Tied up in knots

…over which one I would choose. Rope print for the home, or for an outfit. Though at these prices, one could totally get both!

PS — I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who has been in the creative dumps. I took a bit of the morning off to relax and not think about work. I think that helped a lot! It really is true…step away from the computer if you want to reenergize.


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  1. 4.18.12

    Love the scarf! It’s amazing what even a few extra hours in the morning can do to help start your day off right. Our world is so fast paced, it nearly seems impossible to take a break & truly relax. It’s easy to get sucked into being “online” 24/7, but it can help to go a day or two sans social media to “reboot”. I’ve found that even quick weekend getaways instead of big vacations help tremendously in any funk I am in.

  2. 4.18.12
    Carlina said:

    I love that rope print floor mat, I bet it would do wonders for a bathroom floor!

    x carlina

  3. 4.23.12
    Lindsey said:

    I agree! Walking away from the screen can totally help spark new ideas. It’s hard to pull away sometimes but it’s often worth it!