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Over the weekend Joe and I decided to pop in to H.D. Buttercup (you might’ve seen some of my snaps on Instagram!). With our upcoming move, we’ll be needing a few new things, like dressers, bar stools, and probably another chair for our living room. We’re using the move as an opportunity to get rid of junk we’ve had since our college years and upgrading to some nicer pieces, as well as eliminating the things in our home that, while functional, we don’t truly love.

When it came to bar stools, I knew that I wanted something similar to the feel of these gorgeous wire and wood bar stools featured in Rue Magazine a while back. I’m in LOVE with this shot. There’s something about the whole set up that’s just cheery, relaxed, yet still elegant (the waterfall marble island doesn’t hurt matters). Cut to us roaming around H.D. Buttercup, me basically stroking out over all the goodness that’s in that store (um, aside: why hadn’t I been there SOONER?), Joe being super patient as I ask him, “What do you think of THIS?” every two seconds. Imagine my shock when he actually approved of wire bar stools.

Obsessed much? The bar stools that we took home with us (!!) look exactly like this, complete with a white pad. We’ll probably have new pads made, maybe in a fun color and maybe even with a back piece as well. I was honestly surprised that J was on board with these, but very excited, because these are one of the first home purchases we made together in which I felt like neither part had to compromise on their own personal style — we each really, truly loved them. If only all couples furniture shopping could be that easy!

I went on a hunt for images of wire bar stools to see how other folks styled them. Turns out, they’re quite versatile:

Joe says he’d definitely be up for replacing the standard white pads that came with (who IS this person and what has he done with my fiance?), so now I’m just debating what color and all that. I think we’ll wait til we actually get in the space and then decide. Geniuses, I know.

We kind of love a mid-century vibe, so finding these bar stools was a definite WIN. Hooray!

{Image Credits: Rue Magazine; Lucy Interior Design via IMS Design Center and HouzzFougeron Architects; Andy Golsborough Interiors via HouzzMichael Wolk Design Associates via HouzzReed Davis for House Beautiful; Bradley Thiergartner Interiors via Houzz}


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  1. 7.17.12

    How exciting! I have been HUNTING for bar stools, and these are so gorgeous and airy. I wish my kitchen was lighter, they would be the perfect compliment to a big marble island!

  2. 7.17.12
    rita said:

    i adore bertoia stools! i’ve comp shopped for furniture across the country and HD buttercup remains as one of my very, very favorite home stores… it’s basically heaven, right?

    congrats on the stools! can’t wait to see what fabric you pick for the chair pads!

  3. 7.17.12

    Have a pair ourselves (with the black leather cushion) and love them! The light bouncing off that metal gives a little thrill every time I walk by the kitchen. You’ll see… Now, I have to get on that marble waterfall…

  4. 7.17.12

    oh, *swoon*! I love love love those barstools! I’m just sad we don’t have a bar-height counter so I could actually convince The Husband we need them! Might just have to fashion a free-standing bar one of these days so we can snag a few!

  5. 7.17.12
    Jenine said:

    I’m diggin’ your style and love the different ways you can use your new barstools. I can’t wait to see how you make them your own… and J’s!

    Oh and let me know how the living room chair search ends up. The husb and I have been on the look-out for about 8 months.

  6. 7.17.12
    Jen Ramos said:

    LOVE the ones in the second picture… (the ones you took home!)


  7. 7.17.12
    caitlin said:

    These are lovely! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!!

  8. 7.17.12

    Don’t you just love it when men surprise you! Congrats to your first purchase together!

    • 7.17.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      We’ve actually purchased tons of other junk together…but I always
      feel like one or both of us has to compromise on how much we
      actually love the items. We have such different tastes — it’s tough!

  9. 7.17.12

    Yay, so great to have a classic mid-century piece in your home. I love Bertoia stools and chairs. Awesome choice.

  10. 7.18.12

    I love shopping for home things and even better when you find exactly what you want (even, even better when you both agree!). I am on the hunt for some bar stools as well and I think I might just be keeping my out for some wire ones. These are great!

  11. 7.18.12

    i had no idea these stools had a name but now i’m so glad i know it! because i want them! (i had to pin the 6th one down – to. die. for.)

    • 7.18.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Haha, same here. Yesterday I learned the term “Bertoia!”

  12. 7.18.12
    Alyssa said:

    Love these bar stools–I definitely feel like their pieces that you could carry with you to other homes as well. So versatile! Can’t wait to see how you style them in your kitchen

  13. 7.18.12
    Dominique said:

    Those are fabulous!! How exciting…I can’t wait to see how you style them!


  14. 7.18.12
    Theresa said:

    Those Bertoia barstools are my all time favorite. No, really. So nice that you both equally loved them. They’re going to look so nice in your new home. Great purchase!

  15. 7.19.12
    Becca said:

    Oh I love these! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to H.D. Buttercup. Are the chairs very comfortable? I love the idea of creating new pads and having a back as well.