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Lauren is in real life exactly as you would imagine her from her blog: vivacious, fun, stylish, and girly (in the best way possible!). In a very short time, she’s somehow juggled school, jobs, internships, and having some semblance of a social life while quickly building a loyal following on her fashion blog, L.A. in the Bay — definitely another girl where I look at her and think I don’t know how she does it! Last week, Lauren shared much more about herself in her own Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post, so I consider it an honor to be able to share even more about her here today. Here’s Lauren!

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Paris, NYC, London, Greece, Italy.

There are so many books that I would love to read, but have no time to read them. But now that I am on summer vacation, I am hoping to have some R&R with one of these reads.
Parisian Chic – I have yet to read this book! Style and lifestyle tips from a fabulous Parisian woman? Yes, please.
Blogging Your Way to The Front Row: The Insider’s Guide to Turning Your Fashion Blog Into A Profitable Business and Launching a New Career – I mean, what fashion blogger wouldn’t want to read this book?! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.
The Teen Vogue Handbook – this book is an essential read for anyone looking to make their way into the fashion industry. And it’s just super awesome to see where people started and how they got to where they are now.
Cupcakes and Cashmere – when I first saw on Emily’s blog that she was going to be coming out with a book, I about died! Who doesn’t love Emily’s blog? And now a book! CAN’T WAIT!

image sources: 1, 2, 3

– Helping others live a stylish life
– Attend NYFW – a dream of mine for many years.
– Graduating from college! (this will take place in the next year!)

1. I have yet to share this on my blog, but why not share it here? I am starting my own business. Think shopping and styling :) My website is currently in the works and I am having so much fun putting it together. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

2. I am the new summer intern for The Glitter Guide. Every minute I am crafting up new post ideas and features. And, planning fun stuff for GG’s one year anniversary! It’s going to be great!

I dream about creating my own online magazine or lifestyle website. I am so inspired by online magazines like Matchbook Mag, Rue, House of Fifty, and many more. I would love to provide some type of go-to place for all types of women to find fashion advice, beauty tips, nutritional advice, and a place to talk about deeper issues like self-esteem. I also dream about creating my own PR firm that includes event planning, marketing, and styling. Who knows where God will take me, but I am so ready!

I used to blog with my best friend Ashley, the “A” in L.A. The “L” is for me :) And of course, I live in the Bay Area.

Gosh this list could go on forever. I am SO inspired by bloggers. Whenever I am in an inspiration rut, I go to my favorite blogs. I am also incredibly inspired by women who have turned their blog into a business of some sort. Entrepreneurial women are taking over the world – and I love it!

Gosh, I have been so blessed over these last 9 months of blogging. So many amazing opportunities have presented them self to me, such as being able to contribute for Made By Girl, attend Lucky FABB, and now intern for the Glitter Guide.

Apart from blogging, I recently received San Jose State University’s Student Leadership Award & Scholarship for $2500. I got my own plaque and metal! I will forever cherish this.

Church + Starbucks. Both equally feed my soul ;)

My blog first started May of 2011 and was originally called “Pink Lemonade”. By the end of August 2011, it was called L.A. in the bay. I continue to blog because really once you start blogging, you can’t really stop. It’s addicting! I am constantly inspired by other bloggers, online magazines, Pinterest, and much more, that I need this place to share all the things I love.


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  1. 5.30.12

    Love seeing Lauren in the behind the scenes series, she seems like an absolute doll!

  2. 5.30.12

    Congrats on the internship Lauren and I couldn’t agree more, Emily’s book is a must read this summer!

  3. 5.30.12

    Love Lauren! It’s fun learning more about her.

  4. 5.30.12

    Definitely admire this girl, even more so after her Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post last week. She’s crazy motivated and knows what she wants! I’m glad you featured her, fun read!

  5. 5.30.12
    alyson said:

    Loved learning more about Lauren! Hope she goes after her dreams to develop these companies + love the new book read recs. LOVED the blogger book.

  6. 5.30.12
    TheNOW said:

    YAY! I just love Lauren! A. Parisian Chic is so great and I need to get every other book on your list B. I am so so soo excited for your new business!! xoxo Elizabeth

  7. 5.30.12

    Lauren is such a sweetie, glad to see her here!

  8. 5.30.12

    thanks so much for the feature Victoria and the incredibly sweet introduction!
    P.S. We need to get together soon!!!

  9. 5.30.12
    Allyson said:

    I absolutely love Lauren! Congrats on the Glitter Guide internship – I know she will come up with many wonderful things!

  10. 5.30.12
    Alexa said:

    Love LA in the Bay. It is a amazing how she manages to run this beautiful fashion blog. So much inspiration!

  11. 5.30.12

    Lauren seems like such a sweet girl – I really love these posts I have some across some great new blogs.
    Lotts x

  12. 5.30.12

    I just adore Lauren! It’s always amazing to me how she juggles school with blogging and now we learn she is starting a business?! Girl has mad organization and entrepreneurial skills!
    Great feature as always Victoria!
    XO – Marion

  13. 5.30.12
    Natalie said:

    Lauren seems so genuine and sweet — loved this behind-the-scenes look! Insanely excited for her business launch!

  14. 5.30.12
    julia said:

    thanks for introducing lauren, i now have a fab new blog to follow!


  15. 5.30.12
    Theresa said:

    I don’t know how I missed Lauren’s Things I’m Afraid To Tell You post. (This movement is so incredible.) I found myself nodding to a lot of the things she shared. It was nice to learn even more about Lauren here via BTS. Congrats to Lauren on the new gig and business venture! Thank for another great BTS!

  16. 5.31.12

    I can’t imagine having this much drive while attending school! Fantastic post, can’t wait to check out the blog!

  17. 5.31.12
    Kecia said:

    I love Lauren and L.A. in the Bay! I had no idea what a “young” blog it was and now I’m even more impressed with her blogging prowess! I can’t wait to see more from Lauren…her own business!? Yay! She is definitely on the fast track and one to watch!