Light + White

So this Saturday is our big apartment move. Items we’ve boxed up, as of this exact moment = 0. Insert sentences about how it’ll all come together last minute and be fine. But really, I won’t lie — I’m a little panicked. We’ve sold lots of items from our home too, so right now, my house feels messy, un-put together, and it’s bumming me out. Mostly because I’m SUCH a homebody and when things are in disarray, it’s hard for me to function!

In any case, our new home currently has freshly painted white walls, and several of the rooms have floor to ceiling windows. Because we anticipate we might only be there for a year, I don’t know that we’re going to paint anything. I’ve been drawing lots of inspiration from Scandinavian homes, which are light and white, and definitely uncluttered (something that’s driving me crazy in my very messy, pre-move apartment).

This particular home was shot for Alt Interiors magazine, and I’m in love! Lots of mid-century elements and clean lines make for a very refreshing space. More gorgeous home tour photos, after the jump!

Formally educated design friends — what are these chairs called and who originally created them? I love them! You guys were so good about educating me on the fact that these were called Bertoia chairs… show me the way once more!

This chair also slays me. Kind of loving the art arrangement here as well. Everything in the vignette stays low to the ground, making the corner feel so airy.

Someday, I will have dining chairs like this. Joe hasn’t been convinced yet, but soon…. very soon…

This = everything. I think our new home needs a fiddle leaf fig tree. Even if the walls are all white, there’s nothing like a shot of green to inject a little color and life into a space.

What do you think? Could you handle a home this light and white?

{Image Credits Line Thit Klein for Alt Interiors. Photos pulled from here.}


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  1. 7.26.12

    i could not. but it sure is beautiful!

    get ta boxin, lady! ox

    • 7.26.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Step one. Go buy some boxes. Are we in trouble?

  2. 7.26.12

    How I remembered this, I have NO idea. But it’s the Swan chair, by Jacobsen.

  3. 7.26.12
    Nora O'Malley said:

    I love the white and simple design. But I love color and would miss it too much!!

  4. 7.26.12

    I love all the white and natural light! x

    Kate {Modette}

  5. 7.26.12
    alyson said:

    love it and good luck with the move! our last house had tons of painted walls and in our new house, we went almost all white…. just a bit of grey, plus purple for my girls room. I couldn’t resist. :)

  6. 7.26.12
    Gina said:

    Makes everything look so heavenly!

  7. 7.26.12

    I love this home and yes, I could live in that white and light (in fact my home is totally white)
    all my support for your moving (if I weren’t so far i would come to help you for sure)
    kisses from Barcelona!

  8. 7.26.12

    Fabulous inspiration. I am pretty sure that the end product is going to look beautiful. I look forward to seeing it! I also wish I could come help you move!

  9. 7.27.12
    julia said:

    i love these inspiration pics & could definitely live in something light & airy ! i am jealous of your floor to ceiling windows; they make a huge difference to the feel of a place.

    we are moving in less than a month and haven’t even thought about packing yet; it always get left to the last minute!