This week I…

+ Wondered how on Earth I ever lived without an iPhone for this long. I mean, seriously, Instagram? It looked like you people were having fun, but I just had no idea how MUCH!
+ Officially booked our plane tickets to France. Two weeks spent in Paris, Lyon, Provence and the Cote d’Azur. Who’s excited? This girl.
+ Completed a birthday invitation graphics project that was super fun to put together. So sparkly and pretty — it made ME want to throw a party!
+ Had lots of Skype calls, both for clients and to connect and catch up with friends. Whoever invented Skype is my hero. It’s the next best thing to grabbing a coffee with someone when they live a bagillion miles away.
+ Got my ass handed to me at my first barre class in months. I rewarded myself with an entire bag of Kettle barbecue chips. Sooo, basically back at square one.
+ Decided that the weeks are going by much faster now that I’m working at home. I think this must mean I’m having a good time.

Wait, it’s Friday, again, already? And APRIL? Is this real life?

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? We have another low key couple of days ahead of us. Last night at dinner I asked Joe what he wanted to do this weekend and he goes, “Catch up on sleep.” This usually translates into sleeping in until the very late hour of 8am, then doing something like a long walk around the city and brunch. Which, yeah, okay, isn’t really all that bad. If I had planned ahead in any sort of way, I would’ve figured out some hilarious April Fool’s joke for this Sunday. I’m organized, but not THAT organized.

Link of the week: A few good ones to share!

+ First, I really liked Alyson’s tips on networking. Networking is something that I admittedly HATED doing up until very recently. No matter who you are and what your business is though, I’m learning just how invaluable networking is. You really never know who you could meet!
+ Second, Tobe turned me on to the gorgeous food blog Mowielicious, which I’m sure a lot of you have come across. Hello, food styling inspiration.
+ And finally, I really liked Molly’s post on aging. I admire so many of these women, and think it’s unbelievably fantastic that “older” women are getting more air time. I mean, it seems like a few years ago having a woman like Iris Apfel as the face of MAC would’ve been inconceivable, no?

Happy Friday, everyone!

{Image Credit: Classy Girls Wear Pearls via Bippity Boppity Boo


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  1. 3.30.12

    I like you and Joes idea of catching up on sleep! It mirrors mine which is wake up at 7, make coffee, sit in bed reading magazines and watching HGTV until the ripe old hour of 9am! I love it though… have a great weekend!

  2. 3.30.12
    lisa said:

    Have a great weekend! it sounds like you had a super productive week so enjoy your days off!
    in dramatic fashion

  3. 3.30.12

    An iPhone AND France??? That’s just mean :)

  4. 3.30.12

    Sounds like Joe and I have more in common than just working in the same industry – that sounds like my idea of a weekend! No matter how hard I try I cannot sleep past 8am, I’m a total morning person.

  5. 3.30.12
    Alexa said:

    Totally agree about the iPHone…got one in January and don’t know how I survived without! Haha. Also I am incredibly jealous about your trip to France. We are pondering Paris later this year and this is making me more motivated to get it planned!

  6. 3.30.12

    I just got an iPhone last week also! I felt like I was the last person to get one (especially in the bloggie world!)

    I LOVE that iphone case you posted earlier. Want. Need.

    Where did you get your gold one? I can’t found any god ones…

    Have a great weekend!

  7. 3.30.12
    Kate said:

    Welcome to the world of iphone, it’s great :) Not sure if you ever heard of thesweetbeet.com but it’s another beautiful food blog. Sound like you had a very productive week – enjoy the weekend!

    <3 Kate

  8. 3.30.12
    Keren V. said:

    I got an iPhone a month ago and literally cannot believe how wonderful Instagram and FourSquare are. All I do it photograph things, I feel like I’m a Paparazzo with class or something! Oy! Congrats on France!


  9. 3.30.12
    Neda said:

    Sounds like the perfect week! Have a great weekend! xx

  10. 3.30.12
    Celina said:

    Congratulations on being named one of the top 20 fashion blogs IFB is betting on in 2012. How exciting and I can see why!

    • 3.30.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      You are so sweet. Thank you!!! :)

  11. 3.30.12

    Aww, so jealous of your upcoming trip, how awesome! And you’ll have lots of great photo ops for the new phone!

  12. 3.30.12
    Brittany said:

    I love your weekly updates and I’m excited for your trip to France! I’m glad to hear that working at home is going so well for you..so awesome to hear!

  13. 3.30.12

    SO excited you booked your tickets…just was talking about how much we missed Paris last night at dinner with friends…going to check into tickets myself! And glad to hear working from home is going so well, didn’t take you long to adjust at all! I’m always amazed how time flies when I’m home.
    Don’t you love Mowielicious, I’m kinda in love with him! Have a wonderful weekend sweetheart! xo

    • 3.30.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      First stop in Paris… L’As du Falafel! Oh how I’ve missed it.

  14. 4.2.12

    Hahaa, welcome to Instagram!! So fun, right?

  15. 4.3.12
    Chedva said:

    Loved getting my Skype on with you:)