Weekend in LA


Headed back to SF this afternoon after a very fun-filled weekend in Southern California. If only all weekends could be 4-day weekends!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start, friends!


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  1. 4.23.12
    brighton said:

    what a lovely weekend!! So jealous!!

    quick question,, do you use photoshop to make these layouts? It do, but it usually takes me a little time….

  2. 4.23.12
    Chelsea said:

    This weekend looks lovely and gorgeous and fun! A four day weekend sounds amazing. I am a little jealous. xo

  3. 4.23.12
    Neda said:

    Oh my gosh, sounds like a great weekend!! I loved it that you had an engagement dinner in another city…makes it so much more special. :) Have a great week. xx

  4. 4.23.12

    Enjoyed this post Victoria! You honed right in on all my favorite things. Glad you were able to see some So Cal sunshine when you were down this past weekend. What a crazy couple of days of weather it was- sort of take your pick between cold and foggy or super hot and sunny from city to city.

  5. 4.23.12

    Love this! I’m going to LA in two months so I’ll definitely be emailing you soon to hear more about the city :)

  6. 4.23.12

    That sounds like such a great time, I’m in desperate need of a long weekend away with my honey.

  7. 4.23.12
    Alexa said:

    Gorgeous photos. Love the Venice area of L.A. So fun and pretty up there!

  8. 4.23.12

    Glad you enjoyed your time in LA!

    Great pictures :)

  9. 4.23.12
    Sara said:

    Sounds like such a perfect weekend! I’m also loving the way that you laid this post out!


  10. 4.23.12
    Amanda said:

    Jelous sounds divine!

  11. 4.24.12

    Looks like a lovely weekend away! We had lots of rain and its chilly- I’m jealous!

  12. 4.24.12
    taylor said:

    love all of your pics viv! hope you had an amazing engagement dinner!!!

  13. 4.24.12

    Looks like an amazing weekend!

  14. 4.24.12
    Tabitha said:

    What a fun weekend, I love how you made the pics circles.


  15. 4.24.12

    I’m actually craving sangria as I sit behind my desk!

  16. 4.24.12

    It appears as though the weekend was perfect in every way possible! Too bad it wasn’t longer…