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  1. 3.12.12

    How cool that a degree in Scientific Illustration would lead to a career in stationary! Such gorgeous designs!

  2. 3.12.12

    Her work is so beautiful! I love how romantic and colorful it is. Courtney is one of the many who I planned on meeting at Alt and it just didn’t happen!

  3. 3.12.12

    Very cool. Love hearing about Courtney’s interesting path…It’s so bizarre what we stumble into when we’re not looking. Her work is stunning!

  4. 3.12.12
    Amanda said:

    She was soooo sweet at ALT I totally loved her!

  5. 3.12.12
    Kate said:

    Her illustrations are gorgeous! I love reading about the interesting ways that people get into their field… this post is fascinating!

  6. 3.12.12
    Julia said:

    Such beautiful stationary! I’m a sucker for all paper goods.

  7. 3.12.12
    alyson said:

    Wow, stunning. Each one looks hand watercolored and I love her typography. Beautiful.

  8. 3.12.12
    Alexa said:

    So inspirational. Love her pretty work. So sweet!

  9. 3.12.12

    Wow – very inspirational – she is incredibly talented!!

  10. 3.12.12
    Neda said:

    Gorgeous illustrations! What a wonderful introduction. :)

  11. 3.13.12

    Thank you so much everyone! Y’all just made my day.

    And a huge thank you to Victoria for having me!

  12. 3.13.12

    oh! And I forgot to comment on Alyson’s comment- each piece is indeed individually hand painted :)