I’m posting pictures of Thailand…

…because yesterday afternoon, I had a Thai massage for the first time ever, and it blew my freaking mind. I’ve kind of been a massage junkie for a lot of my life, especially when it comes to deep tissue (Swedish? Forget about it). I had never had a Thai massage before, because the description of “stretching and manipulating the body into yoga like poses” sounded lame to me. Yes, I said lame. Little did I know that Thai massage is intense. Like, wonderfully, amazingly, blissed-out-to-the-max intense. There is stretching, for sure, but you need it in between periods of intense kneading and prodding.

Turns out I’m the one who’s lame. It was unbelievably therapeutic! My shoulders and back had been killing me, and after walking out of the studio, it felt like I was both drunk and on some sort of other drug. Almost like I was lightheaded — but in the most relaxing way possible. My muscles felt a million times better, and I immediately started scheming about when I can go back for a longer session (I read online that traditional Thai massage lasts TWO HOURS. Sign me up!). The best part about Thai massage? In my experience, it’s still pretty easy to find it without paying ridiculously high spa prices. Done and done.

Someone told me years ago that in Thailand, you can get a long Thai massage on the beach for like a dollar. World travelers, is this still true??? If so, Thailand just moved up to the top of my list of places we need to visit!

{Image Credits: Four Seasons Koh Samui; for any SFers interested, I got the massage here. The staff were SO nice and the space is perfectly relaxing!}


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  1. 7.19.12

    Whoa I just had a Thai massage on Tuesday! It is seriously incredible and I feel about 1,000 times better. Just booked another for next week.

  2. 7.19.12
    Becca said:

    Sounds amazing! I’ve never had a Thai massage before…definitely need to try this out! Thanks Victoria!

  3. 7.19.12

    Glad you went for it girl! For me though, probably from my years in physical therapy for various soccer injuries and muscle tears, deep tissue massage has a different and PAINFUL connotation. Maybe that can change now in my retired athlete stage!

  4. 7.19.12

    i need one. let’s go!!

  5. 7.19.12
    caitlin said:

    oh my gosh this sounds amazing!!!

  6. 7.19.12
    Christin said:


  7. 7.19.12
    Lauren said:

    Close to true! I was just in Thailand in January–an hour massage on the beach is 150 baht (about $5). I had one every day ;)

  8. 7.19.12
    Fuji said:

    Just like Lauren said, very close to true! I think it depends on what island you’re on. I paid about $3 equivalent and it was the best massage of my life.

  9. 7.19.12
    Brittany said:

    Yes! It’s true, well kind of. When I went to Thailand (Koh Samui, which I highly recommend!) We got massages for about $3.00. The pedicures are even cheaper too!


  10. 7.19.12
    brighton said:

    omg i’m so jealous!!!!!!! I NEED a massage so badly right about now! the stretching is much needed!

  11. 7.19.12
    Delishhh said:

    Yes, almost true 5-10 bucks. Thailand is one of my favorite countries and i would live there. Food is amazing, people are so nice and it’s just gorgeous there and hot!

  12. 7.20.12

    I went to Thailand on my honeymoon in January and had a thai massage while there….they are intense! I am a fan of yoga, so I really enjoyed it, but they are not for the faint of heart :)