I’m Loving…

1. I’m obsessed with Acure Organics facial scrub. I tried it on a whim when I was ordering a bunch of other toiletries from drugstore.com, and man, am I happy I impulse added it to my cart. It’s a thick mask like scrub, made with seaweed and green clay. I’ve been using it every other day, and immediately after I wash my face with it, my skin is smooth, soft and glowing. The next morning, my nighttime moisturizer seems to have worked better. I’m a fan!

2. So, this might have happened as a belated bday gift. I’ve only been lusting after this bag for, like, ever, so I was pretty excited.

3. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when Misikko contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in trying out the Cadillac of blow dryers, the HanaAir Professional. I was happy with my little $30 Revlon hair dryer that I got at Target…what would I need a new one for? Consider me converted. This thing is as good as the hair dryers you see in salons — probably because pro stylists are often buying it! It dries my thick hair much quicker than my old dryer,with far less frizz, and because of some sorcery in the motor, makes it super shiny. I still need to flat iron, but the whole process takes a lot less time. It also has about a bagillion heat settings and power levels (and by bagillion, I mean like 6). It’s an investment for sure, but from what I can tell after a few weeks of use, it seems like a good one!

4. I painted my toenails in this mint color from RGB. They make me happy every time I look down!

5. We’re headed to a wedding in Lake Tahoe this weekend and I’ll be sporting this simple number from BR. The wedding is for one of Joe’s co-workers, so it meant my whole look had to be put together, pretty, but nothing over the top. I like how versatile this dress is, and that it shows off my back (which I’ve been working out in advance of the wedding!).

6. My sweet friend Susannah surprised me with this clutch for my birthday. It was one of those moments where I got a package in the mail and was like, “What? I didn’t order this! Waaaait a minute…!” Don’t you love surprise packages?

7. The last time I was in Sephora I got a sample of Fresh’s Hesperides Grapefruit perfume. It’s the perfect scent for summer! Light, fresh, feminine, and a touch citrusy. A little dab will do ya!



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  1. 8.16.12

    LOVE that PL bag!! Fabulous gift…

  2. 8.16.12
    ashley said:

    Misikko sent me one of those fabulous hair dryers as well and it is the best thing ever. ever!

  3. 8.16.12
    caitlin said:

    That bag is amazing! That is some bday gift..

  4. 8.16.12
    Christin said:

    1. love acure…obvi so i need to try this scrub
    2. happy belated birthday :)
    3. i need a new blowdryer SO bad.
    4. have the best time in Tahoe and know that i am insanely jealous!

  5. 8.16.12

    That ASOS clutch is fab! And even better that it was a surprise. Super envious of your birthday bag too :)

  6. 8.16.12

    Aaah I love this list. Words can’t express how happy I am that you got that bag for your bday!! Alicia has it and I’ve seen hers up close a few times and just want to pet it. Love. You deserve it. The scrub sounds fantastical… may need to pick it up.

  7. 8.16.12

    Love the clutch and nail polish!!

    Brighton Keller


  8. 8.16.12
    alison said:

    Hesperides is one of my favorite fragrances!



  9. 8.16.12
    Kathy said:

    I find that if you blow dry your hair a lot, it is SO worth it to buy a great blow dryer! Will save you $$ down the road on hair masques, leave-in conditioner, etc etc etc…

  10. 8.16.12

    That bag. That’s all I really have to say about it. What a wonderful belated present, and how sweet is your friend?! Love it.

  11. 8.16.12
    Alyssa said:

    Wait. That bag is about to be YOURS?! I’m beyond jealous.

    The Glossy Life

  12. 8.16.12
    Susannah said:

    That’s so funny you bought the Acure facial scrub on a whim – I did too earlier this year and I’ve been obsessed with it! It’s finally replaced my St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower, which was really hard to do. I also bought their eye cream but haven’t really noticed much of a difference with it sadly.

    ps the bag is RIDICULOUS. So happy you got it!!

  13. 8.16.12
    kiley said:

    misikko sent me that same blow dryer – and no joke it is life changing! i cannot go anywhere without it – it’s worth valuable space in a carry on bag! it’s that good!

  14. 8.17.12
    Meera said:

    These items are amazing! I absolutely love #5 – it is such a beautiful dress. That clutch is gorgeous too!

    xoxo, Meera

  15. 8.18.12
    kim said:

    Just found your blog. Adorable! Love all you picks here, especially that bag. Nice to find another Northern Cal blogger. Have a good weekend!


  16. 8.18.12
    Amanda said:

    And the Acure scrub is Fair Trade. Yay!