Recent Snapshots

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past two weeks or so, as told through my phone…

1. It’s been intermittently rainy here in the city, and of course the one day I ventured out prepared for it (boots and all), the skies cleared and the sun started shining. Ah, well! At least the Madewell boots saw some action.

2. Another day on the bus, peering out the window — definitely not so sunny!

3. Everything is blooming here. It makes walks around town so pretty and colorful.

4. Lunch at Out the Door. I’d never really noticed this light fixture above the communal table before — but I like it.

5. French Chantilly lace samples from my wedding dress. This is one of three fabrics used on the dress.

6. Ranunculus currently keeping me company in my office. Ranuncs are just so cheerful and ladylike, don’t you think?

7. I was lucky enough to get a last minute appointment at our wedding venue so I could show my mom while she was in town. This is the terrace of the penthouse, where we’re hoping (weather permitting) we’ll be married. Check out that view!

8. Having a blowout Italian (read: carb) dinner with my mom at Capannina.

9. Another little ranunc from the bunch. It amazes me that nature can make something this pretty and intricate.

10. Brunching with my mom at Castagna. Strange space, amazing food. We had the best quiche ever there. The brothers who run the place know their way around the kitchen like whoa.


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  1. 4.16.12
    Molly said:

    Eeeeek wedding dress fabric samples!!! It’s all happening… Thanks for living me live vicariously through your wedding planning!

  2. 4.16.12
    Georgina said:

    That view is SO gorgeous – you’re going to have the most beautiful wedding!

    Lovely photos – thank you for sharing!

  3. 4.16.12

    i am also obsessed with ranunculus – i want to put some in our garden!

  4. 4.16.12
    Emily said:

    Those flowers are scary beautiful!

  5. 4.16.12
    Kelly said:

    Oh my gosh – I know your wedding venue and it’s beautiful! I won’t give it away here in case you are keeping it a secret :)

  6. 4.16.12
    Olivia said:

    Gorgeous photos! That wedding venue is kind of incredible. Wow. I kind of love rain sometimes… not the stuff we get here in Windy Wellington (sideways in your face rain that you can’t carry an umbrella in).

  7. 4.17.12

    Oh my goodness that view is to die for!