Let it be known that 2012 is the year of women following their dreams! My dear blog friend Tamra announced the launch of her wedding and event planning company Ever Swoon late last year…and tomorrow is the official launch day! Ever Swoon is built on the foundation of “passionate planning, extraordinary experiences and life celebrated.” If you know Tamra, you know that just about sums up her larger than life personality!

In between her tying up all the loose ends before launching, I caught Tamra on the phone to ask her a few questions about the new business…

Describe Ever Swoon in five adjectives: passionate, integrious (my new fav word, an adjective for integrity), intuitive, affable, and spirited.

Why did you decide to launch this company?: I wanted to fill my life with things I’m passionate about.  I felt as though I’m good at what I do and I want make a difference in brides’ lives. I’ve been [helping plan weddings] for friends and friends of friends for years. I always hear about women who have bad experiences and it kills me. I want to make sure no woman ever has a bad experience again.

Favorite Champagne/Sparkling Wine?: Veuve Clicquot. The first Champagne I ever shared with [husband] Michael!

What most excites you about launching Ever Swoon? Being able to live out the dream and pursue my passion as a career. And, obviously, changing girls’ experiences and allowing them to have the happiest day of their life. Everybody deserves that.

What about Bella?? You’ll be blogging at the new sister blog to Ever Swoon, Studio Swoon, beginning tomorrow. Will she be making appearances there? Absolutely! It wouldn’t be genuine if I didn’t because she’s such a big part of my life. Studio Swoon will still have my voice and photos of Bella, but it will focus on celebrations and style, while still including some of my personal lifestyle as well.

What’s your favorite feature on the new Studio Swoon blog? The new series ‘Love Stories’ — it features people’s weddings, proposals, or engagements!

Be sure to stop by Ever Swoon and Studio Swoon tomorrow and show Tamra some love! You can also find her on Twitter, and tomorrow, use the hashtag #dancetildawn to send her your thoughts on the new site.

In closing, let the record also show that Tamra’s husband bought her those sequined pants in the above photo as a surprise. Kiiiind of amazing.


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  1. 3.6.12

    Tamra is lovely and I am so excited for her! She has so much class and style and is going to do a wonderful job! And yep, her hubby is extra amazing… Sigh…

  2. 3.6.12
    Julia said:

    Yay!! Love this. Thanks for posting about ES Victoria!

  3. 3.6.12
    Emily said:

    How exciting! I love reading about ladies finding their passion, it’s so inspiring!

  4. 3.6.12
    Annie said:

    I’ve been awaiting this launch myself. Saw her featured by I believe the graphic designer who came up the logo etc.. I thought to myself, “anyone who puts sparkly heels on a business card is someone worth getting to know.” ha

    • 3.6.12

      Erika of smallshopstudio.com is my designer “brand stylist!” isn’t she so fab!

  5. 3.6.12
    viv said:

    Love this lady and I’m sure Ever Swoon will be as swoonworthy as we envision it to be ;)

  6. 3.6.12
    christin said:

    so seriously exciting. 2012 is the year of ladies following their dreams!

  7. 3.6.12
    Aubrey said:

    Tamra is going to do amazing things…I absolutely adore her and her fabulous blog! This is so fantastic that the launch is finally here! EEEEE! So awesome!

  8. 3.6.12

    I heart you, Tamra! Wish you success to the stars and back. Cheers, my dear!

  9. 3.6.12

    I seriously can’t wait another minute for the launch!

  10. 3.6.12

    Yay! Wishing much luck to Tamra on the launch. Girlfriend has mad style.

  11. 3.6.12

    Thank you for the fabulous feature and helping promote my baby biz!! It was so great chatting with you last night and I look forward to getting you on a path to joy for your special day!!


  12. 3.6.12

    Love Tamra, so excited for her!

  13. 3.6.12
    Traci said:

    CANNOT WAIT!! I Love tamra she is the sweetest!

  14. 3.6.12

    Yay! Great feature Victoria! So excited for Tamra. I heart her so very much.

  15. 3.6.12

    Love this! I am so excited for Tamra, she is so wonderful – and talented!

  16. 3.6.12
    Tabitha said:

    Love her, so excited for her.

  17. 3.6.12

    Yay! Love this feature! Thanks for doing this.

    Congrats to my sister, Tamra, and Mad Max’s Auntie Tam. We can’t wait!!


  18. 3.6.12

    SO excited for this and can’t get over the amount of talented ladies following their dreams. I also can’t handle how fabulous Tramra’s husband is and how great this launch will be! xo

  19. 3.6.12

    I keep coming back to that invite – it is perfection on paper! Just liked Tamra on FB and cant wait to track her success – she looks like a woman ready to conquer

  20. 3.7.12

    So excited for Tamra! This is going to be an amazing business for her!