This week I…

+ was so happy to welcome Loren Hope as a sponsor! She joins several other great businesses — Purple Paparazzi, Elembee Creative, and A Charming Occasion. Be sure to check out each of these ladies and the services/pretty they offer if you haven’t already.
+ guest posted on Natasha’s blog, Schue Love, where I shared some of my favorite places in San Francisco. Today, I’m also sharing a certain piece of furniture I’m wishing I could call my own on Anna’s blog Canoe Design.
+ Picked out some of my favorite pieces from Shoptiques for their blog. Have you heard of Shoptiques yet? The concept is pretty sweet — they curate items from small boutiques all over the country and sell them in one place online. Such an awesome way to support small boutique businesses…even when you live thousands of miles away!
+ got ready for a weekend getaway to LA! The weather is going to be EPIC and I can’t wait to enjoy a cocktail poolside later today. Our weekend will be filled with fun dinners and brunches and a few wedding related errands too. Quick getaways are the best.
+ was finally able to power through the creative doldrums. A couple things definitely worked for me: 1) Taking a morning off and being super lazy and doing my best not to feel guilty about it, 2) Catching up on blog reading. Nothing like the most creative, inspiring minds out there to stimulate you!, and 3) I watched a new show, HBO’s Girls. It wasn’t so much the show itself that inspired, I think just exposing myself to something new seemed to help. Have you seen Girls yet? The pilot was a pilot, meaning lots of character development…but those characters already have me intrigued! DVRing for sure.
+ Received this necklace in the mail. I first saw it on Kate, when she was here last month and we met up for a glass of wine. It’s a stunner…and on sale right now!

LINK OF THE WEEK: Last week Erin shared this ‘fried egg’ concept that was unlike anything I’d ever seen before! It takes a lot to surprise me as far as food goes…and this definitely did. It’s a soft boiled egg that’s then breaded and fried whole. In her recipe, you top a salad with it, but I imagine this would be good a couple different ways. I am really big on texture when it comes to food, so this completely intrigues me!

Enjoy the weekend everyone…gosh, May will be here before we know it!

{Image Credit: Jose Villa, ‘Rosie and Simon’}


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  1. 4.20.12
    Georgina said:

    That dress is simply stunning! You have been a busy bee!

    Have a lovely weekend

    xo Georgina

  2. 4.20.12

    So many things…that necklace is amazing. I am so jealous of your little weekend getaway! Unfortunately it is too chilly in Chicago to head up north to the lake, but enjoy! Love seeing Loren Hope over here, she is a doll. I plan on taking this afternoon off and reading a book. I tend to forget to take deep breaths before entering the weekend and then seem to constantly be stressed/making a to-do list in my head or on my phone. Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  3. 4.20.12

    Oooh – thanks for the intro to Shoptiques! Excited to check it out.

    Enjoy your weekend in LA! oxox

  4. 4.20.12
    Ana said:

    Well, it looks like you’ve had quite the busy week (loved reading all your different features) and now a wonderful weekend planned to make up for it so I hope you really enjoy it. Happy weekend!

  5. 4.20.12
    TheNOW said:

    You are one busy busy lady!! I’ll have to check out Shoptiques. Have fun in LA!! xo Elizabeth

  6. 4.20.12

    Hey! Thanks for featuring my egg! I’d be curious to hear your thoughts for such an egg and how you would interpret it!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Victoria!

  7. 4.20.12

    I’m excited to watch Girls, mostly because I love anything on HBO and Showtime! Happy weekend in LA!

  8. 4.20.12
    Kate said:

    Have so much fun in L.A.!! the weather here is pure perfection this weekend. Thanks for the shout out re: THE NECKLACE, I’m actually wearing a different version of it today (my mom found it at century21 :)

    <3 Kate

  9. 4.20.12

    It sounds like you had a pretty productive week and looking forward to a fun weekend! I hope you have a blast. And quick weekend getaways are fun, especially when they involve girlfriends!

  10. 4.23.12
    Caitlin said:

    Love the photo of the sun with the gold dress and love the snapshots into your adventures! Thanks for sharing :)