Spring Blush

It’s the first day of spring (wow!), and I thought what better way to celebrate the warmer days ahead than sharing the gorgeous pastel and blush images from Lauren Conrad’s Coveteur shoot. Have you seen this yet? I can’t tell if everything was styled in her home or not (based on some of the captions it sort of seems like this was shot in her business office), but dear LORD does the woman have style. I must say, from watching Laguna Beach back in college, you would’ve never guessed she would blossom into the unbelievably inspiring entrepreneur she is today.

Check these out:

Get more of Lauren’s beautiful blush pink inspired feature after the jump. And happy spring, everyone!

{Image Credits: The Covetuer}


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  1. 3.20.12
    brighton said:

    these pictures are such eye candy!! I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. 3.20.12
    TheNOW said:

    Everything is just so pretty and feminine! Love it all and am so obsessed with the Coveteur!!! xoxoox Elizabeth

  3. 3.20.12
    viv said:

    Seriously amazing! LC’s style is truly perfection.

  4. 3.20.12
    Lisa said:

    I was addicted to The Hills, and I never thought I would say this, but I really admire her now. She really does have a great sense of style, both fashion-wise and apparently decor-wise as well!

  5. 3.20.12
    Chelsea said:

    Oh, everything is so perfectly feminine. I love how girly her style is, but that she is also a go-getter! xo

  6. 3.20.12

    Major envy… so feminine and gorgeous! Want it all!

  7. 3.20.12
    Kristen said:

    Hi there! I popped over from Amber Interiors today, and just wanted to say how much I love your blog!

    Quick question, though – I had never heard of RMS beauty products before, but after checking out their site, am definitely interested in giving them a try. Which of their products do you recommend the most?

    Thanks so much!

  8. 3.20.12

    The Hills was always my guilty pleasure! Thanks for sharing will go and check out the rest now, love all the dresses just hanging around.
    Lotts x


  9. 3.20.12
    Becca said:

    so perfect for Spring – love that cream tux blazer.

  10. 3.20.12
    sarah said:

    i’m shamed by my love of lc! not because there’s anything wrong with her, but because i was definitely FAR too old to be watching laguna beach and the hills with as much dedication as i was. so now she’s just a reminder of my past humiliation. but yes, her closet is amazing.

  11. 3.20.12
    Alexa said:

    Such wonderful inspiration here. And perfect for the first day of spring.

  12. 3.20.12

    Simply lovely & the shoes, need I say more!

  13. 3.20.12
    Keren V. said:

    Just looking at the blushes, nudes, and gentle palette calmed me down and made me feel as though I were climbing a dogwood tree.


  14. 3.20.12
    Kate said:

    I totally agree, I never thought much of her but she grew in to an amazing entrepreneur. I guess she was always the most tame one of the Hills, yes…I watched the Hills…

  15. 3.20.12
    Emily said:

    If I didn’t love Lauren before, I certainly did after reading/seeing that feature! I pinned literally half of the photos…. so inspired now!

  16. 3.20.12
    Chedva said:

    She has done so well. I really appreciate her for knowing to say when enough was enough and developing her own style and voice.

  17. 3.20.12
    Tabitha said:

    Love the pictures, she’s got great style.


  18. 3.20.12

    on the coveteur now to read all about it!!

  19. 3.21.12

    These images are incredible! So lovely, and could not agree more, she is such a stylish lady!

  20. 3.21.12
    Nnenna said:

    Oh, yes, I saw these images on the Coveteur a couple of weeks ago- I love it all! Would love to just step right into her home through these pictures :)

  21. 3.23.12

    I love all these shoes, but I would have to say the first ones with the tassels are my favorite. So beautiful. Have a great weekend :)

  22. 3.23.12
    Brennan said:

    I am obsessing over those fringe heels at the top. But really.

  23. 3.24.12
    Sweet Nothings said:

    LOVE LOVED this entire peek .

  24. 3.25.12

    So pretty! Amazing shots!