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Today’s BTS guest, despite the name of her blog, is anything but average. Remember that movie I Don’t Know How She Does It? Maybe not because it was in theaters for like a minute (yeah, I didn’t see it either). Anyway, this is a very roundabout way to say that a movie with the same title should be made about Alyson Seligman. A mom to a toddler, owner of her own PR company, and daily blogger at The Average Girls Guide…no, really, I don’t know how she does it! On top of all that, Alyson is a great friend, the kind of gal who’s always willing to take time out of her day to lend a friendly ear or offer good advice. I’ve loved getting to know her over the last few months and think you’ll love her too! Take it away, Alyson.

Greece // Australia // Florence, Italy (again!) // Alaska // California (I’ve only been to Napa + San Fran)

As a mom, business owner and blogger I have to admit I found the time to complete the Hunger Games trilogy, Fifty Shades trilogy, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and a few other reads this past year. I’m looking for the next few books to provide me insight to help make my blog and business the best possible. Oh, and to get a few laughs while doing it.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. This book has excellent Amazon reviews so it’s now on my bookshelf waiting for me.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I heard it’s good for laughs, and I love laughs!

WordPress for Dummies. I need help. STAT. I hate not being able to make more than very minor updates to my blog. I want to feel empowered and I’m hoping this book (as well as Photoshop Elements for Dummies!) will help.

I Spy DIY Style: Jenni’s blog is stuffed full of incredible ideas so I knew her book had to be mine. Excited to dig in to get my creative juices going.

Happy family (with two extra feet than we currently have!) // Successful business + talented team // Moments to relax!

I need to focus on spending more time with family and my husband, which has been a challenge since in just about two years I had a baby, had a very scary health issue/diagnosis, started TAGG and then started my own PR firm. I just moved my home-based business to real office space so the home can be a place for my family, not the stresses of the work day. Must also put away my iPhone at night! I’m also currently working on making myself a higher priority, challenging for all of the above mentioned reasons. I’m starting to follow up with doctors, treating myself to more regular manis, pedis and massages and indulging in more good reads (like the ones mentioned above!). A third mini goal this year is to improve my design and photography skills!

If TAGG were huge… like really huge. If every woman knew about it as a resource for style, food, a vent sesh now and then, and anything else you can imagine. I’ll get there {care to tell a friend about it? :) }

The Average Girl’s Guide got its name because I fundamentally believe that all of us, all ages and backgrounds, are essentially the same
average girl just wanting to live her best life. We all want to look good, feel well, discover great food, find good deals, you name it. As Victoria knows, I really debated changing the name last year because a few people (my own devil’s advocate included) had me thinking that perhaps people would assume I meant they were average. Oh my gosh, this is the furthest from the case! I decided to keep it and am happy with the decision.

I’m fortunate that inspiration is all around me: My little girl is beyond words! My husband is so incredible, he’s talented, helpful, generous and one of the best people I’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet (and fortunate that he married me, too!). My parents, my brother, my friends who have rallied around my family and me these past two years when we needed them most, and now, as I’m healthier, are my biggest advocates as my business and my blog continue to grow. I’m inspired by the people who work for me because they took such a gamble on this chick, confident that I know what I’m doing (big responsibility to be responsible for someone’s paycheck). I also find inspiration in magazines, books and playtime on the internet (holla, Pinterest!), be it for the blog, work or just developing my personal style and getting design ideas for our new home.

Just one? I don’t think I can. My daughter is amazing, inspiring, determined, gorgeous and incredibly smart. I am also proud of so quickly building my pr/marketing/digital media business. Truth: I never intended to own my own business; things just happen for a reason! The opportunity just fell into my lap and in such a short time has afforded me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. I just hired my third employee (yay!) and am excited to see where 2012 takes us.

I wish I knew! Hah. Locally, I don’t go enough but it would be the beach or pool by myself or with a girlfriend and some reads. Otherwise, I just love lazy nights on the couch with my husband, comfort food and our favorite tv shows.

I started August 2010. It inspires me, energizes me, provides a creative outlet and most importantly, has connected me to so many amazing women. I had absolutely no clue that there was this world of bloggers (no clue, swear I never read a blog before!) and I feel grateful for the connection I’ve made with so many (Victoria, included!). I’m also humbled by the women who take the time each day to read my blog and share comments with me about how something I’ve said or even a necklace I suggested has impacted them. That’s what keeps me going.


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  1. 5.23.12
    Georgina said:

    How inspiring! I am definitely heading over to her blog :)

  2. 5.23.12

    I love Alyson, she is so inspiring! And a fellow Florida gal (while I was there). Alyson, if you’re reading this – we still have to meet up!

  3. 5.23.12
    Cyndi said:

    What a great find! A local (Alyson lives close to me) PR girl with a heart full of great ideas. I just shared one of her visual posts on fb…Be the Best Version of YOU! Definitely liking this new connection. Thanks, Victoria!

  4. 5.23.12
    Alyson said:

    So honored to be part of the BTS profile series. Thanks a million, Victoria!! So flattered by your kind words.

  5. 5.23.12
    Chelsea said:

    I am totally impressed and excited to head over to the blog and catch up on everything! I love this series because it always shows me what I am missing. xo

  6. 5.23.12

    Super inspiring – I honestly dont’ know how she does it!!!

  7. 5.23.12

    Love Alyson and her site! Great feature!

  8. 5.23.12

    I’m inspired to get off my arse ;)

  9. 5.23.12
    Kristin said:

    She’s a regular jack of all trades!

  10. 5.23.12
    Betty said:

    As I read through this post, I couldn’t help but think that she and i have a lot in common. I too want to travel, thanks to Jim Harlan’s latest travel memoir (describing his travels into some of the most remote corners of the earth, over the past 30 years), “Drifting on a Headwind.” I haven’t traveled in years, and his book really gave me the inspiration I needed to get off my butt and start planning some trips. I want to travel to at least one place on each Contanant before I die.

    I love the books she listed- I can’t wait to check them out.

  11. 5.23.12

    Wow, this is an incredibly inspiring post. Alyson really seems to have a great passion for what she does! I love her honesty about finding the balance, since I think that is one of the hardest things for female entrepreneurs.

    Amazing post!

    TheStylist LA

  12. 5.23.12
    Becca said:

    I loved learning more about Alyson! Very inspiring.

  13. 5.23.12
    Alexa said:

    I love that her inspiration comes from her own home: her sweet family. Great interview, Victoria. :)

  14. 5.23.12

    Great interview and very inspiring story – congrats to her on her accomplishments with the PR firm :)

  15. 5.23.12
    Amie said:

    Love Alyson’s blog….read it daily!
    Orlando, FL

  16. 5.23.12

    Love Alyson, she truly IS NOT an average girl but her blog is definitely for this average girl. If fashion ain’t your thing, tune in for her being-real vent sesh, I love that too!

    VMAC, I look forward to getting to know you too!