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My motto lately. It’s so hard to remember sometimes, but it’s SO true. Whenever Joe and I fret over some aspect of our upcoming move (okay, let’s be real, it’s ME that frets the most), I try repeating this in my head. It helps!

We hired movers this weekend and that took a HUGE load off my shoulders (literally and figuratively!). There’s still lots to be done in the coming weeks, but somehow, I know we’ll make it happen.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. 7.2.12
    julia said:

    best of luck!


  2. 7.2.12

    Wise words! GOOD LUCK moving… movers will definitely make your plight a bit easier! xx

  3. 7.2.12

    Very wise words – so true! x

    Kate {Modette}

  4. 7.2.12
    katelyn said:

    woof, we just moved and my bf was “confident” we could do it all ourselves. we did, but man was it a ton of work. you should totally smooch mr. j for letting you all get movers! :)

  5. 7.2.12

    great quote, love it!

  6. 7.2.12
    Vanina said:

    What an amazing quote, we all should learn to live by this words. It will save us many ours of worries and wanderings.
    Happy Monday and Happy July too.

  7. 7.2.12

    Hiring movers is worth every penny. Good luck! Looking forward to the sage!

  8. 7.2.12
    Jaclyn said:

    A great phrase that is sometimes hard to follow, but so necessary :)

    Stay in the Lines

  9. 7.3.12
    lexi said:

    I need to remind myself of this all.of.the.time. I hate that I’m the worry-er, but I’m glad my hubby can always bring me back to reality! Best of luck with the move – movers help, big time!
    ♡ Lexi
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  10. 7.3.12
    Sharon said:

    oh wise one! That’s now going to be my mantra for the rest of my life

  11. 7.4.12

    This saying is spot on. And good for you for hiring movers! We just moved (without movers) and it was the most miserable thing! They will be worth EVERY penny!!

  12. 7.4.12
    alyson said:

    THis is SO freaking true. Great words.