Pretty Cheeky

Last week I finally tried a cheek stain I kept hearing about, but just hadn’t gotten around to testing. Honestly? I was kinda blown away by the results. It’s 100% natural, organic, had great, buildable coverage, lasted ALL day (even through a workout), and was the least expensive natural makeup product I’ve ever found.

Curious to learn what product managed all that? Well…

It was from beets. Yes, beets.

Now before you think I’ve become a complete and utter hippie, let’s back up a bit. I first read about using beets as a cheek and lip tint (kind of like Benetint) in the book No More Dirty Looks last year. Then, they reminded me of it on their blog in December. I somehow made it through all of winter without trying this with one of the beets we had laying around for dinners, but last week, I finally had my chance. I tried this with both a raw sliver of beet (cleaned and peeled) as well as a steamed piece (obviously no other spices, oils, etc), and WHOA. Both worked perfectly.

On the cheeks, I took a sliver and dotted on the color, as if it were on a sponge. Keep dabbing, and you’ll find the color is totally buildable. Too much color? No problem — I used a damp cotton ball to blot some off. I was shocked when I used a piece of beet in the morning during my regular makeup routine and it lasted all day and through a gym workout in the evening. Crazy, right?

The best was using a sliver of leftover beet after it’d been in the fridge all night. The cold felt so refreshing on my skin.

Okay, so this might be a little out there, but scout’s honor, the color was the same as Benetint and the Tarte Natural Beauty cheek stain I’ve been using lately. Will I go out of my way to purchase beets just for this purpose? No, but if I have leftover beets at any point, you can bet I won’t be wondering what to do with them!

{Image Credits: David Slijper for Elle France, found on Fashion Rogue, Journey Kitchen}


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  1. 4.30.12
    Amber said:

    OMIGOSH Victoria, this is brilliant. When I saw this post, I literally thought, how didn’t I know this trick as a MUA? But it makes perfect sense, thinking how much the beets stain my fingers after juicing them. I will be trying this the next time beets are in the house, for sure!!! You got me thinking of other food items that would have the same result.LOVE this post!

  2. 4.30.12

    Oh my gosh! This is genius.

  3. 4.30.12
    Christine B. said:

    Okay, you’ve intrigued me! I will try this next time I have beets in the house :)

  4. 4.30.12

    What a genius idea! I would have never thought to try it but so smart!

  5. 4.30.12

    I love cheek stain, especially in the 100+ degree Texas summers…it’s the only thing that stays on. I’ve never heard about using beets; how fun!

  6. 4.30.12
    alyson said:

    for real?? love this idea!

  7. 4.30.12

    oh you’re too funny! I might just have to try this!

  8. 4.30.12

    Haha – I had a feeling it was going to be something like this… but I was guessing berries! Love it – great tip.

  9. 4.30.12
    TheNOW said:

    Very cool. It looks beautiful!! I have got to try this!! xoxo

  10. 4.30.12
    Chedva said:

    This is almost too true to be true! And you know exactly what’s in there – no funny looking chemicals. Brilliant! (now if there was an equivalent solution for concealer, I’d be thrilled.)

  11. 4.30.12
    Ana said:

    Wow, I’m so impressed! I’ve never heard of this before and never even imagined it could be possible, but I love it! I’m definitely going to try it next time I have some beets on hand.

    PS: Love to see that you’re choosing lots of all-natural products…that’s what I’m all about!

  12. 4.30.12

    Oh my gosh Victoria…….are you one of those girls who wears makeup to the gym???? Ha ha!

    • 4.30.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      HAHAHA. If I happen to have it on, then yes. Though I won’t go out of my way if I don’t!

  13. 4.30.12

    Since I don’t like eating the beets we get in our CSA box, I’ll start incorporating into my morning routine!

  14. 5.1.12

    I would have never thought to do this. Fascinating!

  15. 5.22.12
    Casie said:

    Love it!!! I definitely try to use all natural products when possible… especially if its being absorbed by my skin!! BUT! I work for an all natural health and wellness website and between my own neurosis and all the articles Im forced to read every day, I am surrounded by pressure to use 100% organic all the time! haha! Ill definitely have to try this!