Why haven’t I seen it before?

Scenes from the weekend and a little story…

On Saturday we were walking around near the water, letting our lunch digest and searching for a place to have an afternoon cocktail (I mean, obviously), when this girl ran up to Joe and could barely spit out the words, “OH MY GOD! Aren’t you that guy from The Notebook???” I thought she might hyperventilate.

We were both shocked for a second, and then Joe goes, “Uhh, sorry, no.” The girl didn’t look too convinced as we walked away.

Cue him Google imaging pictures of Ryan Gosling for the rest of the day to compare. He may or may not have repeated the title of this post at least there times.

For the record: I conceded that the jawline could be similar but, yeah…other than that, it’d be like saying that I look like Rachel McAdams. Joe had gotten semi-dressed up for our big day on the town (he was definitely channeling Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love), and with sunglasses on, I guess that girl thought the resemblance was uncanny. So thanks, anonymous stranger, for boosting his ego. You made his day.

It occurred to me later that maybe she thought he was James Marsden or Kevin Connolly, though, trust, he doesn’t look like them either. I may have to spin this and tell him that she probably thought he was James Garner. Otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it. The day someone thought he was Ryan Gosling. Oy vey.


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  1. 4.2.12
    alyson said:

    hahahaha this is so awesome! funny story.

  2. 4.2.12

    That’s awesome. You guys should use one of those doppleganger (sp?) sites for the final say! Although, Eric looks an awful lot like Paul Rudd (the bald version — don’t tell him I said that!!!!) and one of those sites suggested Nicki Hilton…..So…..

  3. 4.2.12
    Michelle said:

    What a lovely weekend!! And that story is hilarious!! I bet he totally loved his adoring fan :)

  4. 4.2.12

    If he looks ANYTHING like Ryan Gosling than you are one lucky lady ;)

  5. 4.2.12
    Melissa said:

    Hilarious! You must be one lucky lady marrying a Ryan Gosling look alike :)

  6. 4.2.12

    Ha! Love this! My husband has gotten mistaken for a Jonas brother more than once and gets so embarassed. Ryan G. is much more flattering :)

  7. 4.2.12
    Bettina said:

    Hahaha, this is a hilarious story! “Why haven’t I seen it before…” so classic, and so incredibly funny when it happens to a guy!

  8. 4.2.12
    Lisa said:

    Hilarious. So glad you’re on Instagram now!

  9. 4.2.12
    Aubrey said:

    There have been random people that have done that to my hubbs before…I’m convinced it’s just a crazy girl’s way of hitting on him, but hey, more power to him, right? I always find it wildly entertaining (c:

  10. 4.2.12
    Nancy said:

    This is a darling story.. Hope you had as much fun as these photos looked!
    Have a great week!

  11. 4.2.12
    Keren V. said:

    The Hunger Games, a glass of wine, and Jonathan Adler sounds like a perfect weekend to me.


  12. 4.2.12
    Becca said:

    Love this story!

  13. 4.2.12
    Anna said:

    That is so creepy a girl would say something about your man. At least you got a good laugh.

  14. 4.2.12

    That is too funny. At least it was a good comparison! Ryan is yu-mmy!

  15. 4.2.12
    Amanda said:

    Hey it’s a good one to get mistaken for! Ryan….yum!

  16. 4.3.12

    People tell me I look like Megan Fox. Haaa. Yeah right.
    That’s pretty funny though.

    I love those sashes (?) in the second photo. That pale blue is so pretty.

    PS – TH is in San Fran and he just texted me a photo of that first bar you and I met up at.

  17. 4.3.12
    Crystalin said:

    Love all these little snaps! The Ryan Gosling story is hilarious, made me chuckle. p.s. Been meaning to go to the kabuki theater, jealous!

  18. 4.3.12

    HAHAHA awesome. Trust me, my husband gets Owen Wilson ALL the time. But… he really does look like him – minus the messed up nose. And more attractive. But literally, has had a car stop in traffic to call out to him, cab drivers tell him to get in stunt doubling, etc.

    His head/ego gets HUGE when people do that. : P

  19. 4.4.12
    Jaclyn said:

    That is such a cute story and sounds like it was a great weekend. Your photos are so pretty, i love the first one with the dresses :)

    Stay in the Lines

  20. 4.5.12
    lexi said:

    Ahh, dress shopping = love.

    And the fact that your man may even resemble Ryan Gosling (or James Marsden or Kevin Connolly) makes you one lucky girl!
    ♡ Lexi
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