulous blogs :)

  19. 8.22.12
    Carolyn said:

    This series just keeps getting better and better – it’s so refreshing to get a new perspective from a close-by outsider (especially of the male gender…)!

  20. 8.22.12
    Jessica said:

    another wonderful behind the scenes look! Liz is a doll, and I love her site!

  21. 8.22.12
    Gay Paul said:

    @Davebear…. Nickname = Adorable. Way to support Liz, and still get Webster some internet love. She has defs elevated taste level.

  22. 8.22.12

    Liz and Dave seem just perfect for eachother…the perfect balance. I can’t wait to see who you feature next!

  23. 8.22.12
    Allyson said:

    AWWWWW! Love this series! I definitely got goosebumps at the end.

  24. 8.22.12

    This has to be one of the best series ideas ev-ver. I’m enjoying seeing the men who put up with the bloggers we love =)

  25. 8.22.12
    Elizabeth said:

    What a sweet post. Sequins & Stripes is actually one of my favorite blogs next to yours and Dave sounds like an awesome guy.

  26. 8.24.12

    I’m totally obsessed with this series!!! Another “we are not alone” blogging moment… Thanks for thinking up this brilliant series Vic!

  27. 8.24.12
    Michelle said:

    This is hilarious! Totally sending it over to my husband now :)

  28. 8.27.12

    This honestly might be the best series ever! I can’t wait to read the others!

  29. 8.30.12
    Catherine said:

    Fantastic new series! I love this personal look into blogging. It shows it is a team effort –

  30. 9.4.12

    What a fun interview! I LOVED it!

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