Flipping Out

There’s a certain subset of human being that never ceases to amaze me with their luck, eye, and intuition. It’s the thrift bargain finder, that mythical woman who just happens to come across the perfect Birkin at an estate sale (yes, I’ve heard of this happening). She can find Chanel flats for 50% below market rate, or the J.Crew dress you were lusting over three seasons ago for mere pennies.

I am not a good thrifter. Never have been, probably never will be. I lack the patience, and to be honest, riffling through racks of clothes that smell funky sets me on edge.

So last week, after I learned about Threadflip from Jennie at a blogger dinner, I was intrigued. The minute I landed on the site, I got excited. Because this is a really, really awesome idea.

Threadflip is a new type of consignment shop, available to anyone in the US, no matter where you live. The idea is super simple. Individuals can submit their never worn or barely used clothing items to Threadflip, who carefully curates and selects which items appear online (meaning unlike eBay or other online sellers, you don’t have to sort through as much junk and fakes are weeded out). Someone buys it. You get the cash. From the buyer’s perspective, it’s a fantastic way to shop pretty items (many designer) at consignment store prices…or lower. There was this DVF dress for $140 (originally $525). Hunter rain boots for $80 (originally $125). That Catherine Malandrino above…FIFTY DOLLARS.

The site is clean and easy to navigate — something I can’t always say for local thrift stores. Check it out and see if you can find something to treasure. Pretty awesome, right?

Items pictured above: Gucci handbag; Fendi silk scarf; Chanel flats; Kelly Wearstler blazer; Catherine Malandrino dress; Aryn K maxi skirt. Items may sell out at any time, so if you see something you like, hop to it!

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  1. 5.7.12
    Stacey said:

    I recently heard of Threadflip as well and I was checking out some items last night. I’m also with you on the thriftng. The funky smell gets me also. I’m always amazed at what I see some bloggers showing that they found. I really love your blog. Have a great day.

  2. 5.7.12

    This is amazing! I too lack patience most times for really great deals & love the fact I can do this in pajamas :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. 5.7.12

    Such a fabulous idea, and so fun to see this post after hearing all the background!!! Hope you enjoyed cinco day!!! xoxoxo

  4. 5.7.12

    What a genius idea! I am the same, terrible at thrifting. I do not have to patience to scan through piles of crap, so obviously this is a fabulous alternative!

  5. 5.7.12

    I scanned the site and they have some great stuff! Definitely bookmarking it. I’m with you and everyone else – I have zero patience for thrifting. Thanks for the intro and I hope you had a great weekend!

  6. 5.7.12

    If you’re talking furniture and decor, I have the patience. Clothes, not so much. Excited to check this out!

  7. 5.7.12
    Annie said:

    Love that– thanks so much for sharing! As an organizer, I am always on the lookout for alternatives to Ebay for clients to sell their goods. This one looks great!

  8. 5.7.12

    I love threadflip! Have been meaning to set up my own shop but just haven’t had the time!!

  9. 5.7.12
    Jess said:

    oOoOo that sounds like a great idea! I’m also really bad at thrifting, so will have to check it out :)

  10. 5.7.12

    I am definitely checking this site out! Thanks for the tip!

  11. 5.7.12
    Alexa said:

    I’m with you Victoria. I’m a terrible thrifter…but perhaps this site would be much easier to “sort” through than an actual shop. And wowza those deals are pretty amazing.

  12. 5.7.12
    Aubrey said:

    This is completely brilliant! And you may or may not have just made this week the worst of my husband’s life (c: hehehe…naw, I’ll *kinda* try to keep myself in check (c:

  13. 5.7.12
    Becca said:

    Amazing!! Thanks so much for the top.

    • 5.7.12
      Becca said:

      By top I mean tip! Haha

  14. 5.7.12
    alyson said:

    wow, very cool concept! I’ve already clicked over. Thanks!

  15. 5.7.12
    Lauren said:

    LOVE Threadflip! I got the most amazing Tom Ford sunglasses on it, barely worn, look brand-new!

  16. 5.7.12
    Vanessa said:

    Do you have any way to contact anyone at Threadflip for help? I’ve been trying to buy a blazer all day and it won’t let me log in to buy – I just want some pretty clothes, argh!

  17. 5.7.12
    jennie said:

    Hi Vanessa!
    We’re fixing the login issue right this moment. Can you check back in about an hour? So sorry for the inconvenience. And if you have any other questions, feel free to shoot them our way at support [at] threadflip [dot] com. Thanks!
    xo jennie

    • 5.7.12
      Vanessa said:

      Great thanks!

      • 5.7.12
        Jeff said:

        Hi Vanessa,

        We’ve fixed the login issue, please do try again and let us know if it works.

        If you continue to have issues or have any questions, ping me at support [at] threadflip [dot] com — we’d love to hear about your experience and personally thank you for being an early supporter of Threadflip!



        • 5.7.12
          Vanessa said:

          Thanks so much for your speedy responses! I was able to log in and buy the blazer, I’m so excited for it to arrive. And thanks Victoria for the amazing recommendation :)

          • 5.7.12
            vmacandcheese said:


    • 5.7.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Thanks so much for the reply, Jennie!

  18. 5.7.12

    I’m about to dive into the site headfirst!

  19. 5.7.12

    AMAZING! Must keep an eye out for great deals! Consignment shopping is my fave – I just block out the smell…