Splurge/Save: Punchy Spring Stripes

Save: Pim + Larkin Dress | Bauble Bar Coral Elliptic Bib Necklace | Bandolino Positive Sandals

Splurge: Kate Spade Dress | Kate Spade Necklace | Rachel Zoe Gladys Sandals

I saw the Pim + Larkin dress online the other day and haven’t been able to get the fun, punchy colors out of my mind. How cute would this be for spring and summer? It’s like a fiesta in a dress. And fiestas mean margaritas. This I like.

Then, I came across the Kate Spade number and found myself swooning, though holy heck that’s a lot of cash for a simple, seasonal dress (adorable waist bow and all). Could you take the plunge on it? Which items would you save on, and on which would you splurge?


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  1. 3.22.12
    brighton said:

    i’ve been major crushing on that kate spade yellow bauble for quite some time now! love!


  2. 3.22.12
    kim said:

    that first dress is super-cute! also kind of swooning at the second model’s shoes. perfect for spring :)


  3. 3.22.12
    christin said:

    i think i would splurge on the sandals and maybe the necklace. but i love both dresses!

  4. 3.22.12

    I bought a striped dress like the one pictured first from Target recently and I’ve been wondering what shoes to pair it with. The nude sandals pictured here give me an idea on how I can work this look without looking like an Easter egg.

  5. 3.22.12

    I love the save dress even more than the splurge! The colors are so fun. I love the splurge sandals though…. they are gorgeous.

  6. 3.22.12

    I need those RZ sandals!!

  7. 3.22.12

    In reality I would buy the cheaper dress but in my mind I want everything Kate Spade does so would loooove to have that dress~!

  8. 3.22.12

    I prefer the cheaper dress- always nice when that happens!

  9. 3.22.12
    viv said:

    Gorgeous! I think I even prefer the “save” option!

  10. 3.22.12

    I’d splurge on the accessories and save on the dress! While I love Kate Spade’s accessories, I’ve always found her clothing to be just a bit too whimsical for me to wear.

  11. 3.22.12

    Love, love, love all of this… and thanks, of course, for including BaubleBar!

  12. 3.22.12
    Shannon said:

    I’m on the hunt for summer dresses, and you just saved me some time! Loving that splurge dress, but now I have margaritas on the brain (not good for 10 am)!

  13. 3.22.12

    oh they’re both gorgeous but i would love to splurge on this occasion :) xx

  14. 3.22.12

    Why oh why do I ALWAYS prefer the more expensive option? It’s just not fair for a girl this broke to have such good taste!

  15. 3.22.12
    Casey said:

    I am obsessed with RZ’s Gladys sandals she has them in the best colors too.

    Thanks for sharing these great combos x

  16. 3.22.12

    The Rachel Zoe sandals are so stinkin’ cute! Every girl needs to spluge every now and again.

  17. 3.22.12

    Love this! So super cute : )

  18. 3.22.12
    Kate said:

    Ugh…as much as I hate to say it, that Kate Spade dress is too cute. I’m thinking save your pennies for now and wait till it goes on sale in a few months and hope it’s still summer dress weather!
    <3 Kate

  19. 3.22.12
    Taylor O said:

    love both the splurge + the save!! Can’t believe that dress + necklace are so inexpensive! great finds love!


  20. 3.22.12
    Angela said:

    LOVE the first dress. My even purchase it right now. Eek. I would definitely save for the Rachel Zoe shoes, though. Those are divine.

  21. 3.22.12
    meghan said:

    I think that first dress is so cute and loved it so much when i saw it on the Piperlime ads. I’ve really debating buying it for spring/summer events.

  22. 3.22.12
    Tabitha said:

    Love them both, esp the sandals.


  23. 3.22.12
    alyson said:

    honestly, i rarely if ever take the plunge on the pricier item except when it comes to classics. I’d go for the more afforable one and go for some major fun shoes!