Palette Play: Blush + Black

1. Milly silk-satin trimmed cashmere cardigan, $275 | 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs blush/black gladiator sandals, $290 | 3. ‘Two Blushing Lines’ Abstract Prints, Horchow | 4. Splendid Blush Raglan Stripped Tee, $47 | 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs blush/black pumps, $295 | 6. Erin Featherstone Colorblock dress, $325 | 7. Black to blush cuff, by arosebyname Etsy shop, $63 | 8. Mason by Michelle Mason Dipped Silk Crepe de Chine Skirt, $230

In my own wardrobe, it’s rare that I’m drawn to lots of pink or other overtly girly colors, but there’s something about the combination of blush and black that just does it for me. Each keeps the other in check, not allowing the palette to feel too masculine or too feminine. The result, to me at least, is a color palette that feels modern. Pretty. Chic. Elegant. Still classic. True for clothes, and in decor and design. I’m a big fan. Huge even. What about you?

{Image Credits: Late Afternoon; ANDY//HEART; quote from here}


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  1. 4.2.12

    love this colour palette. it’s cute and girly whilst also being sophisticated :) xx

  2. 4.2.12
    Becca said:

    Definitely one of my favorite color combinations!

  3. 4.2.12
    Julia said:

    SO obsessed with these colors. They are so feminine and chic. Need to add more to my collection.

  4. 4.2.12

    I love this color combo! Blush+Black is always tres chic!

  5. 4.2.12

    mmm. one of my favorites for sure. That colorblock dress in #6 is kill-in me. I want!

  6. 4.2.12
    Lisa said:

    It really is a great color palette — love that cardigan!

  7. 4.2.12

    So so pretty! I love this combination.

  8. 4.2.12

    LOVE. Seriously.

  9. 4.2.12
    Elizabeth said:

    One of my favorite color combinations! Beautiful post!

  10. 4.2.12
    alyson said:

    gorgeous. Love this on the right complexion however unfort for me blush totally washes me out.

  11. 4.2.12
    viv said:

    Beautiful picks and inspiration! This color combination is perfect.

  12. 4.2.12
    Lisi said:

    Lovely~~ I adore nude and black, reminds me of Chanel flats! Also, saw you featured on Refinery 29! Congrats!! Love your site! Am a frequent visitor!

  13. 4.2.12
    Emily said:

    I love that blush blazer! So chic!

  14. 4.2.12
    Jeanne said:

    I’ve been super into blush lately! Great round up… and what a cute quote! Happy Monday Victoria!

  15. 4.2.12
    Nnenna said:

    I adore this color combination! In particular, those sandals and the striped raglan tee are really calling my name! :)

  16. 4.2.12
    Alexa said:

    Oh I adore this combo. It’s just so classic! :)

  17. 4.2.12
    Anna said:

    I love, love, love this color combo. I keep pinning and posting photos of it.

  18. 4.2.12
    Jessica said:

    I love blush! If only my boyfriend thought that blush was a good color to use to decorate our new place with!! Ha

  19. 4.2.12
    Kate said:

    This is one of my favorite color combos! I also love it for the home….
    <3 Kate

  20. 4.2.12

    Oh I love this romantic combo. That last skirt is so pretty!

  21. 4.2.12
    Celina said:

    Love this combo! Reminiscent of Chanel!

  22. 4.2.12
    jeni said:

    wow, what a lovely color combo. i’m definitely lacking in the blush category. my skin’s just a little too yellow.

  23. 4.2.12
    Keren V. said:

    For the longest time I have wondered if I could be one of those people that ONLY wears black! The short answer is “no”, but the long answer is that adding a “blush” or “tan” to a look never hurts!