Yes, No, Maybe

I don’t know…could you repeat the question? (If you get that reference, you win 10 extra points today).

The Crew has unveiled their fall/winter collection for pre-order online. As is the case with many lookbooks they’ve put together in recent seasons, there were some clear winners and losers (and luckily this time around, way more winners! In fact, I had a tough time editing down my faves). You guys know I love the Crew. I live for the Crew. But I like to keep it real too. I don’t care what anyone says or which fashion blogger wore it…there is no scenario in which this look was ever okay. So, here were my yeses, my nos, and a few looks that overall didn’t wow me, but had one or two pieces that made me go, “Oh heyyyy.”

What are your faves from the fall/winter J.Crew collection?

{Image Credits: J.Crew}


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  1. 8.14.12
    Victoria said:

    I am loving all their new cozy cashmere sweaters for Fall…i want one in every color and every cut! I am new(er) to your site and loving all the posts, especially the Blog Tip of the Day series…as a newer blogger, I find the the info extremely helpful – so thank you!

  2. 8.14.12
    Christin said:

    totally with you on the “oh no”. those looks are nothing short of heinous. for serious. woof.

  3. 8.14.12

    Yes to the “oh yes” and no chance to the “oh no.” But as a collection, I am really loving it!

  4. 8.14.12

    Bahaha! Love this post Victoria! And what…you don’t like the jump suit made entirely from your grandma’s tablecloth? And that hat on the pencil skirt look just looks like an afterthought. Like they were doing the photo shoot and the photographer was like, “Something is missing, no?” So a stylish ran out with a hat and everyone shrugged and just went on with things.
    Do love your yes picks :)
    XO – Marion

  5. 8.14.12

    I’m totally that girl who is mistaken for someone who works at JCrew…because that’s so much of what I wear (even when shopping there).

  6. 8.14.12
    rita said:

    ha! 100% agree with your picks. now i need to find a formal winter event where i can wear that long snakeskin dress and that beautiful coat…. once it goes on sale:)

  7. 8.14.12
    Kate said:

    Malcolm in the Middle!

    Oh gosh, No.16 was my fave… (my look book came numbered) I pretty much agree with your picks though :) Oh, and I secretly love one of your “No” outfits…Can’t help it…I’m a sucker for head to toe print AND leather trimmed pea coats.


  8. 8.14.12
    Annie said:

    loveee this post. Hysterical. Would pay to read more analysis of no’s.

  9. 8.14.12

    LOL. I love that the investigators are busy working on the body type. They need some answers soon!

    I think my fave has to be the snakeskin dress although i wouldn’t be able to pull it off. And all the purses = I so want ’em!

  10. 8.14.12

    So nice to hear a blogger be real and admit that not every item from J.Crew is OMGamazing. Love the looks you loved, and that hot pink jacket is adorable, too.

  11. 8.14.12
    Alyssa said:

    Haha your captions are AMAZING! I love your take–I have to admit, while I’m lusting after 3/4 of the collection, there are some that I just wouldn’t (or couldn’t) ever wear!

  12. 8.14.12

    I love this post. you speak the truth. Totally agree with your picks.

  13. 8.15.12

    You make me laugh. Yup, I agree with your picks. Shopped at the crew two weeks ago and I already miss it.

  14. 8.15.12
    Rachel said:

    Okay, so I’m officially making it my new seasons resolution to buy something from J Crew. One of their wonderful new knits perhaps?

  15. 8.15.12
    Melanie said:

    Oh… the crew… Such a love affair for me as well. And that mint chevron sweater is incredible…

  16. 8.18.12
    Amber said:

    HA! You’re totally right – when they nail it, they nail it. I’m a little in love with their black sequin tweed jacket – but with a $600 price tag, I’m wondering what’s the going rate for one of my kidneys! Fun post:-)

  17. 8.19.12
    Jessica said:

    I have almost this exact same post lined up in my queue! I love “The Crew” Lookbook, and all the pattern and texture has me seriously drooling for Fall. But yea, the paisley PJ look is just bad!