Obsessing: Jenny Packham Bridal

I kind of have a thing for Jenny Packham. Her and Elie Saab are undoubtedly two of my favorite designers (and oh my god, if they ever got together and collaborated on something my head would explode). The obsession doesn’t really make sense for me personally since both of their designs are clearly geared towards a body I don’t have (tall, pin thin, and with no chest to speak of), but I can’t help it. THEY’RE JUST SO GOOD.

I went to go try on a specific wedding dress last Friday, which was definitely not a Jenny Packham (and ended up not really being for me). When I started talking to the bridal consultant about what I was looking for, like magic, two Jenny’s got pulled off the rack for me to try. Both were so so gorgeous, and I came away wondering what other tricks Ms. Packham might have up her sleeve. Her two latest bridal collections really don’t disappoint. I don’t care if you’re getting married or not — there is some serious pretty going on here.

I haven’t 100% settled on the front runner dress from Friday’s session yet (and yes, it was one of the Jenny’s and yes, it’s featured above though because Joe sometimes reads this, no way I’m telling you which one!), but I suspect it’s definitely going to get a second try on. Progress.

{Image Credits: Jenny Packham; New York Magazine}


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  1. 3.27.12

    Omg the anticipation is killing me! I want to know. They’re all amazing but the Old Hollywood dress is my fav. Wow! Congrats on possibly finding “the one”!

  2. 3.27.12
    Kate said:

    I lerrrvvvv cap sleeves on wedding dresses. They add such elegance and style to a traditional look. I’m so glad your making headway on the dress selection, that’s half the battle right there!

    <3 Kate

  3. 3.27.12

    I loooove the cap sleeves! Isn’t deciding on a dress such a hard decision? For all of my style advice I dish out on my blog, this is one style decision that absolutely boggled my mind at the bridal salon, I wanted all of them!

  4. 3.27.12

    I think any one of them would be a winner! I went shopping for my gown for this first time Saturday and bought the very first one I tried on. Feels tremendous to make the progress! Good luck–I hope you love it even more on the second go round.

  5. 3.27.12

    They’re all so beautiful!

  6. 3.27.12

    OMG!!!!!! that bohemian flapper modern number is GORGEOUS!!!! i never want to get married again, but i do wish i had a reason to sport that beauty!

    can’t wait to hear which one you choose!!

  7. 3.27.12
    TheNOW said:

    YESSSS!!! Her bridal wear is so amaaazing!!! Great post! xoxo Elizabeth

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  8. 3.27.12

    So, so exciting!! I have always loved Jenny Packham, too. Her dresses are amazing!!

  9. 3.27.12

    Ohhh exciting! I definitely have my fave. :) Can we chat more about weddings soon??

  10. 3.27.12

    dress shopping is hands down the best part of wedding planning! love the “bohemian flapper” pick… it reminds me of my own wedding dress!

  11. 3.27.12

    I’m not a wedding girl, and I’m not planning to get married soon, but the one thing I know is that when I get engaged I WILL try on JP’s whole collection.

    Go for it!

  12. 3.27.12

    I have loved JP gowns for quite sometime. Just to die for. Her Bridal and Runway collections are insanely beautiful. No matter what, you will be stunning!

  13. 3.27.12
    viv said:

    Her designs are heavenly! I can’t wait to see what you pick. I know it will be stunning!

  14. 3.27.12
    Ashley said:

    I can’t even pick a favorite one. I don’t plan on getting married for a while, but I will definitely be looking to her gowns for the perfect one. Perfection.

  15. 3.27.12
    Nnenna said:

    Oh goodness, so much prettiness! I’m no where near getting married, but I’m definitely bookmarking her collections for future reference! :)

  16. 3.27.12
    Natalie said:

    Oh my goodness I’m obsessed with both of them as well. They just make my draw drop. All of the dresses featured here are just stunning! So excited to see what you choose!

  17. 3.27.12

    No doubt you’ll look sensational in any of those dresses! They are all stunning!

  18. 3.27.12

    So stunning and elegant! You can’t go wrong!

  19. 3.27.12
    Becca said:

    Beautiful! I love the look.

  20. 3.27.12
    Keren V. said:

    My friend Helena wore Jenny Packham to her Australian wedding with a bespoke rhinestone collar. It was so timeless and elegant I was about to propose to her myself!


  21. 3.27.12

    they are all beautiful! wedding dress shopping is so much fun :)

  22. 3.27.12

    I just went dress shopping with my best friend and we couldn’t get over how incredible the Jenny dresses were. Elie Saab and Reem Akra are runners up!! I’m anxiously awaiting to watch your wedding unfold!

  23. 3.27.12
    Michelle said:

    I am dying to know which one!!! AHH! They are all so amazing I don’t know how you will ever choose!!

  24. 3.27.12

    Gorgeous! Love the draping sleeves!

  25. 3.28.12
    ashley said:

    i l-o-v-e jenny packham (and elie saab)!! what a dream to have one of her gowns as your wedding dress!!

  26. 3.28.12
    Amanda said:

    Oh my god I think I just found my wedding dress and I thought it would never exist. I’m also not getting married for like 5 years…better get it now!


    • 3.28.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Ooh, which one? Curious!

  27. 3.28.12

    LOVE Jenny Packham!! SUCH a great mix of classic and trend-right!

  28. 3.28.12
    Jaclyn said:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to try on bridal gowns again haha. I love the short one.

    Stay in the Lines

  29. 3.28.12
    Lisa said:

    Every single Jenny Packham dress is breathtaking! So, so excited for you! :)

  30. 3.28.12
    Crystalin said:

    Ooooh, love me some Jenny Packham! I feel like this is the style you were explaining to me… v neck, cap sleeve, so right up your alley. My fav for you would be the first or fourth.

  31. 3.29.12
    Anna said:

    I wish I was getting married now! I love lace and sequins. I want one of these so badly!