In Bloom

1. “When the gray flowers bloom,” Tammy Ricker | 2. “Spring Love,” print, Helen Dardik | 3. Original abstract spring landscape, Mossmottle | 4. “Reading & Writing,” Jason Jagel | 5. “Setting Fire,” Kathranne Knight | 6. “Secrets of Living 3,” Amy Ross | 7. “Floral #2,” Christina Murczewski | 8. Untitled Sixteen, Uygar Yilmaz

I’ve been seeing lots of gorgeous blooming branches at local flower stands lately, and it always makes my day a little brighter. It’s not a new technique, but decorating with fresh blooming branches will really never get old. It’s one floral arrangement that manages to both add a bit of green (or pink, as it were) to your home, while also serving as an artsy, sculptural piece — especially since the branches often require a large, stately vase to corral them.

Inspired by photos of pretty blooming branches, I rounded up some equally lovely spring inspired artwork. So that once those blooms disappear, you’ll still have the constant reminder of how wonderfully colorful spring is!

{Image Credits: mo+mo living, via Sacramento Street; Once WedMartha StewartHabitually Chic, originally published in Domino}


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  1. 3.29.12

    On my way to and from work I’ve been eyeing all of the beautiful blooming branches on my route… Today I might take scissors to one of them :)

  2. 3.29.12
    viv said:

    I just bought a bunch of pretty blooming pink branches and they add such life to our dining room!

  3. 3.29.12

    So loverly!

  4. 3.29.12

    Love this! Like having fresh flowers all yaer round.

  5. 3.29.12
    nuha said:

    i’m such a sucker for anything floral. I love prints 4 &5, not to mention that gorgeous living room – those windows are to die for

  6. 3.29.12
    Chedva said:

    When we got married, I told my husband “whatever you do, never bring me flowers.” I don’t no why… It felt very ’50s to me. Now, nothing makes me happier than fresh blooms at home! And I LOVE the art you picked.

  7. 3.29.12
    alyson said:

    The branches have been a constant in my instagram feed here though I only see palm trees locally. you found some gorgeous images… the 20×200 is really cool!

  8. 3.29.12
    Alexa said:

    Oooh Victoria…I could totally picture a gallery wall with all of these lovely prints! Great roundup.

  9. 3.29.12

    I love the look!

  10. 3.29.12
    Kate said:

    I love having blooming branches in the house, reminds me of my grandmother – she always had Pussy Willow branches out when they were in season :)

    <3 Kate

  11. 3.29.12

    Going to go put some in a vase now! Some gorgeous art you found too…they make me want to paint!

  12. 3.31.12

    I love this time of year because all the trees are in bloom and you can buy amazing blossom branches at the florist. What a beautiful inspiring post. Thank you for sharing…Love!

  13. 4.1.12
    Amanda said:

    I’ve just spotted this! Thanks for featuring my work here!

  14. 4.2.12

    Really beautiful pieces, would love to have some of that artwork hanging in my apartment..


    Kate L. Harris