This week I…

+ Worked on three (count ’em THREE) client projects. Awesomesauce.
+ Guest posted at two of my faves (here and here if you missed it).
+ Tried out a new conditioner. It smells nice.
+ Had lunch with Jeanne at Zazie. A) I heart her and really, truly admire her business acumen, and B) I want to take Joe there for brunch ASAP.
+ Saw and decided on a wedding venue. I’ll share deets once it’s official and papers have been signed, but funnily enough, I’m betting A LOT of you have actually seen the space! Well… sorta. You’ll see.
+ Am working on setting up my accounting systems for Vivaleur. Funny how those mundane little tasks can make you feel so GOOD.
+ Started working out again. I won’t be able to walk for a few days, but it felt amazing.
+ Sent out invites to a St. Patrick’s Day/Spring Fling party. I can’t wait to host friends!

Link of the week: I’m curious what you guys all think about the Pinterest kerfuffle. If you haven’t heard about it, this post sums it up (and also takes a drastic though not necessarily unreasonable stance). What do you think? It is hard for me to imagine life without Pinterest now…but the legal grey areas make me a little uncomfortable. I’m a girl who tends to play by the rules, even though I like to think I don’t. Check it out and share your thoughts!  (UPDATE: Via the previous post, I found this blog post and a follow-up with input from Ben Silbermann this morning and it’s even MORE food for thought! I’m so conflicted, you guys…)

Oh and duh…have a great weekend!

{Image Credit: Roden Gray SS 2011 Lookbook. Photography: Jennilee Marigomen; Art Direction & Styling: Redia Soltis; Assistant: Adam Flynn; Model: Alex Richardson. Found via wit&delight}


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  1. 3.2.12
    christin said:

    omg. that conditioner? i can’t even smell it (obviously) but I’m so getting it!

    and the pintrest thing is kinda freaky. i was wondering how they made their money…

  2. 3.2.12

    exciting week! I read a lot about the pinterest debacle… I think this blog post really drove it home for me too: http://ddkportraits.com/2012/02/why-i-tearfully-deleted-my-pinterest-inspiration-boards/
    I agree that I couldn’t imagine life without pinterest, but you can still search it even if you’re not pinning your own stuff, so I went ahead and deleted my boards because I, like you, tend to like to play by the rules. I felt a sinking feeling when I confirmed the deletion of my account, but I feel like I did the right thing (for me, at least!)

  3. 3.2.12

    I’ve clearly been living under a rock and just discovered your blog through Stripes and Sequins – love it and your style! Congrats on choosing a wedding venue…can’t wait to see what it is. :)

  4. 3.2.12

    I wasn’t aware of the Pinterest debate & I’m not ready to delete anything, but it definitely got me thinking. I guess I never realized that Pinterest “owned” those images which really bothers me. I also had never heard any horror stories from people about things gone awry.

  5. 3.2.12

    Three Clients?! Oh my goodness! I’m not surprised, but am SO excited for you. So inspiring to hear :) Things are on the up and up I’d say.

  6. 3.2.12

    I have such a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, still trying to figure out where I stand. BUT, congrats on 3 clients this week. SO proud of you! Have a looovely weekend. xo

  7. 3.2.12
    Giulia said:

    I wrote a post that is going up Monday about my feeling about Pinterest – although I don’t have drastic thoughts of the post you linked to what bugs me is blogs using Pinterest as their source…ahhh. At some point Pinterest is going to have issues it’s just a matter of time. Oh and how many blog courses/advice article recommend that you pin your own stuff to generate traffic? Well, right up there with going against their rules.
    Have a lovely weekend and look forward to your reveal of location.

  8. 3.2.12

    Your business is pickup up so quickly- really proud of you lady! Also, thanks for posting those Pinterest articles. I had no idea! Really interested to see if Pinterest makes any changes to respond to these concerns.

  9. 3.2.12
    viv said:

    Ah! Becoming an Accounting guru, huh? ;) Congrats on those 3 projects! And have an awesome wknd. xo

  10. 3.2.12

    3 clients! Awesome!!! So excited for you, lady. And a wedding venue! Cannot WAIT to hear more. Looking fwd to catching up tonight! xox

  11. 3.2.12
    Brighton said:

    So….I love heAring about your life! You are so inspiring and interesting in so many ways ;) thank you for writing this blog- I know it takes a lot of work. Im sure your new business venture is doing fabulous….especially this week, with your 3 client projects! Keep up the good work! And as for pinterest, I totally get it and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable for sure. And bc of it and tumblr, it’s getting harder and harder for bloggers like us to find the actual source since the photos are being transferred incorrectly across so many platforms!

  12. 3.2.12
    Christine B. said:

    How did I miss this entire Pinterest debate? I read the posts/articles you included and, even as an attorney, it made my head hurt a little. Although I haven’t deleted my boards yet, the comparison to the Napster lawsuits made my stomach turn.

  13. 3.2.12
    Kate said:

    Going out on your own and actually getting clients is THE best feeling. It makes all the late nights and tension headaches worth it. Congrats on finding a venue! thats half the battle. Half a great weekend!
    <3 Kate

  14. 3.2.12

    Congrats on the three clients!! :)

    Ugh, this Pinterest debacle is really a pain! How did this not come out sooner? Essentially every interior designer/photographer/fashion blogger/graphic designer that we’ve loved in the past year or so has now lost all copyright? That sounds insane. I don’t think Pinterest would ever actually claim those rights… The same happened with mySPACE years ago where any song an artist posted became property of mySPACE and yet most artists are still on there… fingers crossed.

  15. 3.2.12

    Can’t wait to see the venue!!

  16. 3.2.12
    camilla said:

    I love your blog! Would love to be partnering with you some day. Thanks for all the great things you’re sharing

  17. 3.2.12
    Susannah said:

    I love Zazie – their brunch is delicious!

  18. 3.2.12
    Tabitha said:

    The Pinterest debate is insane, I just love seeing all the pins, and referencing back to the blogs for recipes.

    Happy weekend.

  19. 3.2.12

    What a wonderful week, Victoria! Congrats on all your work- that’s so awesome! You’re inspiring me in the working out department. I started again a few weeks ago but motivation has quickly dropped. I need to keep to it like you are! Hope you have a great weekend xo

    • 3.2.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      A wedding, a high school reunion, and beach season is keeping me motivated! :)

  20. 3.2.12
    Neda said:

    Congrats on the new projects! I’ll be watching the Pinterest debate carefully because I think we all want to celebrate the beauty created by talented people {through Pinterest and blogs}, not harm it in any way.

  21. 3.2.12
    Natalie said:

    Congrats on finding the venue and your three clients! What an exciting week for you!

    Thank you for posting about the Pinterest issue. I didn’t know about it until now. It’s really interesting, and quite conflicting! I hope some changes are made!

  22. 3.2.12
    Keren V. said:

    I think about the problems with pinterest and proper attribution all the time. It happens on Tumblr, but is even further problematic in the microblogging pinterest environment. This is why campaigns like “Link With Love” have begun, and why things like SOPA even made it to Congress (gross). Something’s definitely got to change! Thanks for the head’s up.


  23. 3.2.12

    I thought I was your one and only. Ha! Congrats, my dear.
    My sister loved the little cards. Totally thought I bought them along with the invites.

    My brother in law dropped a kerfuffle the other day. I was like, is that related to the waffle?

  24. 3.2.12
    TheNOW said:

    Ooook the Pinterest issue: that’s a lot to think about. Isn’t it kind of the same as Polyvore or Tumblr? I do hate when I want to find an item that was pinned and it leads me to 12 different Tumblr’s and then I never actually find the source. I could keep going but whatevs. I love Pinterest so there. And three clients??? That’s awesome Victoria!! So proud of you!!!

  25. 3.2.12

    I feel slightly dumb that I never read the fine print on Pinterest! It does make me feel uneasy and now I’m actually re-thinking the whole thing. I also feel slightly angry that Pinterest didn’t really make this information more easily available but then again what organization would and it is our responsibility as users to know what we’re getting into. Confused and agitated but thankful that you opened this can of worms for me! Have a lovely weekend though and congrats on your new clients! x

  26. 3.2.12
    Jeanne said:

    Ah, you gotta take Joe there for brunch… their breakfast food is really good! I’m glad we got to catch up, and I’m so happy that you got your wedding venue, yay!!! Have a great weekend V!

  27. 3.2.12
    Becca said:

    Congratulations on having 3 new clients this week! Amazing!

    Also- I’m so happy you’re posting about the Pinterest debate. It came up at a dinner I went to last week, and has been on my mind. I’m not sure if I should delete my account or not. I’m leaning more towards deleting as even though I love Pinterest I’m not comfortable with the legality of it all. It brings up a bigger issue that is happening in the blogger world – so at least all of this is getting more exposure!

  28. 3.2.12
    Kate said:

    I’m honestly kind of scared of the Pinterest debate. I think the discourse is interesting, but I LOVE Pinterest, and I will be sad if anything makes me not want to use it anymore. In the meantime I’ve backed off of repinning everything in sight (a little, not completely) and I’m trying to be a conscientious pinner. I loved reading the post from the girl who spoke to Ben, though!

  29. 3.4.12


    And congrats on finding a venue. I look forward to hearing about it.

    I hope Pinterest can work out the legal issues for all involved! I just jumped on board the Pinterest train, and it’s great!