Yay or Nay: The Target 24

News broke on Tuesday that Target has partnered with Neiman Marcus for a holiday capsule collection to end all capsule collections. TWENTY FOUR designers will be featured at Tar-jay come December 1. Which twenty four? Oh, just a few names you might have heard of:

What say you, friends? Will you be purchasing your camping and SWAT team gear now, or, does the thought of the crowds at this event, combined with the shit show that was Missoni last year, mean you’ll be avoiding this capsule collection like the plague? As much as the concept of discount Alice + Olivia, DVF, Oscar, Proenza, and Tory Burch is enticing to me… 1) it’s still Oscar de la Renta for Target and 2) wrestling with randoms over a Derek Lam sweater at 5:30am in Target pretty much ranks last on my list of “things I want to do in my life.”


 {Images via Racked; big hat tip to Kelsey for tipping me off to the Racked post via Twitter!}


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  1. 7.12.12
    Eileen said:

    last thing I want to do. May try to get online and fight the online battle though!

  2. 7.12.12

    You know, this excites me and totally aggravates me at the same time. It’s a cool idea, but I am totally not down with getting up at 2 AM to go sit in line then getting elbowed in the ribs by some bitch because she desperately wants that Alive + Olivia dress in a size 2. Also, I agree with what you said above that it’s still “….. for Target”. Probably a lot of polyester… less quality goods. I’d rather save my pennies for the real thing and buy without the mad dash to the racks.

  3. 7.12.12
    Bess said:

    I’m into it. I got some of the Missoni for Target and Jason Wu for Target, all without camping or generally acting badly. If you take it all lightly and fold brunch in, itcan be fun, especially if you score something cute. I do think Target should cap the number of items you can buy at five or something, because of the whole reselling thing.

  4. 7.12.12

    Let’s do it! I’ll fly out to San Fran and we can form a tag team. I’ll be the muscle because I’m bigger and will take people out, allow you to dart in and snag the items. Then we can have Odin as the backup to chase down and herd people that get away something their breed is actually used for. Obviously, matching camo uniforms, walkie talkies, and night vision goggles required.

  5. 7.12.12
    Anna said:

    I’m into it. But, I will not be fighting crowds. I’m not a clothes shopper for target unless it’s the random tank top, but I will look for home accessory stuff. Especially if there is some cute Marc Jacobs. I do think it’s really cool that Target does this though.

  6. 7.12.12
    Annie said:

    It’s an interesting topic and one I did my graduate thesis on a couple years ago in Australia when the whole designer collaboration idea was beginning to take off there, but had well and truly taken over department stores across America and the UK. I was lucky enough to interview the marketing manager for Target Australia for my thesis and his points of view were quite insightful. I believe in the current depressed economic climate (a completely overly used phrase) it’s quite smart for high end designer brands to partake in collaborations, to garner further exposure and develop product that satisfies the consumers desire to be apart of such aspirational brands. It was only yesterday on the news that Burberry’s financial results were being discussed and in a broader sense the luxury brand market is only now beginning to feel the pinch of the economic crisis. There are both, pro’s and con’s for a designer collaborations but certainly one on this scale has not been put in to action and will undoubtedly cause pandemonium within Target stores. I’ll be interested to see how Target tackle it and would with out a doubt kill to be apart of that creative or marketing team!

    Would I be in line at 7 am to grab a piece of the pie? No definitely not. Although I agree with their marketing strategy to democratise fashion, personally I would rather invest in an item that has been hand crafted.

  7. 7.12.12

    I did the whole Missoni for Target thing last year (right now I am drinking coffee out of my Missoni mug that I had to fight for). After that experience I said I would NEVER do it again. I do think the collaboration is a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing the designs. Maybe I will order online!

  8. 7.12.12

    Would love to be optimistic about this and look forward to it. The Missoni debacle may have turned me completely off though. Perhaps Target should institute a no returns policy for this stuff? Half of the items people were wrestling in the aisle for ended up getting returned when people couldn’t sell it on eBay. I was at the returns counter (for another item) weeks later and saw a lady roll up with a cart of Missoni vases to return which they then red-stickered. PS- I like the new and upcoming designer sales and while I like that it will probably be the only time I can afford something from a big label, it’s really not the same is it?

  9. 7.12.12
    azrakun said:

    I love the idea. It makes the high end brands accessible; brings creativity (that fashion indeed is) to a larger purchasing power… and everyone makes money (which can be a good thing).

    I’d love to have a piece, but yeah… i don’t have the stomach to fight the crowds,..

  10. 7.12.12
    Christin said:

    I’m way too lazy. Also, the target is in Harlem…and when I tried to do Missoni online the site kept crashing. Whhhyyyyy??????

  11. 7.12.12
    Nora O. said:

    I love the idea but I have no interest in fighting for what I want. But maybe I’ll go online and purchase!

  12. 7.12.12

    Nay. Nay. Nay.

    After that Missoni fiasco last year there is no way I will get in on this. Like many have echoed, it will likely all end up on eBay, or in the returns cart as people realize they can’t sell it.

    I realize not everyone can afford designer full price (I certainly can’t) but if you wait for the end of season sales, look on Gilt, Rue La La, etc, and choose wisely, you can score the first quality pieces for a price that’s not too far off from what Target’s charging for the polyester, mass produced piece.

    I might check it out towards the end of the day, after the hysteria has died down, but I would treat those purchases as judiciously as I treat everything else I buy. I don’t buy in to hype.

    • 7.12.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      (Moments when WP comments need a ‘like’ button)

  13. 7.12.12
    Jess said:

    Ugh. I live in NYC so it’s tough enough to get to a target, and I remember with the whole Missoni thing the website was basically stuck for a day…

    I don’t know. I’d love to get my hands on some pieces, but I don’t think I’m gonna go camp out for it! hopefully their servers etc will be able to handle the onslaught that is surely coming their way…!

  14. 7.12.12
    Nnenna said:

    I’m with Jess, it’s hard to get to a Target here in NYC, but for the Jason Wu for Target collab I shopped online with fairly good results. Granted, I was up until 3am waiting for the collection to drop, but so were a bunch of my twitter friends, so we had fun shopping online together and sharing links of the things we could find. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing again!

  15. 7.12.12
    Natalie said:

    I’m thrilled about the collaboration. I love Target to begin with so I think this will be an exciting addition to their merchandise. It’s obviously a smart move based on the popularity of previous collaborations, especially Missoni. I’m not so thrilled about camping out though. I’ve never been one to wait in huge lines or do the Black Friday thing. And the fact that it will be holiday is a little scary too since shopping during the holidays is chaos anyway. I’m hoping online shopping won’t be too bad, and I’m assuming they’ve taken precautions to prevent their site from crashing like last time. We’ll see…maybe I’ll find myself in line at 3am. Could be fun to try at least once in life, right?

  16. 7.12.12

    I’ll probably skip it. I don’t like fighting crowds, but more importantly it is like you said: it is Rag and Bone for Target. It’s never quite the same.

  17. 7.12.12
    alyson said:

    I’m into it but not going to rush there at 2 am. I’ll get there, or check online, and if there’s something I like I’ll pick it up. That said, I think people might have stronger opinions once we get a preview of the collection.

  18. 7.12.12

    I’m excited about the idea of it but the reality is I’m afraid it will be chaos & there’s no chance of me getting anything.

  19. 7.12.12
    brighton said:

    hmmmmmmmm. well this sure is interesting. I really don’t know WHAT I think. On one hand, I’m a little shocked. and on the other, I just think that contemporary and bargain should just stay in their separate realms. Or at least not all jump into another one together, in one leap. Kind of strange. no???


  20. 7.12.12

    NAY all the way. Target has officially overdone it with the partnering and I find most of the stuff is shitty crap. Plus, I refuse to stand in line.

  21. 7.12.12
    Jessica said:

    YAY! I can’t wait… apparently no in Nashville cares about these collaboration things… I have had no problem getting the items I wanted from the Missoni and Jason Wu events.

  22. 7.12.12
    caitlin said:

    This is awesome!! But I also cant imagine fighting others and standing in miles long lines for what I want.

  23. 7.13.12

    now THIS is going to be good. But omg the line ups are going to be nuts

  24. 7.14.12
    Molly said:

    I am so so so beyond exciting/jumping for joy/ecstatic etc. for these collabs. Those designers are at the top of my wish list. Now I’m going to have the chance to make one of their pieces my own? Yes please! Plus, people where I’m from don’t really know or care about designer pieces anyway so I should have a decent shot at snagging some of these covetable items.