The Luck of the Irish

Saturday night I hosted a St. Patrick’s Day party. It was a blast getting lots of different groups of friends together and having everyone mish mash together into one fun-filled, Guinness-fueled evening. Most of my guests very kindly brought beer to the festivities; it’s safe to say Joe and I will not be buying any for quite some time (and on that note, I have to think of a savory recipe that incorporates Guinness. I’m thinking some kind of stew. Mmm…).

To make the space feel a little more festive, I hung up long strands of crepe paper streamers on the dividing archway between our living and dining room. Then, I used leftover ribbon to tie them back like curtains. The store was out of green streamers, but I think the combo of yellow gold and white ended up looking great. Less literal.

We also had an Irish Car Bomb station set up (for the uninitiated, that’s a shot of Baileys dropped into a Guinness). We bought the smallest size Baileys thinking we wouldn’t put much of a dent in it. Yeeeah, the whole thing was gone by the end of the night. Whoops.

Tons more party set up photos, after the jump!

This little vignette greeted guests at the top of the stairs. I used basic A6 sized cards from Paper Source to create fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day, which I scatted throughout the apartment.

I put together a simple dip of white beans, roasted garlic, and avocado. It was just green enough (and delicious with both pita and tortilla chips).

A cheese board, natch.

Along with the Car Bombs, the Irish Mules were also a big hit. We found that with this particular recipe, it needed just a touch more ginger beer. Once the proportions got figured out, they were delicious!

A mix of color separated Skittles and Starbursts for the “rainbow.” I got this idea from Lisa’s blog last week. I couldn’t find any gold coins for the end of the rainbow, but it still worked! Unsurprisingly, by the end of the night, these all ended up mixed together in a big bowl.

Such a fun time and amazingly enough, I felt okay on Sunday!! Maybe it was all the ginger beer — it settled my stomach, I guess!

Did you have a festive St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend?


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  1. 3.20.12
    jillian said:

    LOVE the rainbow! how fun is that. and all the signage is really cute. xoxo jillian:: Shopbop $100 Giftcard Giveaway!

  2. 3.20.12

    That rainbow idea is so great, awesome idea.

  3. 3.20.12
    elle said:

    You can make Guinness short ribs with your leftover stout! Perfect for a slow-cooker Sunday meal (or any day, but left-overs means lunch for the next few days)!

  4. 3.20.12

    What a fun party! Love the rainbow idea and crepe paper curtain!

  5. 3.20.12
    Jen said:

    I’m loving the party decor! Well done!

  6. 3.20.12
    Eileen said:

    Such a fun weekend! Loved your guest over at Ambers, and my desk is constantly a wreck too!


  7. 3.20.12

    Love your whole spread, especially the rainbow! It’s even a bit unexpected because everything is green overload on St. Paddy’s. Fun!

  8. 3.20.12
    Ashley said:

    Amazing! Seriously, you thought of every detail!

  9. 3.20.12

    What a gorgeous spread!! You are one talented lady.

  10. 3.20.12

    Love it!! That cheese plate = to die for! Looks like a fun little evening…

  11. 3.20.12
    viv said:

    What an amazing spread! You seriously throw some incredible parties ;)

  12. 3.20.12

    Looks so fun! I may need to try this next year. For the leftover beer, I’ve made alcoholic brisket before — you just put whatever is left of your beer/whiskey/wine in a crockpot with brisket, carrots and potatoes (if you like) and let it cook all day. Make some cornbread or pick up a loaf of french bread and enjoy!

  13. 3.20.12
    LBRJ said:

    Would you mind sharing your recipe for the white bean dip? Thanks so much!!

  14. 3.20.12
    LBRJ said:

    Everything looks great! Would you mind sharing your recipe for the white bean dip? Thanks so much!!

  15. 3.20.12

    Looks great!! I love the idea of an irish carbomb station!

  16. 3.20.12

    Sounds like fun was had by all! I like the idea to try and use up some of the beer in dinner recipes. We always end up with quite a bit left over as well (though I’m not complaining!).

  17. 3.20.12

    Wow! You went all out! It looks great.

    I love the rainbow idea.


  18. 3.20.12

    What a blast! You did a beautiful job! I had a few Irish Car Bombs on Saturday night, um…3 to be exact. They are soooo good!

  19. 3.20.12

    So many thoughtful details…I wish I lived in SF bc this looks like my ideal St. Patty’s day! And your home is gorgeous ;)

  20. 3.20.12
    Neda said:

    What a festive party…everything looks so great and yummy. I love the cheese board~ you covered all my favorites on there! :)

  21. 3.20.12

    You are the hostess with the mostest (I’ve secretly always wanted to incorporate that into a sentance). Looks like a wonderful party!

  22. 3.20.12
    Cyndi said:

    The rainbow was a fun idea. I love your signs, and the cheese board presentation is especially outstanding! Everything just looks so festive! Great job!!

  23. 3.20.12
    Shannon said:

    The streamer curtains are such a good idea! I’m going to have the steal that for future parties!

  24. 3.20.12

    how incredible Victoria! your such a genius :)

  25. 3.20.12

    Well aren’t you The Hostess with the Mostest! Love all the details! I’m going to be making some of your dip, that sounds like my kinda food!

  26. 3.20.12
    julia said:

    looks beautiful! so many great details!
    … just a note that irish car bombs are supposed to be baileys and irish whiskey dropped into guinness :)

  27. 3.21.12
    Jess said:

    Holy Cow! What a fabulous party! And I’m in love with your fireplace! It’s gorgeous!

  28. 3.21.12
    Nnenna said:

    Oh my gosh, your party set-up is so fantastic! I love all of the little details :)

  29. 3.21.12
    Kelly said:

    Girl, you know how to throw a party!