This week I…

+ Had the most insane week ever. Work was busy (very good!), but through a twist of events that essentially started back in January (remember this post?), it would appear that we are moving. In, like, three weeks (hmm). For realsies this time though. We sign a lease on a new apartment today. (Aside: just wait until I tell you what has been going on with our apartment the last six months. I’ve kept pretty quiet about it, because reading about our rental dramas doesn’t make for great blog content, but now that it seems like the saga is coming to a close, what a story it is.) So, blogging + client work + wedding planning + organizing a move + upcoming travel = slightly crazed Victoria. Not complaining, because on the whole life is pretty fantastic right now — there’s just a lot on my plate, hence why today’s post is a little late and why I’ve been virtually silent in the blogosphere!

+ saw two of my design projects go live! Before France, I worked with Jessica on a header, social media icons, Twitter page, and Facebook cover photo for her blog The State Street Edit; I also completed a project with Allie, who requested a new header, page menu nav bar, and social media nav bar for her blog Beauty and the Feast. Fun times.

+ Contemplated getting these shoes for the wedding. Kind of obsessed (and how hot would they look later on, with a pair of black skinnies?). My super amazing bridal consultant at Amy Kuschel slash now friend and unofficial stylist Melanie tells me that they won’t be comfortable for a full night on my feet though. Drat. Married ladies — what route did you go for wedding shoes?

+ Had a blowout dinner at A16 last night with Joe. We’re talking wine, pasta, AND pizza, AND dessert. Salad for dinner today? Yes, I think so.

Here in the states, next week it’s Independence Day, which means we have this random day off in the middle of the week (but I’ll take it!). Anyone doing anything fun for the Fourth? We made no plans this year (which given our schedule and this move is probably a very good thing), so we’re planning on going out to lunch and then laying low for the rest of the day. Maybe midweek holidays are actually the way to go!

LINK OF THE WEEK: These DIY fringy festive string lights look so easy and are PERFECT for any outdoor barbecues you might be hosting next week. Come to think of it, they’d also be perfect for Bastille Day, and I bet you could even use them later in the summer for Labor Day too! That Erin is so creative!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. 6.29.12

    love your blog design work!
    sorry to hear about your rental dramas but look forward to reading your story :) xx

  2. 6.29.12

    I’m dying over the invites you designed for Alex’s bachelorette party! You are one very talented and busy lady! Enjoy the weekend.
    hugs, kkl

  3. 6.29.12
    azrakun said:

    it seems like a good busy life! i so wanted to see the shoes, but my work blocked the link.. :-( good luck with the move


  4. 6.29.12

    nothing worse than rental dramas, but all in all life sounds good – and i love the design work you did!

    happy weekend – and almost fourth. SO GLAD it’s here!

  5. 6.29.12
    allie said:

    yahoo! IM OBSESSED with my new blog look and have gotten so many compliments! you were so fun to work with thank you so much!!

  6. 6.29.12

    Rental drama is brutal, especially here in San Francisco where it can be hard to get out of or find a replacement. Glad to hear things are on the upswing! Happy weekend!

  7. 6.29.12

    1) Ugh. Moving is the worst. Sorry about that. And I just fell in love with your place via the Everyday Girl feature (which was AWESOME by the way!)
    2) The RM heels are amazing. And you could definitely break them out after the wedding (black skinnies would be perfect!). Anyway, I went with 4-inch heels that I fell in love with and just added inserts for padding. I didn’t think about my feet all night (I was too busy to anyway). So I vote for buying these and then just having an extra pair on hand if you need to switch :)

    Happy weekend Victoria…sounds like you need it!
    XO – Marion

  8. 6.29.12
    Joanne said:

    Regarding the shoes – wear the sexy ones for the wedding ceremony and photos and change into sparkly flip-flops or flattish sandals for the reception and dancing.

  9. 6.29.12

    Haha, that’s too funny, we had a giant dinner out last night too so tonight we are having cereal :)

    Happy wedding planning doll, hope you have a great weekend!

    Nancy x

  10. 6.29.12

    Thanks for the shout! Anything with fringe is pretty much my favorite thing! ;)

  11. 6.29.12
    Bettina said:

    Fingers crossed your move goes smoothly! We’ll be moving in a few months b/c our lease is up and I’m dreading it all!

  12. 6.29.12
    brighton said:

    Does sound like a great busy life!! But I just am STILL wondering how you were able to get TWO posts up a day while traveling out of the country!! Girl, you are quite the amazing planner/time management woman!!


  13. 6.30.12
    lexi said:

    Happy weekend! So sorry about your crazy apartment drama. I always worry about sharing too much when it comes to every day stress, but it’s good to get it out.

    As for the wedding shoes, I wore crazy high wedding shoes, and though they’ve hurt every night since, when I’ve attempted to wear them again, on my wedding night, I was so blissfully happy I swear I hardly noticed the pain. Though maybe you should have a back-up pair of comfortable shoes — just in case!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  14. 6.30.12
    Hitha said:

    As badly as I wanted a fabulous pair of heels for the wedding, bare feet are required for an Hindu wedding ceremony, and I needed to be able to stand and dance for hours during the 3 days – so I splurged on a pair of gold Tory Burch sandals. I’m thrilled that I went with a comfortable pair of shoes, and love that I wear them often still.

  15. 7.1.12
    Jessica said:

    Oh goodness… your plate sounds FULL right now… good luck juggling all your projects (at least they are fun and certainly gorgeous if you are involved!)

  16. 7.2.12

    I am so sorry about the mess with your apartment. Have you found a new place? I know you will make it fabulous! And as for the shoes, what if you wore them for the ceremony and until they killed at the reception and then changed into flats, thats my plan!

  17. 7.2.12
    nuha said:

    yuck- rental drama does not sound like fun at all. but at least is quickly coming to an end!

  18. 7.8.12

    So sorry that you have had to go through all of that! I’m sure the new place will be so much more amazing and STRESS free! Just think…..a new palette to decorate! Fun! XX