Happy Monday, indeed.

While we were unpacking over the last couple of days, we kept the TV on to the Olympics for background noise and the occasional distraction. If you watched at all this weekend, you know the games opened with plenty of swimming. As you can tell from the above, it was extremely painful to watch.

So painful.

So, so….so…

What were we talking about again? Oh right, the Olympics. And swimmers.

Did you watch any of the events this weekend? Yesterday we caught the women’s gymnastics qualifying round. Balance beam and uneven bars always make me so nervous (mostly because I imagine falling flat on my face in each). Vault too — running at a giant leather hurdle and then launching myself at it. No thank you.

Do you guys remember that movie Stick It from several years ago? I actually saw it in theatres. Total guilty pleasure flick. Highly recommended if you like watching gymnastics, and don’t mind a few (okay, several) cringe-worthy lines.

Did you actually read anything I just wrote? No? That’s okay. Happy Monday.

{Image Credits: Glamour; Entertainment Weekly; ESPN; ESPN; The Telegraph; Glamour}


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  1. 7.30.12

    I’m so bummed to not have caught ANY Olympic coverage – this India trip + awful televising of events = one unhappy Hitha.

    And yes, swimmers. Ohhhhh, swimmers….

  2. 7.30.12

    Yep, those men have some mighty fine figures……

  3. 7.30.12

    What a sight to see on a Monday morning… I watched the Olympics all weekend- except for the times I had my eyes closed while watching gymnastics. I get nervous, too! I hope your move went well!

  4. 7.30.12
    eileen said:

    hahahaha this post makes me so happy. And yes totally, i’ve been watching all the swimming I can :-)

  5. 7.30.12
    Crystalin said:

    Obsessed with these men! I was pretty devastated about the relay last night and almost started tearing up when Jordyn Weiber didn’t make it to the all around. I’m such a wimp.

    Glad the move went well (?). Let’s get together soon.

  6. 7.30.12
    ashley said:

    hahah oh my, i read snippets of what you wrote and then kept getting distracted ;)

  7. 7.30.12
    Albertina said:

    you have to watch this video of the swim team on Roxy’s blog http://cupofte.blogspot.com/2012/07/call-me-maybe-2012-usa-olympic-swimming.html

    so cute! Love watching these handsome men

  8. 7.30.12

    Your best Monday post yet, in my opinion!

  9. 7.30.12
    Nnenna said:

    Definitely just scrolled through to look at all the pictures, scrolled through the pictures one more time, then went back to read your actual words! ;)

    I was watching the Olympics all weekend (I’m a huge Olympics fan) and now I just want to get home and catch up on any events that I missed today while I was at work!

  10. 7.30.12
    azrakun said:

    hahah… yeah, so painful to watch…lol..


  11. 7.30.12
    La Boheme said:

    Uhm what? what? I’m sorry, did you just write something? those men have definitely got me distracted :)

  12. 7.31.12

    I too will admit to seeing Stick It in the theatre, with my now husband, who was hoping it was a Bring it On 2 of sorts and that he could enjoy the eye candy. Apparently it was not to his liking. But I do remember not being disappointed by that movie. I`ve always loved watching gymnastics…a testament to the abilities of the human body and all that jazz…

  13. 7.31.12
    Mandy said:

    Wiping the drool from my chin now….

  14. 8.2.12
    TJ said:

    ha, this post is hilarious! it’s true, there as been a lot of swimming. and normally i don’t like watching, but i have been glued to my tv screen every night. i never saw stick it, but i LOVE the gymnastics rounds. those are by far my favorite! the things that they do are beyond incredible!
    xo TJ

  15. 8.3.12

    Love this…totally made me laugh out loud. And yes – the eye candy of those swimmers is rather tasty.