Splurge/Save: Scalloped Skirts

I didn’t mean for the title of this post to be so alliterative, but sometimes these things just work out. Moving on.

I have a thing for scalloping (and yeah, okay, scallops too). But let’s focus! Scallop detailing on skirts is perfectly lovely, in my opinion, whether we’re talking a lace detail or the edge of the hem. It’s a ladylike look that’s quite timeless, and can be toned down with simple flats and a basic tee, or gussied up with heels and a pretty blouse.

So the real question is…when it comes to scalloped mini skirts, would you splurge, or would you save?

Where to get ’em: Asos Ponti Mini Skirt, $34.97 | Giulietta Scalloped A-line Crepe Skirt, $615 | Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars Crochet Scalloped Mini Skirt, $54 | Diane Von Furstenberg Akio Lace Mini Skirt< $265


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  1. 5.10.12
    Kate said:

    I actually think the ASOS one is the prettiest cant complain about the price either!


  2. 5.10.12

    I’m always a saver. I bought some scalloped suede shorts from f21. Look way more than the 20 bucks I spent on them.

  3. 5.10.12

    I actually like the ASOS one the best!!

  4. 5.10.12
    Carolyn said:

    I actually totally love the two budget finds more than the splurges! ASOS is always great, but the Urban crochet/lace one is just perfection.

  5. 5.10.12
    Jess said:

    I love the Urban Outfitters one…I have something similar but in a pencil skirt from Zara! Gorgeous. :)

  6. 5.10.12
    Alexa said:

    Splurge on that little red number. If I made triple what I’m making now. Ha.

  7. 5.10.12
    Michelle said:

    Save on both accounts…I can’t imagine wanting these styles years down the road so probably not worth the investment.

  8. 5.10.12

    Save! The urban outfitters black number rocks.

  9. 5.10.12
    Rae Veda said:

    I love the scalloped edge trend. So fun! xo, rv


  10. 5.10.12
    julia said:

    Save! The Urban Outfitters one is my fave!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  11. 5.13.12
    Laura said:

    I love that Urban skirt! I always go in there with the highest hopes then leave with empty hands (but at least full pockets!) … but this would be a GREAT reason to give it another try! :)

  12. 5.14.12

    I would save on both! Mostly because that’s how we roll.


  13. 5.14.12
    Laura said:

    I love scalloped detailing – the ASOS one is beautiful :)

  14. 5.22.12
    rubria said:

    Ola!! Eu aqui do Brasil amei seu post sobre mala de viagem. Vou pra Portugal em agosto e já estou pensando em uma mala prática. Um abraço.