Behind the Scenes with MIMI+MEG

Today, I’m so happy to introduce you to Meg, from the always inspiring blog MIMI+MEG. Meg is another lady I met at Alt, but didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with as I would’ve liked. We’ve kept up on Twitter and through email a bit, so I was thrilled when she agreed to do BTS — it allowed me (and all of you!) to get to know her even better. Like I told her when she sent me her responses, I SO wish I lived closer to her in DC. I have a feeling we’d be fast friends! In addition to being a rockstar blogger, Meg is also the visionary behind a thriving art business. You can check out her beautiful works right over here.  Get her BTS right after the jump!

Images: Bag, Beach

Narrowing the places I want to travel down to 5 is like trying to pick a favorite child. I want to go everywhere! But here are a few that come to mind:
1. Skiing in Switzerland
2. Portugal
3. A yoga retreat in any gorgeous tropical place
4. Fiji
5. I don’t actually want to “backpack” but I’d love to spend several months getting inspired all over Europe; Italy, France, Spain, Greece… everywhere.


1. An Object of Beauty / Steve Martin — Besides the beautiful book design, this just seems like a great story.
2. Lives of the Artists / Calvin Tomkins — I can’t wait to read this book, I know it will be fascinating.
3. Valley of the Dolls / Jacqueline Susann — I’m trying to read a lot more of the classics that I’ve never read.
4. Lee Krasner: A Biography / Gail Levin — I love all sorts of biographies and memoirs of all types of people. I read them constantly.

Images: Office: Lonny, Pool: Architectural Digest, Kate Spade Passport Holder

1. Lots of travel.
2. A home I love, with a piano, lots of art, and outdoor space. A pool and a view would be nice.
3. A studio/office that is inspiring, with lots of light, organized, but where I can leave my paints out and not have to put them away every day.

1. Painting more often and developing a few series ideas. I’m moving into a bigger condo with a dedicated space, and I’m excited to get a fresh start with some room to paint. My current living/painting situation is a little uncomfortable, so this is one step. (Editor’s note: Check out two of Meg’s gorgeous paintings here and here!)

2. Being more organized in all areas, specifically with my businesses. This sounds so blanket, but it’s a must. Especially as far as business growth goes. I know it’s up to me to grow my business, and I’m working on having a more strict schedule with myself. I’m also finding apps and sites like to help my never-ending to-do lists!

Besides having the means to travel the world whenever I please, and becoming a successful artist having shows in galleries across the world, and to reach a certain level of blogger… Eventually, I’d love to have an actual studio/office that is separate from where I live (but close enough to walk). I’d love for it to also be a gallery and offices for a few other fun gals that work for themselves. We could all work together in a well-designed office, even though we have separate businesses. Oh, and it just happens to be around the corner from a great coffee & pastry shop. And we have a stocked bar cart in the office.

Mimi was my great grandmother, and is also what my mother goes by to her grandkids, so I named the blog after a family name that I adore, and my own name. I figured family names could never get old. (I go by Megan and Meg, either is fine.)

Images: Double Chain Link ring; Straw Diamond Tote; Naughty Nice Wallet; Ebony Female Figure

Kelly Wearstler and Rebecca Minkoff are two of my greatest inspirations, and not to mention, I absolutely love their style and design. And they have both become very successful in their businesses, while having a family, among other things. I hope to work with both of them one day.

Starting my art shop, and being featured in The Washington Post. Both wonderful in different ways.

In the sun on a beach. With a waiter to take my drink order.

I started blogging in November of 2007 and I just absolutely love it. Being the sole editor of it, only posting and featuring what I love, and sharing that with others is so much fun! It would take something really amazing (or horrible) for me to ever stop blogging. I’ve met some amazing people and friends from blogging, and it’s been truly inspired.


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  1. 3.7.12

    So great learning more about my favorite blogs! I absolutely love Meg’s paintings!

  2. 3.7.12

    Meg is a wonderful friend of mine and I love reading this feature on her! Look forward to adding one of her stunning paintings to my home once we move into a bigger place!

  3. 3.7.12

    I loved learning more about Meg! Such a cool girl, and seriously talented! I love the idea of working with similar creatives, what a dream that would be.

  4. 3.7.12

    I agree with what Liz said. Sharing a gallery with creatives is such a wonderful dream. Meg seems incredibly organized and driven to me. It’s really inspiring.

  5. 3.7.12

    Wow! I actually just found Meg’s blog last night and now I get to see this fab feature. So glad to learn more about her!

  6. 3.7.12

    Meg’s blog was actually one of the first that I started reading when I discovered blogs – been hooked ever since. When you read her blog you can definitely tell she is an artist because all the graphics she creates are just beautiful. She has an eye!

  7. 3.7.12

    She’s a keeper! You WOULD be fast friends for sure. You kids are a lot alike – no wonder I adore you both :)

  8. 3.7.12

    Meg is such an inspiration and I’m so happy DC has adopted her as our own! Thanks for sharing a little more about her artistic vision and goals!

  9. 3.7.12
    Samantha said:

    I think I just found a new blog to follow! Thank you for introducing us to some wonderful women and their blogs..BTS is such a great feature!

  10. 3.7.12

    i’m loving this behind the scenes with meg! she’s such an inspiration and i can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

  11. 3.7.12
    viv said:

    It’s so great to get to know Meg a little better!

  12. 3.7.12
    Neda said:

    I’m new to Mimi + Meg and it was so great to get to know her better. Now I’ve got to check out TeuxDeux!

  13. 3.7.12

    Love Ms. Meg – so happy to see all of the wonderful inspirations that keep fueling all of her fantastic work!

  14. 3.7.12
    Alexa said:

    I love getting know the bloggers in your series Victoria. Mimi and Meg is one of my favorites and I’m totally with her on having a work space separate from home. That would be so sweet!

  15. 3.7.12
    Kate said:

    As always this series is super inspirational…I have been a fan of her blog but never put two and two together that she is also an artist, weird!

    <3 Kate

  16. 3.7.12

    Great feature and great paintings, Meg!

  17. 3.7.12

    Loving this feature more and more every time! Fun, fun, fun. And so is that Rebecca Minkoff wallet!

  18. 3.7.12
    Chedva said:

    I love Meg’s blog, especially her unique voice; everything she does is very “her”. And Meg- Martin’s An Object Of Beauty is definitely wish-list worthy. It’s a great book!

  19. 3.7.12

    It never ceases to amaze me how talented these girls are!

  20. 3.7.12
    Keren V. said:

    When I lived in D.C. I loved visiting the free Smithsonian Museums for daily inspiration! However, I must say it was one of the worst dressed and most pant-suit friendly cities in which I have ever lived.

  21. 3.7.12

    Loved learning more about Meg. I ordered one of her paintings, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  22. 3.8.12
    Bianca said:

    Nice to see my country Fiji on Megs Places to Visit list, let me know when you plan to visit and i’ll give you the lowdown on where, when, how. I’m a wedding photographer so luckily get to see and spend time all over Fiji. Also been to Europe and have several albums on my FB!

  23. 3.8.12

    I’m such a big fan of Meg! I loved her “dream shared office” idea. If only we were all in the same city, our office would be so fab! Thanks for yet again another great BTS! X