On Sunday, we spent the late morning and afternoon hanging out in the gardens at Ma(i)sonry, a wine collective and art gallery in Yountville. I’m embarrassed to say that after passing the property many times over the years, we had never spent any time there.  The stone building, which was originally a residence and dates to 1904, was redone several years ago and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Stately and welcoming, you kind of can’t miss it if you walk by. Sunday was the perfect introduction to Ma(i)sonry — an 80 degree day, slow crowds, a bottle of good rose, and prime seating in a corner nook of the garden, where we could be shaded by umbrellas and people watch to our heart’s content.

In our little corner of the garden, petrified wood stools served as side tables around the comfy bench seating. The tables had such beautiful patterns and markings in them — kind of like one would expect with marble. I snapped a few pics and came home daydreaming about how I could work a petrified wood side table into our house. Like this:

I’m so infatuated with the organic, natural look of these tables, especially when paired with clean lines (either modern or traditional works here). Petrified wood is like the ultimate antique — some pieces are thousands and thousands of years old (though Wikipedia tells me that technically, it only takes around 100 years for wood to petrify). Unsurprisingly, beauties like this don’t come cheap. Here are a few petrified wood pieces I’d gladly add to my home…some more likely contenders than others.

1. Pegaso Petrified Wood Table, $1600 | 2. Anthropologie Petrified Wood Trivet, $48 | 3. Ma(i)sonry Petrified Wood Stool, $2500  | 4. Anthropologie Petrified Wood Book Ends, $148 | 5. Matthew Studios Gavin Table, inquire for price

{Image Credits: First photo by Victoria McGinley; “Courteney Cox’s Private Retreat,” Elle Decor; “Sibling Revelry,” Traditional Home; “Rhapsody in Grey,” Elle Decor; “A Tranquil Townhouse in Alabama,” House Beautiful}

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  1. 5.1.12

    I love this natural decor! My parents lakehouse has a ton of these beautiful petrified wood tables that my mom made herself, they add so much charm + depth to a room.

  2. 5.1.12

    Love the title of this :) And absolutely love all of these goodies. Definitely want to add them to a couple of my current projects.

  3. 5.1.12

    Love the rustic feel of these. The tables are such a fun addition but I really love that cheese board.

  4. 5.1.12
    Michelle said:

    Totally love this look! I have been wanting to diy a stump side table for outside – though it would not be near as pretty as the petrified wood! I don’t have 100 years to wait for it :)

  5. 5.1.12

    I love this look. Especially the pieces you referenced at the end of your post. It’s a nice change of pace to all the agate that we’ve seen lately (still a fan though!). Sounds like a heavenly day in Yountville!

  6. 5.1.12

    I love the look of petrified wood–my parents have a gorgeous petrified wood side table I’ve been begging them to give me ever since I moved out. So far, they’re not budging, but thanks to your post I have a bunch of new pieces to lust over!

  7. 5.1.12

    As always, beautiful + well-balanced and inspiring post Victoria! I have always loved petrified wood as a side-table…maybe I’m attracted to how substantial they seem without being overly imposing? Not sure…but I do know that I love how it’s used in that first Elle photo!
    XO – Marion

  8. 5.1.12
    Erin said:

    Love Ma(i)sonry! As a Napa local I can attest to it being one of the best stops in Yountville, for sure. :)

  9. 5.1.12

    These are so gorgeous! I’m doing lots of redecorating these day and your images are perfect inspiration!

  10. 5.1.12
    Chelsea said:

    Yes, I love these. My friend has the petrified wood platter from Anthropologie and I love it. xo

  11. 5.1.12
    Neda said:

    We went to Mainsonry on our last trip to Napa– such a unique and inspirational setting. I have some petrified wood nesting tables and I get a ton of use of them, especially when we have guests.

  12. 5.1.12

    So incredibly gorgeous!! Yet another thing on the can’t afford list :)