Behind the Scenes with Modern Eve

Meet Katie, the voice behind the gorgeous blog Modern Eve. I was able to meet Katie this past January at Alt (yep, another one!), and she’s exactly how you’d picture her from her blog — warm, creative, ambitious, and definitely a Texas girl at heart! Katie’s blog is a great mix of fashion, outfits, design and even a blogger tip here and there, all put together with her colorful, fun approach. Hop on over and say hi, right after you read more about her below!

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1. Japan
2. Australia
3. Istanbul
4. London
5. Sweden

1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
2. Kinfolk vol 3
3. Anna Karenina (I’m also looking forward to seeing the movie coming in November 2012, featuring Keira Knightley and Jude Law)
4. What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell

Image Credits: Kelly Christine Photography; DecorPad; Uma Paro Hotel site

1. Growing my family
2. Growing my business
3. Slowing down

1. Refining my brand. Modern Eve has been such a wonderful creative outlet and has provided some amazing opportunities. I am currently working on my vision for the brand and really honing in where I’d like to see it go. So, I guess my goal is to come up with goals, ha! I am also working with a couple of my great blogger friends on some fun collaborations. I can’t announce anything official yet, but they’re both really exciting.

2. Remodeling our home. My husband owns a remodeling company, so this is mostly in his hands, but I am playing interior designer to make all of our selections and to picking our new furnishings. We’re starting a long-anticipated Master Bedroom-Bathroom remodel in a couple of months. I’ll be sharing regular updates on Modern Eve, so follow along!

1. Organizing a fabulous trip abroad with all of my blogger friends. Blogging has been such a great opportunity to meet likeminded and inspirational friends. Many of them live all over the country and I only get to see them once or twice a year at a blogger conference or NYFW. I’ve been thinking a lot about organizing a blogger vacation. Who’s with me?

Eve refers to the first woman God created, as in Adam and Eve. And I’m a modern version of that.

Simple Lovely, authored by Joslyn Taylor, is one of my favorite blogs and always inspires me. Joslyn is a beautiful writer with amazing style. Whether she’s writing about being a mom, her spending hiatus or weekend jaunts around Dallas, I’m always left with something to think about and desiring to be a better, more soulful person.

This sounds so cheesy, but my marriage. My husband and I will celebrating our five-year anniversary at the end of his month. Being married has been one of the most rewarding and the most challenging things I have ever done. Daily I am reminded just how selfish I can be. I am thankful to have such a gracious, patient and loving husband.

This question confirms that I need to slow down, clean some things off my plate and find rejuvenation. This is my number one weakness. I find distraction everywhere. I hate to turn down invitations, to close doors, to miss opportunities. But as I get older, I desire a slower pace and the time to be quiet and grateful. Honestly, It’s easy for anyone to be still beside a calm ocean or from a peaceful mountaintop. But that type of rest is not sustainable. How often have you returned from a vacation to 5,000 unread e-mails? That can lend to more stress than before you left.

Only when I intentionally quiet my soul amidst the chaos of everyday life, do I find true rest. A dinner alone at a favorite restaurant. A walk on Dallas’ favorite running trail. A Saturday drive up north. It’s in these moments, when I actively choose to ignore my to-do list, breathe deeper, get outside of myself and observe the world around me, that I am fully re-charged. It’s an experience I can actively create on my own and one I need to do more often.

I started Modern Eve in 2007, which seems like a really long time ago. My blog has changed a lot over the years. It’s matured, yet it’s still very much a work in progress, just like me. Blogging has truly been one of the best growing experiences. When you’re developing your personal brand and putting it out on a public platform, you have to constantly self-evaluate. I’ve learned more about myself in the last five years through Modern Eve than ever before.


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  1. 4.4.12

    You meet the best bloggers! She is such a lovely person! I love her goals and her style. I will definitely check out her blog!

  2. 4.4.12

    Katie is such a doll, so happy to see her here + learn a bit more about her!

  3. 4.4.12

    I love Katie! This was such a fun way to get to know her better.

  4. 4.4.12

    Kaite seems like such a sweetheart! Great to meet her!

  5. 4.4.12

    Katie, you’re adorable. We have so much more in common than we were able to talk about at Alt! Excited to see what collabos you have in store! And I’m totally in for a blogger vaca….Maybe that will be the beginning of the slow-down? :)

  6. 4.4.12
    Lainey said:

    What a great profile! It’s hard to slow down-so I definitely feel Katie’s pain, as I’m sure others do. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 4.4.12
    viv said:

    Fabulous BTS post! It;’s so great to get to know Katie better!

  8. 4.4.12

    Katie is adorable, love the idea of a blogger vaca!

  9. 4.4.12
    lisa said:

    I haven’t heard of her blog so i definitely need to check it out, she seems lovely and so down to earth
    in dramatic fashion

  10. 4.4.12
    TheNOW said:

    I just love Katie!!! Katie, we really need to meet and go shopping!!! Love her blog!!!! xoxoox Elizabeth

  11. 4.4.12
    TheNOW said:

    I just love Katie!!! Katie, we really need to meet and go shopping!!! Love her blog!!!! xoxoox Elizabeth

  12. 4.4.12

    so fun to see katie on the blog! she’s just as adorable as she is kind. :)

  13. 4.4.12

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and thanks to Victoria for having me! I loved thinking through these answers…

  14. 4.4.12
    Michelle said:

    Just discovered her a few weeks ago and have been loving every day! A blogger vacation sounds like an AMAZING idea! Cocktails and the beach with tons of sweet, creative women. Sign me up!!

  15. 4.4.12

    So fun getting to know Katie more… I love her blog. This was a good reminder to order the Steve Jobs book!

  16. 4.4.12
    Kate said:

    I can’t wait till the next Alt summit! I want to meet all these lovely ladies in person too!

    <3 Kate

  17. 4.4.12

    I love getting to know new faces (to me) through this series!

  18. 4.4.12
    alyson said:

    Wow, excited to read Katie’s blog; it’s new to me actually! We are totally on the same page in so many ways… refining our blog brand, remodeling our home (though it sounds like her husband has impressive skills!) and so much more. Hopping over to her site…
    Thanks for the introduction, V!

  19. 4.4.12

    I loved this post. When I met Katie at Alt she was like a friend already – so sweet and welcoming. Reading this post I learned new things about her and I deeply admire her need to find a way to slow down in everyday life as well as her commitment and success in her marriage.

    Oh, and Katie – I”M IN for the vacation :) we both had Sweden and Istanbul on our lists so I propose one of those!

  20. 4.4.12
    Alexa said:

    I am totally inviting myself on her blogger friend trip. Sounds amazing and it’s funny how I think of a lot of my fellow bloggers as friends, even though I haven’t met most of them. Such a great community.