This week I…

+got back into the swing of things! It took a few nights to get back on a regular sleep schedule and into the groove of work again. On the plus side, I’ve hung on to the littlest bit of jet lag and have been forcing myself to wake up earlier. I was at my desk by 6am or earlier every day this week! Let’s see how long that lasts…

+ have a few guest posts to share! While I was gone, Nikki ran a series celebrating International Picnic Day, and I was thrilled to contribute my Puttanesca Pasta Salad recipe. Yesterday, I shared 10 very random things about myself on Kelly’s blog Fabulous K. And in case you missed it, I was also interviewed by The Everygirl! Stop by to read the novel I wrote about my career history. :)

+ was incapacitated by three grueling post-vacay workouts. There were times I felt like we needed a friggin’ handle rail installed next to our toilet, that’s how sore I was. That’s probably an overshare, but I know you know what I’m talking about. Joe was in the same boat. One morning, he contemplated waking me up so I could come in and shampoo his hair for him because he couldn’t lift his arms up. Who says romance is dead?

+ spent a little more time refining the Vivaleur website. Did you know it officially launched? It’s okay if you didn’t — it went live right before my vacay and I didn’t want to tell you about it since I was leaving. More on this next week!

+ am participating in a Habitat for Humanity build today! I’ve never been on one, and am excited to pitch in a hand. Have you ever participated in a build for them?

+ spent all week looking forward to a brunch tomorrow and a lazy day on Sunday! There’s nothing quite like being back at home.

I have no links to share with you because I am so behind on blog reading it ain’t even funny. So instead, I will say have a GREAT weekend. And, I missed you guys. It’s good to be back to blogging!

{Image Credit: Vogue}


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  1. 6.22.12
    Eileen said:

    I totally just laughed out loud with the hand rail next to the toilet thing..I was totally there this week too! SO sore!

  2. 6.22.12

    The website looks amazing!!

  3. 6.22.12

    Glad to have you back! :)

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of Habitat for Humanity — I’m sure it will be an incredible experience!

    Have a great weekend! xx

  4. 6.22.12

    Hope you had a great vacay! Sounds amazing!

    Yes, I have helped on a Habitat build! In fact I work for an affiliate in Texas as their Development Specialist. Hope you have a fantastic time! Be sure to meet the homeowners (more than likely, they will be on the jobsite), it will make building the home even more special!

    On behalf of all Habitat’s, thanks for volunteering!

  5. 6.22.12

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m soooo sore after going back to yoga, I almost just want to go back today so I can try to stretch out my pain from yesterday.

    And I saw the new Vivaleur website, it’s friggin’ gorgeous!

  6. 6.22.12

    Yayyyy! She’s back! You were missed in the blog world!

    And yes ladies, Vivaleur is phenomenal! I am already on board!

  7. 6.22.12

    I love your Vogue image, and I can completely understand your post-vacation soreness. But I’d rather be very sore for a few days, then feel gross and take too long to ease into things. Have a great weekend!

  8. 6.22.12
    azrakun said:

    welcome back! what is your SF favorite brunch spot?


  9. 6.22.12

    How do you do it all Victoria! Work, work-out, and philanthropy all whilst jet lagged!!

  10. 6.22.12
    julia said:

    welcome back! the vivaleur website is gorgeous!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  11. 6.22.12

    Love love love the vivaleur site! amazing and so happy for ya :-)

    TheStylist LA

  12. 6.22.12

    Hiiiiii, so happy to have found you via The Everygirl, Great interview :) Looking to read through your site, I am sure I will find lots of cool post, and if I end up commenting a lot, don’t think I am stalking you…LOL!

  13. 6.23.12
    Jessica said:

    I love Habitat for Humanity, and am super happy that you took a day out to support the cause too!

  14. 6.24.12
    Bettina said:

    Hahaha, I love that you shared that he almost had you shampoo his hair. Too funny and too sweet all at the same time!

  15. 6.24.12
    Kelly said:

    Thank you so much for letting me feature you on my blog. It was so fun getting to know you better! P.S. LOVED your feature on TEG!

  16. 6.25.12
    Jess said:

    What workout were you doing?? lol!