A Visual Ode to Helvetica

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Let’s nerd out. Font style. Ready? Back when I was in middle school, I remember my favorite font was Palatino, closely followed by Apple Chancery. Yes, APPLE CHANCERY. Oh, the shame! Our school had some very old Apple computers that had like 5 font options on them, and my least favorite was easily Helvetica. It just seemed so boring.

What an animal I was. Helvetica, though simple in its form, deserves its place in the Type Hall of Fame (does such a thing exist yet?). A bit modern, most definitely hipster, Helvetica has certainly had a renaissance in recent years. It makes vintage photos look contemporary, and simple statements like “I love you” seem bold. Here, I rounded up some of my favorite prints and other curiosities that feature Helvetica.

And a special treat for you too! How long have we all obsessed over the ‘Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers’ print? For me, it’s been no less than a year and a half. Well, I happened to connect with the creator of the print, the lovely Izabella from the shop Fifi du Vie. She’s giving all you lambs 20% off anything in her store…so hop to it! Just use the code FDVMAC20 when you check out. The code is good through next Wednesday, 8/1 . Will you use it on a print, a tote bag, or maybe even a few greeting cards? What the hell, right? …It’s Helvetica!


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  1. 7.26.12

    The indie film about typography, “Helvetica”, gives quite and ode to Helvetica, as well! Still need to watch “Objectified”…

    I cringe at the thought of ever using Comic Sans. Kind of like looking at old pictures of yourself and thinking, “What in the world was I wearing?”

  2. 7.26.12

    This post is the best. I want every one of these things and have life be a constant Helvetica celebration. Hope you have a great day, dear!

  3. 7.26.12

    I see your Apple Chancery and raise you Chicago. Yes, Chicago was my favorite font in middle school. I think my favorite game on the Apple computers at school used it. At least, I hope so, because there is no other legitimate excuse.

  4. 7.26.12

    Oooh I have been coveting that print!!

  5. 7.26.12

    fonts rule!

  6. 7.26.12
    Nnenna said:

    I love that print! I had to google Apple Chancery because I didn’t know what it looked like! In high school, I typed up all of my papers in Georgia because I thought Times New Roman was boring (and honestly because Georgia is bigger! ;).

  7. 7.26.12

    I’ll take your nerd and raise you a geek. There’s a Helvetica documentary and I may or may not have seen it more than once.

    Oh, and when I opened up my photoshop elements this morning, it was on Apple Chancery. Pinky Promise. Don’t judge me. :)

  8. 7.26.12

    I love Helvetica, and I once thought it was boring, too! It’s perfect for so many things.

  9. 7.26.12
    Jenna said:

    Love this post! So unique and fun. Font obsessions are the best.

  10. 7.26.12

    I always used to think Helvetica was the boring dud font… but I’ve totally been proven wrong! x

    Kate {Modette}

  11. 7.29.12
    alyson said:

    LOVe this!! I’m such a nerd when it comes to this stuff and my Apple has opened up a whole new world. I also finally learned how to DL fonts, which obv has been a HUGE help. Love both those prints!