This week I:

+ had a schedule and to do list that looked like this (at the time of writing, I still needed to draft out what today would look like!)
+ got to guest post/contribute to two of my favorite sites (here and here if you missed it)
+ bit the bullet and started going to my old pilates gym again. It’s expensive, but better than me doing no exercise at all. Because that’s literally what happens otherwise.
+ found out that Amber Lewis (she of Amber Interiors fame) is launching her brand new e-shoppe today! To kick things off, you can get free shipping on all pillow orders with the code IHEARTU. We heart you too, Amber.
+ started working on taxes. It was about as fun as it sounds.
+ booked a trip to NY!! I’ll be there May 21-24. Which is perfect, since BlogFest is going on then…I can’t wait to meet so many of my favorites!
+ planned an impromptu trip to Napa for this weekend with friends. The weather isn’t looking that great, but meh. It’s Napa!

Link of the week: This post from Jess was so, so awesome. The “now, now, now” mentality she mentions? Yeah, so completely me. Confession time. I sent myself on a bit of a downward spiral this week, breaking one of my own first rules: I was looking around online, and started comparing myself to other people. We all do it. It’s never a good way to spend our energy. It kept me up at night (literally — I inadvertently stayed up until 1:30 one night blog and website stalking). NOT GOOD. This post was another timely reminder, once again, that we shouldn’t race each other. Focus on YOU. Thanks for that, Jess!

Don’t forget — Sunday is Daylight Savings Time! Who’s happy about longer days? I know I am. Now if I only I could actually add more hours to the day. Hope you guys all have a great weekend.

{Image Credit: The Blonde Salad}


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  1. 3.9.12

    that post from jess is just what i needed to read right now – thank you for sharing. i definitely feel that there is such an urgency in the air at the moment and i’m going to take this weekend to breathe and recharge!
    have a great time in napa :) xx

  2. 3.9.12

    comparing is so toxic, and we all do it! but there’s always someone who’s comparing themselves to you, too. it’s a vicious cycle. have fun in napa! it always reminds me of that classic sex and the city quote. :)

  3. 3.9.12

    YAY so glad you booked your ticket!!! Cannot wait to meet you!

  4. 3.9.12

    So glad you will be in NY! Can’t wait to meet you! I am an accountant, so I know how you feel about taxes. Blah… I do Pilates weekly to keep myself together after doing taxes 60+ hours a week during this time. LOVED Jess’s post. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  5. 3.9.12

    Girl, I totally relate to all of it. I need to go read Jess’ post asap.
    NY is going to be SO much fun. I can’t wait to meet.

    And have fun in Napa! So jealous that its so close for you guys.

  6. 3.9.12

    I have the same planner and mine gets just about the same amount of use – at least it’s cute and came with stickers though right? Happy Friday Victoria!

  7. 3.9.12
    The Zhush said:

    Great post. Excited to meet you in May, your fast becoming a fave site for me! As for that post that Jess wrote, this sounds like something I know I need to read…thanks! Napa sounds amazing…West coast envy! xx

  8. 3.9.12

    Jess’s post completely inspired me! I got a bit caught up on the comparison game this week, too. Blah, never fun but a good reality check.

  9. 3.9.12

    That post was also in my worthy links of the week. Jess always has be best advice! And this one resonates particularly strongly because it’s a characteristic that’s present in all of us and can really make us doubt ourselves if we don’t pay attention to it! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to meet you in May!!! YAY! X

  10. 3.9.12
    Emmy said:

    I love, love, love that look!


  11. 3.9.12
    Michelle said:

    THANK YOU for sharing the post from Jess. It is so what I needed to hear right now!

  12. 3.9.12

    I loved jess’s post. It really is exactly what I needed to hear!! Happy Friday, friend!

  13. 3.9.12
    Jess LC said:

    Thank you so, so much for sharing my post this week! I had a feeling that if I needed to keep reminding myself of the chill pill, others might be in the same boat. : )

    You are doing great, take a moment to celebrate that fact this weekend!

  14. 3.9.12

    I’m hoping to get off the waitlist for Blogfest but regardless I will be in NYC as well – so hopefully we can meet ;)

    And that to do list is scaaaary but at least you’ve crossed quite a bit off – looks like the new biz is on a roll!

  15. 3.9.12

    We all go thru cycles I think – it’s a female thing, not just a blogger thing or a entrepreneur thing, right? Keep your chin up, you are doing an amazing job at everything!!

  16. 3.9.12

    Ugh, I so tend to that whole comparing myself to other people. It’s terrible. An evil curse, really.

    I wish I could go to NYC too! It would be such a blast.

    Hooray for time change. This is my favorite time (pun) of year. Feels like summa around these parts.

    Have fun in Napa!

  17. 3.9.12

    I loved that post on MML too… I am as guilty of that as anyone, and like you said, It sends me into a sneaky spiral.
    Have fun in Napa!

  18. 3.9.12

    I love your weekly re-caps! And Napa sounds like a perfect getaway right about now. I might need to make that happen soon.

    And I kid you not, I was reading Yuki Ziv’s book last night and underlined the sentence, “Make other bloggers your daily sources of inspiration, not your daily sources of envy.” So So true.
    And if it helps, I am SO SURE that many of us bloggers look at vmac+cheese for inspiration on a daily basis. :-)

    XO – Marion

  19. 3.9.12
    Kate said:

    I have a love/hate relationship with my to do lists…but at the end of the day they do keep me sane. I always have to catch myself when I go to that dark place of “why am I not THERE yet?!?!?” but the truth is that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. My challenge is to constantly step back and appreciate where I am now and not minimize my accomplishments. Sorry to get all deep on a Friday :)
    Have sooooo much fun in Napa!
    <3 Kate

  20. 3.9.12
    Jessica said:

    Absolutely love that pictures, the coat is GORGEOUS! Have an awesome time in NYC! I’ll be here! :)

  21. 3.9.12

    How fun that you keep an old school planner! I schedule almost everything (esp for work) on my iPhone / Microsoft Cal… and I make To Do lists like crazy, and I’m trying to use Evernote even more. Whew.

    I’m jealous of your May NYC trip! I hope to make it end of summer / early Fall to visit Max’s Auntie Tam (of http://www.everswoon.com).


  22. 3.9.12
    Avery said:

    What a busy week you had! I love this photo so much… incredibly chic. Just found you blog and so happy I did! Would love if you stopped by mine sometime!



  23. 3.9.12
    Alexa said:

    Jess had a great post and it’s definitely something that we all need to keep in mind, thanks for reminding us! xo

  24. 3.9.12
    Aubrey said:

    That jacket is just so freakin’ fabulous in the pic…it almost makes me a little sad to be putting away the cold weather clothes….*almost* (c: And bless you, Jess, for helping us all to remember to put our crazy comparing selves to rest every once in a while…I need that advice about every other day (c:

  25. 3.9.12
    karla said:

    I loved that coat on the picture! How good that you are going to NYC. I started using teuxdeux and I am loving it! however I can’t stop writing things on my agenda which is the one I check off when I wake up and before sleeping. Have a great weekend!

  26. 3.9.12
    Anna said:

    The jacket is so pretty. I love having a busy schedule. I’m constantly comparing myself to others. I might never discuss it but thoughts can a negative effect. Thanks for your advice. I love your blog!

  27. 3.9.12
    Keren V. said:

    I also have an impromptu Napa tripped plan! I am extremely excited for this as I am an East Coaster and have actually never been! P.S. Give me those sparkle pumps and that jacket for said trip, stat.


  28. 3.10.12
    Becca said:

    Glad you’re coming to NYC!
    I also loved that article by Jess – so important to remember.

    P.S. Thanks for sending me that article on the print artists for J.Crew. It’s very similar to how I’ve worked – although I don’t have my own studio…someday!