Au Naturel Update

One of the awesome things about blogging is that, just like in a journal, you can look back at different times in your life and compare them to where you are now. Sounds serious, but in this case, it isn’t. About this time last year, I went on a natural beauty bender, and began the process of switching out most of my conventional beauty and toiletry products with natural brands and alternatives (this meant replacing everything from Pantene and Bumble hair care, to Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, to body lotions, face wash…it was expensive). Since it’s been over a year now, I thought I’d share how that whole “phase” is going and what my routine looks like these days.

And actually, it’s still decently natural! Over the last year, I’ve certainly tried my fair share of products, including shampoos, skincare goodies, and even makeup and sunscreen, but the above four are a few of my tried and true items that have been repurchased over and over again:

1. Weleda Skin Food — one of my most recent discoveries, I’ve since bought a travel size version and a second full size version. This cream, which is super thick (it can feel like you have to spackle it on), is among the best I’ve ever used to keep skin super hydrated and nourished. It can leave a little sheen, but once you put on makeup, you’re good to go.

2. RMS anything — I’m obsessed with Rose Marie’s Living Luminizer and her Un-cover Up. I know I won’t shut up about her Living Luminizer, but even non-natural beauty folk are converted. Both Grace and Gabrielle have since tried it and they agreed that this highlighter gives the most amazing glow, but with NO sparkle.

3. Almond oil — the best thing for hair. I rub a little into wet or dry ends to tame frizz (it’s perfect before straightening or curling). And, you can load your hair up with oil, let it sit in a bun for an hour or two, then wash per usual. Insta-deep conditioning. But a word to the wise: I think this works best if your hair is super thick! Too much oil will definitely weigh down thin hair.

4. Lavanila deodorant — Am I embarrassed to admit that I’ve spent $18 on every stick of deodorant I’ve bought for the last year… Kinda sorta not really? I’m a huge fan of the Vanilla Passionfruit (and I usually hate anything vanilla scented). I love that I actually was able to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.

And then, of course, there are the “dirty” products that I just can’t say no to. Like a moth to a flame, these babies are still used in my daily routine (I figure some extra green juice will offset any ill effects):

5. Origins Checks and Balances face wash — Now, to be fair, this isn’t exactly a dirty product. It doesn’t have the majority of the chemical-y junk you’d find in most drugstore face washes. But it’s not as clean as it could be either. I don’t care though. It lathers up amazingly well and smells minty fresh. Even Joe is on board.

6. Benefit They’re Real mascara — The rumors are true. This mascara will blow you away. I totally purchased it again (even though at first, the high price tag was a small turn off).

7. Perfume — Perfume is notoriously dirty. Lotsa chemicals and things that make you smell oh-so divine. I can’t help but give in to a spritz here and there.

8. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes — It’s my fave eyeliner. Sorry, hippies, there’s no replacing it.

What beauty item would you refuse to give up, if everything was going to be replaced?

And PS, if you’re curious about what prompted me to switch to natural products, you can check out this book, or this article too (thanks, Maryann for sending this to me)!


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  1. 7.9.12

    Skin food and almond oil sound like a must try!

  2. 7.9.12
    Wendy said:

    Victoria, I absolutely love your beauty posts. I’m a poor nursing student right now so I can’t entirely convert my beauty regimen as of yet. I’m taking baby steps and recently purchased Andalou Naturals’ daily facial lotion. I’ve been doing research on and off ever since I saw your post regarding the brand. Please continue to share your experiences!

  3. 7.9.12

    Oh man… I just looked at the back of my Neutrogena face wash and I can’t pronounce half of what I saw. Yikes. I will look into some of these products! And I love your graphic!

  4. 7.9.12
    Lottie said:

    i really should think about whether my beauty regime is that natural–which it probably isn’t but maybe i can make a few changes.

  5. 7.9.12
    Crystalin said:

    I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and still struggling to find one that works and that I like. I might have to shovel out the $18 and try this one!

  6. 7.9.12
    Annie said:

    Love this post! I’ve lately starting to be more aware about the ingredients in the products I’m using– I was never under any illusions that many of them are all natural, but I have as of late begun to actually “care” that they aren’t. More than anything– I think that natural products just tend to work better than anything fake and toxic!

  7. 7.9.12
    Jenine said:

    I made a similar transition about 3 years ago and do my best to keep a “green” beauty routine. I use coconut oil (same brand as you) on my skin and hair. I’ll have to look into almond oil and I def want to try lavanila deodarant.

  8. 7.9.12

    I really love the Vapour Organic Beauty line, too. Their multi-use sticks remind me of Nars Multiples. (In the interest of full disclosure, the company I work for is their ecommerce technology provider, but I wouldn’t recommend their product if I didn’t absolutely love them.)

    I tried the Lavanila but it didn’t work for me! I did get the lavender version, maybe I should try the one you used. Have you tried any others worth mentioning?

    • 7.9.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      YES! I have heard amazing things about Vapour and am DYING to try.
      Spirit Beauty Lounge sells almost everything in their line…I really
      want to try the Skin Perfector and Soft Focus foundation.

      Lavanila was the only natural deodorant I’ve used…but to be fair,
      I don’t sweat a ton, so it still works for me, even through

      • 7.11.12

        You’ll love the Soft Focus Foundation! It reminds me of LM Tinted Moisturizer, slightly heavier, but sort of floats on your skin without feeling makeup-y.

        I don’t sweat a ton either, maybe that particular scent was reacting weird with my skin. I’ll try the one you did – thank goodness for a generous return policy at Sephora :)

  9. 7.9.12

    I love this post. I’m slowly transitioning to more green products (thanks to you and Christin!) and could never give up my They’re Real! And thank you again for the highlighter, it is AMAZING!! xo

  10. 7.9.12
    ashley said:

    a natural deodorant that actually works? now this i have to try!

  11. 7.9.12

    I go in these phases where I want to clean up my beauty routine and then get frustrated with my options. That’s especially true with deodorant. I love having new options to explore! Thank you!

  12. 7.9.12

    Ooh thanks for sharing all of your natural beauty recommendations. I try to buy natural products where possible too and its great to find out what other people are using + love! xx

  13. 7.9.12
    Amanda said:

    I love my Lavanila deodorant. I use the Vanilla Lavender scent, and to me it just smells fresh and clean. To those who think this product doesn’t work, remember that it is not an antiperspirant, so you will still sweat. I sweat a lot, and this product does work for me in that it masks the unwanted odors associated with sweat!

    I also have switched out a lot of my products and found that I don’t need much more than Dr. Bronner’s soaps and lotions. I don’t, however, care much for using Dr. Bronner’s on my hair. Victoria, what do you use for shampoo and conditioner?

    • 7.9.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      I like Dr. Bronner’s a lot too! It’s seriously good for everything. Weird
      that I’ve used it to mop the floors in our kitchen when we were out of
      cleaning solution? (It worked perfectly!)

      For shampoo, I currently use Acure Organics (shampoo+conditioner),
      Avalon Organics (lavender conditioner), and Max Green Alchemy shampoo. I’ll
      use the almond oil for deep conditioning.

      • 7.10.12
        Amanda said:

        Thanks for your reply! I actually just picked up Acure Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner at Whole Foods to try out after I finish with my Dr. Bronner’s hair experiment (using castille soap for shampoo and shikakai conditioning rinse).

  14. 8.6.12
    JMB said:

    Agreed on the eyeliner. I have tried Josie Maran liquid eyeliner and I am back to Clinique. I do love some Argan oil though (similiar functions to almond) – it is a great, clean facial moisturizer. As for mascara – this is the best clean option I have found: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Black Tea Mascara

  15. 3.23.13
    Rick said:

    I enjoy reading through an article that will make men and women think.

    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!