Fall Florals

Florals in the fall? You better believe it. I was thumbing through a lookbook that I got in the mail from Net-A-Porter, and noticed a trend: bold, bright florals splashed across ladylike silhouettes (and, in a fun new twist, often mixed with tweed). There was no clearer example of this trend than with Erdem’s collection. I a) love the full color palette used in this collection. No dowdy browns here!; b) am digging the edgy, lady-like-but-not-too-lady like floral patterns; and c) am obsessed with the bottom middle skirt. Chartreuse, lace, scalloped edge, pencil. Paired with a leather shell and booties. Tough fem at it’s finest, my friends.

I’ll admit I didn’t get into florals in the spring because there was something about the bright pattern on everything that just felt too literal for me. In fall however, it kind of reads differently, no? Especially when mixed with traditionally cold weather textures like tweed. How pretty would wide leg tweed trousers look with a bright, floral top?

Florals in the fall: are you into it or over it?

{Image Credits: Vogue.com; photos by Marcio Madeira} 


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  1. 7.23.12

    LOOOOOOOVE. esp that top center business.

  2. 7.23.12
    Sara said:

    Loving these floral prints!

  3. 7.23.12

    Their prints always blow me away, so beautiful and love seeing florals into fall!

  4. 7.23.12
    rita said:

    erdem kills it, once again. i’m not typically into florals, but this floral + Rorschach look is amazing and i NEED a top version of the 1st, 3rd, or 6th outfits… thanks for sharing!

  5. 7.23.12

    I have long been a proponent of florals in the fall + winter. I love a floral dress or skirt paired with neutral tights and a chunky wool sweater when the temps cool off. Glad to see it’s officially a trend… just wish I could afford to add some Erdem to le closet! (A girl can dream!) xo

  6. 7.23.12
    alyson said:

    GOrgeous!! That pantsuit is insane. Loves.

  7. 7.23.12
    Jess said:

    So pretty!! I love it!

  8. 7.23.12

    I love all of them, but the right one in the center row just kills me. Love it!

  9. 7.23.12
    Jessica said:

    I love a bold floral paired with something tougher, like leather. That center look on the bottom row is perfection in my book!

  10. 7.23.12
    kristen said:

    love. love. love these. so very pretty. xoxo.

  11. 7.24.12

    I love them all, but I love that bottom middle with the leather and the ankle boots.

  12. 7.24.12
    azrakun said:

    A beautiful floral skirt seems like a great investment – not only for this season, It seems like a great compromise.