It Girl: Nicole Warne

A couple months ago, Molly tipped me off to the photo blog Gary Pepper Vintage, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The site, which serves as the blog for an online boutique of the same name, features Nicole Warne. Undeniably stylish, truly gorgeous, and a savvy business woman to boot, her photographs (taken by her boyfriend — why can’t we all be blessed with boyfriends who are such talented photogs?) are almost always immediately pinnable.

Also, pretty sure she’s adopted. That’s pretty much what my family pictures look like too. It’s times like this where I like to like to daydream about some long lost twin sister I have somewhere in the world. Like in Australia, where Nicole lives. Except, we look nothing alike. So…yeah.

From enviable style to long lost twin sisters. Must be Tuesday. Get lots more photos of Nicole after the jump!

{Image Credits: Gary Pepper Vintage}


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  1. 4.10.12

    Wow, thanks for the introduction! I’m smitten!

  2. 4.10.12

    She is gorgeous and has amazing style! Thanks for the intro. I hope you have a good day!

  3. 4.10.12

    Such gorgeous images + serious style!

  4. 4.10.12
    Alexandra said:

    Wow! She’s an inspiration!! Thank you for featuring her!!

  5. 4.10.12
    viv said:

    Seriously gorgeous! This lady has amazing style.

  6. 4.10.12
    christin said:

    omg she is gorgeous and all of her photos are perfection. where have i been? why did i not know about this blog!?

  7. 4.10.12

    Well you both are gorgeous and stylish so their is definitely twin potential in there. Also thank you for once again taking away AT LEAST an hour of productivity from my day by sharing this site. Seriously amazeballs pictures and you are spot on that ALL are pinnable!

  8. 4.10.12
    Georgina said:

    I love these photos, her ensembles are pulled together so flawlessly. Thank you for sharing – I have a favorite fashion inspiration!


  9. 4.10.12

    so perfectly put together, ans so gorgeous! love.

  10. 4.10.12
    Nnenna said:

    She is so gorgeous and is such style inspiration!

  11. 4.10.12
    Jeanne said:

    Nicole is all over Tumblr! The day I signed up I was hooked on her style. She’s gorgeous!

  12. 4.10.12

    How is this the first I’m hearing about her?!!

  13. 4.10.12
    Bettina said:

    Totally hooked on this site now!

  14. 4.10.12

    Wow, let’s talk about style inspiration. She is amazing, I love love love her style ~ it’s so versatile and flows nicely between edgy & feminine. Great find, thanks!

    alex | | @lexniko

  15. 4.10.12
    Caitlin said:

    She’s gorgeous. Thanks for introducing her to your readers!!

  16. 4.10.12

    Hey Victoria,
    While you are visiting Nicole come and say g’day to me as well! What style she has!

  17. 4.25.12
    monica said:

    Yes yes been following her for ages now, shes so talented and proud to say shes also Aussie like me and great to see Aussie woman making such a big impact on the blogoshere, just goes to show how connected the world is :) Hoping to meet her at Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Sydney next week :)