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Becca Atwood’s blog {extra}ordinary wonders never ceases to surprise and delight. It’s a design and art lovers dream — she features guaranteed new-to-you artists and pretty color posts, and the site is filled with original content, from Becca’s beautiful sketches, to lovely photographs of the day to day.  The art and design angle isn’t coincidental: Becca studied painting at RISD, has designed for Anthropologie, and specializes in making patterns (she even helped me put together some ideas for a pattern I want to use on our Save the Dates!). Beyond being exceptionally talented, she’s recently been so kind to lend me a friendly ear, to talk about both wedding and business stuff. And PS, if the last name sounds familiar, it is. She’s sister to another one of my favorite bloggers…as you’ll read below, they are one incredibly talented family! Get Becca’s BTS right after the jump.

Image credit: Map drawing by Becca Atwood

There are SO many places I want to visit in my lifetime and they constantly change. Sometimes all I want to do is get away and sit on a beach, or eat my way up the coast of Italy, or explore the markets of Istanbul. If I had to pick 5 places today they would be:
Istanbul – The history and culture of this city makes it a must visit for me. I would love going to the market and exploring for treasures.
The Grand Canyon – I feel like I’ve actually seen very little of the United States, and I really want to explore it. I’m thinking a road trip may be the way to go.
Greece – My sister Grace went a few years ago and her photos were incredible.
South Africa – When I worked at Anthropologie they went on an ‘inspiration trip’ there. All of the photos, samples, and stories were so interesting that I instantly added it to my list of places to visit someday.
Japan – I would love to experience authentic Japanese cuisine. Their culture and history are so different than ours, and I would love to learn more.

WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson – not the most exciting book, but I want to transfer my blog to WordPress so that I can have more flexibility with where it will go from here.
Lee Miller: A Life by Carolyn Burke – confession: I’ve already started this book but haven’t gotten too far yet. Her life is so interesting that I keep wanting to look up the people she met and places she went.
Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thomas – I went to a ‘grubwithus’ dinner with the Design*Sponge ladies and Amy Azzarito recommended this book. It sounds really interesting!
The Hunger Games – I’d like to break up some of this reading with something purely for fun. This series sounds pretty addicting, and I’d like to read the first book before seeing the movie.

Image credits: Top , Kay Sekimachi’s Studio by Leslie Williamson; Bottom Left: Zoë Buckman & Cleo by The Glow; Bottom Right: Lonny Magazine June/July 2010, photography by Patrick Cline, Interior Design by David Cafiero

In five years I see myself happily married to my husband, pursuing my dreams, and starting our family. We’re hoping to buy a house around then, and I dream of it having lots of sunlight, a small garden, and a room for me to paint in. It’s hard to know where life will take you, but I’m excited for the journey, as I’ve got a supportive husband and great friends and family.

1) One of my big goals this year is finding more time to be creative for myself – not just for my job. For me, this means making more time to paint. I just ordered a bunch of new art supplies and have set up a little table to paint in our second bedroom.
2) Another goal of mine this year is to establish my blog. I’ve got so much to learn about this world! Right now I’m still thinking about what I want it to be and how to create the best content I can – BUT still keep this manageable! I want to stay true to who I am, and what I’d like to read about.

Image Credit: old color studies by Becca Atwood

Lately I’ve been dreaming a lot about the future … and eventually opening up an online shop to sell some of my paintings!

I decided to call my blog (extra)ordinary wonders because the aim of it is to stop and take a look at the everyday things in life that are really extraordinary – weather it be the color of a building, something I found at the flea, a book I read, or an artist I love: I want to make time to appreciate it.

A big source of inspiration for me is my family. My parents always taught us growing up to do what we love – you’re going to have to work hard no matter what you do! My sisters are both very successful in such different fields (Grace – Stripes & Sequins, social media queen and Meredith – Ph.D student at Yale studying conservation biology). I’m also really inspired by Kate Loudoun-Shand – my boss, and the woman behind Fred Shand. She is not only talented but passionate, brave, and kind. She has taught me so much about design.

That’s a hard question! I think my proudest achievement to date isn’t really one thing. I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve taken risks in my adult life. I decided to major in painting in college because I loved it, even though it may not have been the most ‘practical’ decision. I moved to Philadelphia after college to work at Anthropologie even though I knew no one in the city. I moved to NYC with my boyfriend (now husband) even though I wasn’t sure I would find another job I liked. Taking risks is scary! I’m a planner and it’s not easy for me to do, but I think it’s important.

Cape Cod! This is where I grew up, and the combination of that feeling you can only get at ‘home’ plus the beach can’t be beat.

Although I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years I’ve actually only been at it a few months! I started blogging in January as a way to document every day inspiration and re-inspire myself. I like that it makes me accountable for making time to be creative. I’m definitely going to keep blogging because of the amazing community I have found. I am truly inspired by all of the talented women bloggers out there who are chasing their dreams.


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  1. 3.21.12
    Rae Veda said:

    What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing! xo, rv

  2. 3.21.12

    What a talented family! And yes it is most definitely an accomplishment to take serious risks! I am always so impressed.

  3. 3.21.12
    viv said:

    It’s so great to get to know another talented Atwood! Can’t wait to meet her in May!

  4. 3.21.12

    I love the Cape Cod mention! Great post & for some reason I never considered reading the WordPress book even though my blog is on it….. not the quickest! Ordering it right now!

  5. 3.21.12

    The Atwood family is so creative. I have no doubt your blog will be a huge success! great BTS feature!

  6. 3.21.12
    Alex said:

    I highly recommend a US road trip! I’ve driven cross country three times and LOVED every trip!

    • 3.21.12
      Becca said:

      Alex, I’d love any recommendations you have!

  7. 3.21.12

    Loved, loved, loved seeing Becca on here! Such a great feature…heart my sis!

  8. 3.21.12
    christin said:

    love this series and getting to know more about Becca. she is a serious inspiration and has had some amazing adventures so far!

  9. 3.21.12
    Alexa said:

    She is so so talented! I love being part of Brynn’s color collective with her each Tuesday! :)

  10. 3.21.12
    Becca said:

    Victoria, thank you so much for the feature! And thank you to everyone for all of the kind words!!

  11. 3.21.12
    Neda said:

    I just discovered Becca’s blog as well and I love it…she is so talented and I loved learning more about her here. :)

  12. 3.21.12
    Sarah said:

    Becca has been my bestfriend for almost 9 years…but it was still LOVELY to see this post about her. She is truly a person to admire both in her personal and professional life.

  13. 3.21.12
    Meredith said:

    Becca, I loved this and I love checking your blog. So proud of my blogging older sisters :)

  14. 3.21.12
    Kate said:

    The hunger games is a great read to dive in to! Especially if your lounging on a beach or maybe an overnight train across Europe….

    <3 Kate

  15. 3.21.12

    This is so inspiring! I literally pour over these posts!! Awesome to know that just starting out in January and to see how far you have come already. I am pretty much in the same boat and am still learning all the ins and outs!

  16. 3.21.12
    lexi said:

    Wow – talent seriously does run in that family! I can’t believe how far her blog has come so quickly – sooo impressive!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  17. 3.22.12
    Denise said:

    I loved reading this about my talented daughter(s) I am still learning form them and they make me feel creative! Thank you!

  18. 3.26.12

    Thank you for introducing me to Becca and her wonderful blog – what a great BTS!