This week I…

+ came back from New York after a great visit with Joe’s nephew, who turned one. Those two nuggets were so cute together!
+ am going to our official wedding menu tasting today. There may or may not be Mexican food involved. And champers, lots of champers.
+ have started thinking about little details for the big day, or day before, as it were. Like the rehearsal dinner dress. Kind of like the idea of something like this, though the lone review does not bode well for me (um, hello, have we met?). This is cute too, though, people! My grandmother will be in attendance! The short length is…worrisome. And then there’s this beauty. Pretty, pretty!
+ Nearly fainted when I saw Kyle’s updates to her bathroom and closet renovation. Oh hey there, dream bathroom setup.

aaand that’s basically it. Since we got back from NY on Monday night, the rest of the week has been work work work, since I’m taking the day off today to do the tasting and then prep for the move!

LINK OF THE WEEK: Oh, it’s a good one. Miss Annemarie revealed her freshly painted and beautifully redesigned bedroom as part of a collaboration with Sherwin Williams. And, once again, she’s doing a giveaway in which the winner takes home a $1000 gift card from Visa. Yeah, it’d say it’s one giveaway you might actually want to enter. Also, one last thing I read this week: according to Elle Decor, Nancy Meyers is working on a new movie that takes place in a Net-a-Porter type environment. Are we intrigued by this news? I am!

Happy weekend, everyone! See you on the other side…

{Image Credit: Jose Villa for Once Wed}


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  1. 7.27.12

    I like that last dress the best! Have so much fun at your tasting!!

  2. 7.27.12
    rita said:

    oh my gosh! so, so excited about the new nancy meyers movie. her work is just so beautiful!

    i love the ports 1961 dress and the dolce vita dress… are you tall? 33 inches is pretty normal, i think it’s just on a super tall model, which is why it looks so short!

  3. 7.27.12
    Kate said:

    I quite like the PORTS dress…I think grandma would approve :)

    I know everyone knocks NYC in the summer but I just LOVE it…it feels like the city actually slows down a little bit, going next week!

    Have a lovely weekend!


    P.S. did you get my e-mail? I think it may have ended up in your junk box

  4. 7.27.12
    julia said:

    all of those rehearsal dinner dresses look lovely!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com