In Vino Veritas

I must be having way too much fun or something, because I have another weekend’s worth of pictures to share! I’m kind of liking posting snapshots of what I’m up to over the weekends with you guys. You like too?

1 — Friday night sunset. We had dinner on Chestnut St then called it an early night. It had been a long week!

2 — Saturday was very low key (it was a book reading/napping kind of day), but on Sunday, we made it up to Napa with friends. The weather held up and despite the rainy forecast, it was actually mild and decently sunny. The red tulips at Hall were out of this world pretty!

3 — We lunched at Redd Wood, a new pizzeria at the North Block Hotel, and sister restaurant to Redd. I went weak in the knees for this huge brass pendant lamp that hung over a marble service station. Can you see the reclaimed filing cabinet they’re using to house silverware?

4 — Redd Wood’s menu was varied and delicious. I loved the sausage pizza we tried. We all left full and happy!

5 — The North Block Hotel grounds. Joe and I have stayed here once and really liked it.

6 — Edison bulb mania inside the restaurant. Love.

7 — Outside our first winery stop, Sequoia Grove. Our friends hadn’t been there before, and we had a great time sitting outside on the patio enjoying a bottle. The dreary weather forecast meant the place was basically deserted. We weren’t complaining!

8 — The winery dog. He drools a lot, and his name is Mr. Biggles. (Of course it is.)

Photos end after this, because, well…by this point we were all having way too much fun to remember to take pictures. (Aaaand I’m feeling it today. Talk quietly, ok?)

{Image Credits: Photos 2, 7, 8 from Ben’s instagram; all others by me}


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  1. 3.12.12
    Neda said:

    Oh, I want to go to Napa right now! Thank you for the gorgeous pictures that put Napa right back on top of my list of places to go back to this year. :)

  2. 3.12.12

    Oh my goodness – looks amazing!! Happy you had such a great weekend, and love Mr. Biggles!

  3. 3.12.12
    alyson said:

    ahhh, everything looks so serene! that hotel looks like a place I’d like to transport myself to right now.

  4. 3.12.12
    Crystalin said:

    Yes, huge fan of snapshots from your weekend :) These pics from Napa are really inspiring me to make a day trip. Looks like a great weekend!

  5. 3.12.12

    I want to kidnap Mr. Wiggles! Your weekend sounds like my dream weekend come true!

  6. 3.12.12
    Rachel said:

    Great pictures and looks like a fantastic time!! ;)

  7. 3.12.12
    Taylor O said:

    I love the picture recaps :) and YES Mr. Biggles…. best name ever, especially for that giant dog. When I get a Mastiff I am definitely put that name in the running! Too cute!~

  8. 3.12.12
    Kate said:

    Lovely…looks like the perfect weekend. Mr. Biggles looks like he would be a winery dog…he’s got that perma-sloshed look in his eyes!
    <3 Kate

  9. 3.12.12

    That pendant is to die for! Sounds like you had yourself quite the lovely weekend!

  10. 3.12.12
    Bettina said:

    I’ve never been to Napa, these pictures make me want to take a trip up North! I love the weekend round-ups. It’s so fun to see everyone’s visual diaries that sum up their week or weekends!

  11. 3.12.12

    SO many things I LOVE about this recap. Winery dogs, I wanted to take all of them home. Sequoia Grove, I turned a barrel tasting into barrel drinking. I’ll have to check out all of your other stops!

  12. 3.12.12

    I love seeing snaps of peoples weekends :) And I have always wanted to go to Napa, so seeing these was extra fun! Looks like such a lovely weekend. Good for you :) Hope the week is just as grand!

  13. 3.12.12
    Jamie said:

    Wow! What a great weekend! Love Yountville, our favorite area to stay when we visit Napa! Amazing food & atmosphere all around you! Yum to Hall & Sequoia Grove:) Of course, i also love any winery with an oversized lovable dog!!

  14. 3.12.12

    Working from home certainty makes for the best Sunday Fundays. Who has to be at the office on Monday Morning? Not this guy!

  15. 3.12.12

    I like your weekend snapshots too. Especially because you’ve got the photog skills. I say keep ’em coming!