Behind the Scenes with Marcus Design

I love meeting women who are as bright as they are style savvy. Nancy Marcus would definitely fall into this category. I inadvertently scheduled her post today right around the same time she was due to finish submitting her dissertation for her PhD. In biochemistry. Any gal that can research and write about gene mutations by day and put together awesome posts on the variations in Roman shades by night is basically my hero. If you aren’t following Nancy’s blog, Marcus Design, it’s a must! Fantastically done posts featuring all kinds of design pretty. You’ll fall in love! Get to know her a little better right here:

Images: Paris, Traveller, French Riviera

1) Paris
2) Rome
3) Bora Bora
4) The French Riviera
5) Australia

I’m super grateful to have crossed off my former number one place, Egypt (the birthplace of my parents) when I visited in 2010.

Finish re-reading The Happiness Project, I highly recommend this book! It’s full of fantastic advice and ideas.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I love Kelly Kapour on The Office, and I LOVE funny girls, laughter is the best medicine!

Bossypants, did I mention I love funny girls?

Summer at Tiffany, I got this as a recent gift, it’s the true story of two girls working at Tiffany back in 1945.

Images: Travel image via Kate Spade, Dog, Working Girl via Matchbook Magazine

Travel, family (including two soon-to-arrive puppies!), and lots of time to work hard & express my creativity.

1) Working on my little Etsy art shop. I’ve recently finished school, so I’m excited to give it more time this Spring and Summer, and I’ve got a notepad filled with ideas for paintings.

2) Reaching my goal weight, and just generally getting healthy. I want to have energy for all that life has to throw at me! Me & my hubby are joining the neighbourhood gym in order to kick this plan into high gear.

Images: Nancy Marcus

Following my heart and really giving a career in Interior Decorating a solid try. It’s scary to put yourself out there and follow your dreams, and I so admire those that are doing what they truly love to do.

My maiden name is Marcus, and I registered the business name Marcus Design (in hopes of following my career dreams described above!). I wanted to keep everything consistent with a business name, my blog, and soon to come website.

Oh, I have so many different streams of inspiration! But by far, the young up and coming women working at their life goals and seamlessly managing family, friends, and everything else! This includes some of my fellow bloggers I’ve come to have personal relationships with, and women I’ve never met! Design-wise I admire the work of Kelly Wearstler, Colleen McGill, Christina Murphy, and Brian Gluckstein to name a few. Fashion-wise, I have to admit that I drool over everything Olivia Palermo steps out in.

I’d probably have to say my most recent accomplishment, I defended my PhD in Biochemistry two weeks ago! It was a long road of studies, but I know that as it moves further and further behind me I will continue to realize how much the hard work was worth it.

HOME. My happiest place is comfy on the sofa with my husband, watching a movie or simply hanging out and eating junk food.

I started blogging in February 2010, as a way to keep track of all my favorite things and of my personal home reno projects. Wow, how little I knew at that time. I found a world of passion and inspiration, of friendship and inspiration. I’ve learned so much and met people that I can now call some of my closest friends. Now I couldn’t picture my life without blogging!

Thank you so much for including me in your amazing series Victoria! I am honestly really honored to take part, and I had so much fun putting it together.


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  1. 4.25.12

    I absolutely love this series Victoria and loved learning more about Nancy. A PhD?? I am seriously impressed.

  2. 4.25.12
    nicole said:

    what an inspiring, ambitious girl! i love behind the scenes posts, especially if they are about creative types!!!

  3. 4.25.12

    She is incredibly talented and inspiring! Design and bio chem- genius.

  4. 4.25.12

    this is a great post and what an amazing girl!! i’m going straight over to her blog now :) xx

  5. 4.25.12
    Annie said:

    Loved reading a little bit more about her. I’ve been a lover of Nancy’s blog for a while now, and didn’t even realize what a rockstar she really is!

  6. 4.25.12

    A Phd and a killer blog?! Who is this girl and when does she sleep?! Thanks for the introduction Victoria!

  7. 4.25.12

    Awesome write-up! I’ve been following Nancy for some time now and love to learn more about my fave bloggers…so inspiring to know she’s onto her Ph.d…beauty and brains! Gotta love a smart, sophisticated woman on her way to ruling the blogosphere…go Nancy!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  8. 4.25.12

    So glad you featured Nancy, a fellow Canadian design blogger. She and her blog are amazing!

  9. 4.25.12

    I ALWAYS look forward to visiting Nancy. Happy to see her here!

  10. 4.25.12

    Nancy puts me to shame! I will never complain about not having the energy to write good blogs posts because “I’m busy.” Going to to check out her blog now!

  11. 4.25.12

    So glad you featured Nancy. I have had the privelage of getting to know her personally as we live near each other and both blog! The funny thing we found out was the she went to the same elementary, high school and university as me. I am a tad older than her so I like to say she is like a younger sister :) She is sooo talented and her home is beautifully decorated. Her sweetness and genuineness that she evokes on her blog is truly who she is. And next month she and I are flying to Toronto together as we won a Canadian blogger trip to attend a Canadian bloggers conference!

    Nancy is a fabulous and smart lady, honoured to call her a friend!

  12. 4.25.12
    Alexa said:

    Wow I am sad that I had not heard of her and her adorable blog until now! What a great interview and feature Victoria!

  13. 4.25.12

    We absolutely love love love Nancy’s blog! A daily read and she never disappoints! I just hopped over other Etsy shop and I’m loving her art! Serious talent…how does she get both sides of her brain to function like that?!

  14. 4.25.12

    Thank you SO MUCH for including me in your amazing BTS Series Victoria, I am crazy honored! And wow, the blogosphere is so kind, genuine and supportive, all of your words have totally made my week … no make that month!! This is exactly why I keep blogging, I can’t believe the friendships and encouragement you can find here. Thank you again V, you are the best!

  15. 4.25.12
    Kate said:

    Seriously impressed by the PhD part…and the fact that she also ran a successful and beautiful blog while working on her doctorate speaks volumes for her passion and drive! Amazing and inspiring as always :)

    <3 Kate

  16. 4.25.12
    Carol said:

    I love your blog!!!!!!
    I have one blog also and I just posted accessories and looks from Los Angeles,

  17. 4.25.12

    Hi! We shared the daily buzz list today and I’m so glad I found your blog. I loved this post because I love finding out more about people. When it comes to your dreams just go for it..don’t be afraid to do interior design, what comes easy for you doesn’t come easy for others so fake it til you make it and you’ll get there!

  18. 4.26.12

    Great post! I just love Nancy’s blog and it was so nice to get to know more about her here!