This week I…

+ Honestly? I worked on a couple client projects and got stuff ready for our trip. I went to the gym twice. Had dinner with my uncle. Did some laundry. That’s really it. Such is life when you have a short week and are getting ready for a big vacay! Oh, but I did guest post over here.

Well kids, we’re off to France! Fear not — I’ve got over two solid weeks of ridiculously good content raring and ready to go. I can say that it’s ridiculously good because I didn’t write it. Some super fabulous and talented bloggers did. Beginning next Monday, I’m kicking off a guest post series that will highlight the best that some of my favorite blogs have to offer. From delicious recipes, to heartfelt essays, to graphics and points of view that inspire, I’m so excited to share the columns and voices that make me excited to open my Google reader. As you’re reading along over the next couple weeks, at the bottom of each post, you’ll find a short description about the column, or why I selected that particular blogger. I hope that you’ll enjoy it, and maybe even find a blog (or two, or three) to follow!

I know you’ve been losing sleep at night wondering whether or not I’m going to be posting updates from the frontlines of France. Yes and no. While I won’t be publishing anything here on the blog, I do plan on instagramming. So be sure to follow along there if you want the requisite photos of the Eiffel Tower and baguettes and things. If you’re not on Instagram, fear not: you can see my photo stream by clicking on the ‘I’ logo at the top of the right sidebar there.

See you kids in a few weeks! Until then….Bon Juin et au revoir!

{Image Credit: Jose Villa}


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  1. 6.1.12

    Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to the guest posts!

  2. 6.1.12

    Ahhh have so so so much fun!!!!! So jealous!

  3. 6.1.12

    have an amazing holiday!! looking forward to the guest posts over the next two weeks :) xx

  4. 6.1.12
    Stacey said:

    Have a wonderful trip! You deserve it.

  5. 6.1.12

    mwah! we’ll miss you!

  6. 6.1.12

    Have the most amazing trip! Safe travels! xo

  7. 6.1.12
    azrakun said:

    Have a fabulous vacation! I am not on instagram, so I am really looking forward for your France recoup on here once you get back!



  8. 6.1.12
    Jess said:

    Have a great trip!!

  9. 6.1.12

    Have the best time! Cannot wait to see pictures…Enjoy!

  10. 6.1.12
    taylor said:

    have the best trip love!!! can’t wait to stalk you via instagram!

  11. 6.1.12

    Have an amazing trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  12. 6.1.12
    Casie said:

    Sounds dreamy!! Have so much fun!

  13. 6.1.12

    ahhh oh my goodness! France?! Lucky girl! have so much fun! can’t wait to follow along on instagram :)

  14. 6.2.12

    Hope you have a fantastic trip. I’m already living vicariously through your instagram shots. Keep ’em coming!

  15. 6.4.12
    Kirby said:

    Have an amazing trip! I can’t wait to see photos and need to start following you on Instagram!