This week I…

+ finalized our wedding invitation suite. Did you know that the lovely Tobe has been helping me with it? Homegirl has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body. Love. I think I’m going to get a return address stamp from this little shop. Once I get everything printed and ready to be mailed, I’ll shoot a few photos so you can see.

+ guest posted on Hanna’s blog Gadabout. Yet another designer who completely inspires me. She asked what I’ve been up to lately; here’s a clue: It involves beer, eating, and trying not to go insane.

+ am a little bummed. My ten year high school reunion is this weekend, and I’m not going to be able to make it (reasons below). So instead, I spent hours stalking the majority of my former classmates on Facebook, and uploading old pictures from circa 1998 to the reunion’s Facebook page. I know I briefly mentioned on Twitter that I might share some of those pics here, but when I played around with them, they basically all have other people in them, and I didn’t feel like blurring out faces of randoms you will not know. If you must know what I looked like, take the above model and imagine the opposite end of the spectrum. Presto! You have me as a 14 year old.

+ am headed out to New York later today. New York friends, don’t get too excited. We’ll be out on Long Island for a short weekend celebrating Joe’s nephew’s first birthday. Am super excited to see that little nugget (rumors abound that the birthday party might also include a bouncey house), but the timing is not especially ideal. We move a week from tomorrow. Shoot me.

+ ate Mexican food twice. So, you know, nothing new there.

+ re-listed a bunch of stuff we’re selling on Craigslist. Know anyone who needs some early 20th century dressers, a new dining table, or a Jack and Jill twin bed frame set (that with a little paint, could be very Emerson Made)? If you’re in the Bay Area or know someone who is, let them know! Or even if you’re not and just want to stalk items I had in my house, do it! The antique furniture, especially, could be completely amazing with a little TLC.

LINK OF THE WEEK: I’ll be going to Palm Springs in September (I’m sure I’ll mention more about this in the future…it may or not be a wedding related trip), so when I saw this post from Elizabeth over at Stone Textile, my mind immediately read the title as “Palm Springs” not “Palm Beach” and I got all excited by the prospect of being able to daydream about warm weather and the desert (SF, unlike the rest of the country, has had no heat waves of any sort). In any case, even though the home is in Palm Beach, Florida, holy MOLY it’s gorgeous. That living room? Insane. Pin away, lovers.

Happy weekend, all!

{Image Credit: Mango}


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  1. 7.20.12
    Becca said:

    I can’t wait to see what Tobe has whipped up for you!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    • 7.20.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Yes, I guess I should add that YOU are a BIG BIG
      part of it too, missy! :)

  2. 7.20.12

    I just got really excited when I saw that you’re going to New York. And then I realized that I’m in LA right now… ha! Enjoy and safe travels… xoxo

  3. 7.20.12

    *virtual blush*

    enjoy the calm before the storm, miss. and i wish i lived closer – i would nab a couple of those pieces in a heartbeat! ox

  4. 7.20.12

    Absolutely loved your post on Gadabout! A new pup? How very exciting!

    Safe travels my dear!

  5. 7.20.12

    Wow! You’ve got a ton going on. Good luck with everything! I’m sorry you have to miss your high school reunion though. Mine is in September and I’m looking forward to the awkward fun time that I’m sure it will be.

  6. 7.21.12
    Lindsay said:

    I love the idea of doing a return address stamp for our invites too. The only thing I was worried about is the last name, since we won’t be married yet! Are you just doing first names?

  7. 7.21.12
    julia said:

    have an awesome wknd and good luck with your move!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  8. 8.7.12

    So delayed (been out of town and playing majotrcatch up!) but thank you for including me in your link of the week!