Splurge / Save: Leather Skirts

I’ve always adored the idea of a leather mini skirt, but still don’t know if I have the guts to pull it off. It’s just so…vixen! Something I am definitely not (well, at least when it comes to my every day style of dress!). I’ve been spotting a few midi length leather skirts for fall, all with pretty pleats and a great A-line which looks good on basically everybody. You can dress it down with a simple tee, or dress it up with a bright silk blouse. Last night I discovered Zara’s version, which uses a “rubberized” leather effect. All the style, none of the hefty price tag. It got me thinking: on an investment piece like a leather skirt, would you splurge, or would you save? Here’s what I ultimately decided:

Burberry Skirt | Zara Skirt

In all honesty, I actually love the more matte look of the Zara skirt. I’m also guessing that because the fabric isn’t as thick and heavy as real leather, it falls a little closer to the body, versus ballooning out (just an assumption, but one that seemed to ring true on these super tall, skinny supermodels!). Add on the fact that it’s over $1300 less, and I ask you…is this splurge/save even really a question?


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  1. 8.13.12
    Jess said:

    You read my mind…I was JUST thinking that I want a leather skirt! haha Although I don’t think I can pull of pleats – they tend to make me look hippy-er than I already do! Boo. I’d probably go for a pencil skirt…

    And yes, spending $1300 on one item of clothing is really not something I’d do (at least not until my salary is multiplied by…10? Right…dream on, Jess!)

  2. 8.13.12

    Yep, I’d choose the Zara too! I think for myself, I’m going to go for the leather pants this fall. I am loving all this leather!!

    Nancy xo

  3. 8.13.12

    snagged one last season on major sale….still need to get it altered a bit, but can’t wait to rock it this fall!

  4. 8.13.12
    viv said:

    I need that skirt!

  5. 8.13.12

    I have two – one black mini, and one brown pleated. They are incredibly versatile – I wear mine with floral blouses, chunky knits, and preppy blouses and the outfit always works. I’m thinking I need to add this Zara one to my rotation!

  6. 8.13.12

    It’s amazing how save options I like better than splurges! Definitely no question.

  7. 8.13.12

    I know I had two vintage ones in fourth grade (I was crazy)…even then, they made me feel blobbish! I haven’t tried leather since, but that Burberry is so.gorgeous. I could never justify half the splurges I see on the internet–are you going to show us the outfits that result from this purchase?? I hope so!!

  8. 8.13.12
    taylor said:

    I think I may like the zara one even better?! I finally got a brown leather skirt last year from topshop for a steal as well!

  9. 8.13.12
    Elise said:

    awesome find… why is Zara just SO amazing? I cannot walk in there without leaving with something… love your blog :)

  10. 8.13.12
    Annie said:

    I have been dying for a leather skirt for the longest time now. Zara is pretty close on this one..

  11. 8.13.12
    Lindsey said:

    I like both of them but I would argue that the Zara one looks better! That rarely happens so I think that is a sign you should buy it!

  12. 8.14.12
    Alyssa said:

    I agree–love the Zara one so much more. I’ve been looking to get my hands on a leather skirt but the price tag (for something that’s pretty trendy right now) always scares me. The Zara one is much more in my range–great pick!

    The Glossy Life

  13. 8.14.12

    I have a leather pencil skirt that has been sitting in my closet for a few years, waiting for these skirts to really come back into style. This fall I can’t wait! I got it at a consignment store- definitely not a splurge!

    And I can’t pull off a leather mini either. I love the A line shape though even more!

  14. 8.14.12

    Not even a questions…I’m liking the Zara version better and that price tag doesn’t make your jaw drop so much! I just scooped a “pleather” version for $30 at Forever21!

  15. 8.15.12
    alyson said:

    I agree… loving the Zara and would never consider a price tag like that, especially for a piece that I wouldn’t wear daily. that said, I love the idea of a leather skirt for fall, something I’ve shied away from in season’s past.

  16. 8.17.12

    Is it wrong to be overly excited about wearing a leather skirt this fall? This is one of those times where I think you’re right, no question it’s Zara. Though I think I’d need to see it in person first. Thanks for sharing your great find.