Beach Bum

1. Bikini top / bikini bottom | 2. Jersey dress  | 3. Beach tote | 4. Sandals | 5. Sunscreen (my personal fave brand!) | 6. Strapless maxi | 7. Beach towel | 8. Polka dot bikini | 9. Straw hat | 10. Spray for beachy waves!

I’m excited about virtually every aspect of our impending trip abroad, but after a stressful few weeks, the thought of hanging out next to the ocean — specifically on the Côte d’Azur — sounds delightful. Versus other beach locales, there’s something about this stretch of coastline that feels ultra glamorous (probably because it is…I’m interested to see the size of the yachts docked here too!). One simply can’t schlump down to the beach in an old t shirt and shorts when you’re on the French Riviera. Attention must be paid. Hats and mediterranean colors seem requisite, don’t you think?

{Image Credit: France This Way}


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  1. 5.24.12
    Georgina said:

    I need those sandals like yesterday! Love :)

  2. 5.24.12

    I may need to boycott your blog for the next few weeks. Pure. Jealousy.

  3. 5.24.12

    I’m still so obsessed with those high/low hemlines. it’s all I can do to hold off on buying right now!

  4. 5.24.12

    Oh I’m just so jealous of your trip! You’re going to have the best time!

  5. 5.24.12

    both of those bikinis are super cute! your trip sounds exciting, have fun!

  6. 5.24.12

    Oh my- sounds SO amazing right now. I love that polka dot bikini!

  7. 5.24.12

    The sandals and floppy hat are my faves!

  8. 5.24.12
    Jess said:

    One thing I didn’t know to expect in the south of france – the beaches are mostly rocky!! haha Silly me…

    Love the dress! Have a great trip :)

  9. 5.24.12
    Kate said:

    I think the teeny weeny navy polka dot bikini is where it’s at for the coast :) Your going to have the best time EVER!


  10. 5.24.12

    Just came back from Sephora and bought the sunscreen. I’m terrible about buying any sort of beauty product unless it comes as a recommendation. Heading to Palm Springs for the weekend so it’ll come in handy.

  11. 5.24.12
    azrakun said:

    I stayed at Code D’Azur few years. If you get a chance, do make it to Fragonart perfumary. The drive up there is spectacular and well worth the visit..


  12. 5.24.12
    julia said:

    love your pics!


  13. 5.25.12

    I could definitely use a trip abroad about now, especially cote d’azur! i love the bikini because it looks so vintage french! :) this is beautiful!

  14. 5.25.12
    Roxy said:

    what?! you’re going to the french riviera?!?! insane jealousy. have a beautiful trip! we’re finally getting to go on vaca too. these past few weeks on top of the cray shenanigans in nyc have me running ragged haha

  15. 5.25.12
    Silvia said:

    Beautiful choices!

  16. 5.27.12

    Love them all!
    Just take sandals you can wear down to the water. Those rocks are a killer when you slip on them (which I found inevitable).

  17. 5.28.12

    That yellow hat has a lot of presence.